Opinions on genesis s415

  • looking to get a new bbq and the shop near me has 1 only genesis s415 for $999. Reviews seem to say underpowered, but I'm wondering if this is really the case and if it's worth the extra $$$$ for the other models considering the great price, besides I don't even cook much steak, just general bbq and roasts mainly. Anyone got one to provide feedback please?

  • Yes have a new S315 just assembled. Like the new burner / ignition system. It is IMO indeed underpowered for searing compared to something like a Q2200 with burners closer to the plate. Seems a good quality well made little gasser. Looking forward to trying the rodissio on it shortly to see how the burners go 90 degrees offset to the spinning and lid up. CS

  • Can't speak of that model. I have an old genesis e320.

    Weber gas bbqs are generally a bit underpowered. When hooked up to house gas (like mine) instead of bottle gas things get a little worse. Still not a big issue generally unless you're aiming for a very rare steak. Even then, a good preheat will go a long way in getting the right temps.

    If all else fails, grill grates will still get you nice grill marks more quickly.

    Based on your intended use I'd guess that you'll be happy with it. Do beware that webers expect you to always bbq with the lid closed.

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  • Got a dremmel and some small drill bits, introduce them to the jets, but I didn't tell you that. 8o

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  • I might have to work put how to shrink the photos and I'll put one up. It's got the illuminated gas knobs which I originally thought was a load of toss, but coupled with the light in the handle, I no longer need to use a torch at night, very handy. The meat probe and readout is also handy in the sideshelf as i have previously used a Meater which was a pain to connect every time for some reason.

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