A new Q3200 in the family

  • Yep......with the threat of a very hot Summer coming up in 6 Months or so with the possibility of Bushfires and Firebans if this EL-Nino takes effect and last time it came, it caused a 10-year drought with River & Dam levels running very low, a complete contrast to what we have now with many dams up around 97% on average (which is good) So, to be well prepared for this to come, I've taken the liberty to welcome a new Weber Q3200 NG into the family. This one has the black lid, I'm hoping it stays somewhat cleaner than the cream or titanium lid I had on my last Family Q.

    I bought it online from Weber Australia as they had the Essential Pack bonus for free and free delivery to my house for no extra than RRP from any store. I don't have any Premium stores near Albury, the closest is either Wagga Wagga or Wangaratta.

    I spent a good 2 hours unpacking and putting together, I'm pretty sure that the cart is much different to put together than the Q320 I had a few years ago. One thing I like (the idea at least) is the grill rack for placing at grill grate on the bottom storage rack.

    It's all ready to give a huge test out over the weekend when I'll also take photos of the new rig.

    The essentials pack includes a Large Family sized Trivett, a pack of aluminum trays (10) A Pizza Stone, and metal plate for pizzas etc. a Large Pan with a detachable handle. I'll follow this up with a new Hotplate griddle and a bit later a rotisserie (maybe).

    Can't wait for the weekend ^^


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  • Yep, need a pic while it's still shiny.

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  • The hot plate griddle is a definite addition. I use this configuration the most.

    Black is definitely the go.

    I initially had a titanium lid. It was hard to keep clean so I replaced it with a black one.

  • Yes it was the main reason for me too 12 x7, I've had 3 previous Q's from the Baby to the biggie and they all had the Titanium lid and it was near impossible to keep it clean especially around the exit sides.....the Black will probably end up the same but hopefully less noticeable ^^

    Weber Performer (Sage) Weber Jumbo Joe (Black) Weber Master Touch Plus (Deep Ocean Blue)

  • G’day Davo

    I came across those Weber pizza stone and trays a bit by accident. I wanted a 12 inch stone so I could use it on the acorn jr. Weber was avaliable do I bought it. The tray I thought was a bit dinky till I used it. It’s brilliant. You just build the pizza on the tray and put it on the stone. No danger of stacking the pizza trying to get it on the stone. Cause it’s so quik no big loss of heat. I was so impressed I bought an extra tray. Family Q makes a credible edible pizza too.

    Regards Dave

  • G'day Cobbler, yeah mate, I actually unpacked my box of goodies including large pan and trivett and a pack of 10 foil trays, and the pizza stone and tray...wow I was impressed by the quality of the stone and tray, definitely not light weight either.

    Can't wait to try the Q3200 cooking pizza, I used to do it a fair bit when living in Newcastle and Sydney but not here in Albury yet.

    I've been hanging for the weekend so i can connect it up to the Gas and give it a pre-heat and wipe down with a wet soaked towel, also I gave the gas hose a suds test and seems ok.

    So tonight...I'm gonna let it rip....can't wait but i gotta go shopping for some meat....I already have some to cook.....nothing real fancy for maiden cook-up.....got to get back into Weber Q mode after doing charcoal over the last few years ^^

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  • G’day

    I’m a big fan of the rotisserie. I’ve been using this homebuilt for years now. It was built for a Q200 ands been modified for the family. I’ve used a Weber one on a Weber baby which I “baby sat” for 6 months. All stainless steel a breeze to clean compared to my aluminium job. They also come with a 240 volt motor.

    The addition of a square food basket that goes on the bar means that you don’t need a full joint of meat. You can roast pieces of chicken. Lamb chops are real nice. Cooked potatoes pieces left to spin with the meat and get covered with meat juices as they crisp….. well does that paint a picture for you.

    My simple favourite is still a full chook (not brined) SPG and a foil packet of wood chips for smoke. Comes out like a charcoal chicken from the charcoal coal place used to.

    Regards Dave

    PS Matt orange smokes stains like titanium colour. It’s now red cause red heads have more fun

  • Yeah Cobbler, i will eventually get a rotiserie for it but i better tread a little easy for the next Months or so as i just got the griddle plate for it this arvo.

    Used it tonight too for the mushies and onion.

    So, tonight's maiden cook up was a basic affair, i bought a nice 750g flat iron steak from Harris Farm Markets in Albury, some zucchini, mushrooms and wifey made some mash potato to go with it.

    She reckoned the flat iron steak looked a bit chewy but sliced thinly, the steak was delicous and full of flavour.

    I've never grilled that cut before.

    So with hotplate on one side and grill on the other, I gave it a good 15 minute preheat and done the veggies first, then back onto high and let rip with the flat iron steaks.

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