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  • Hey all, thanks for having me here!

    So I own a Weber E-470 4 burner Summit gas BBQ, 2012 era so still the current model. It has seen A LOT of use over the years, and I love it, but it's now quite tired. The IR Burner doesn't work, the inside is almost black, and the knobs have been replaced 2 times already! I bought it second hand in 2014 and it appears to be a grey import version, with a US plug on the spit roast motor. Wondering if I should retire it as I don't think I can easily get parts here for the US model, and it's not compliant either. I cannot even find a supplier of the IR burner here..

    Any thoughts from the experts here as to my best move? I believe Weber will be due to drop a new Summit soon so maybe I wait for that? Mind you it will be VERY expensive..


  • Personally, I would retire it. Especially given the issues you mention above.

    Are you dead keen on a gasser? ....... Weber is a good brand as we all know, but there is such a wide range of options on offer now perhaps it's time to look at some options.....PELLET or CHARCOAL has some great options available.

    It really comes back to what you want your new Q to be able to do!!

    Good luck & welcome to the forum......others will chime in with their thoughts.

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  • Thanks for the reply..

    I have a GMG Pellet Smoker and an Oklahoma Joe small charcoal BBQ, which also get a lot of use, especially on weekends. The thing I love about the gasser is it's an easy cook during winter and nights when I don't want to fire up charcoal for grilling.

  • I'm with GG above. If you want a larger new gasser then the triple burner ziggy from BBQ Galore. I have the Weber family q which is the same size, but the burner set up on the ziggy is so much better.

    Would I spend money to change my family q to the ziggy, Hell no, the family q is a reliable work horse that has never missed a beat, but if I was buying from new now, I'd choose the ziggy. There is a ziggy triple on our family farm, so I have used both extensively. Both fantastic well made bbqs, but for me personally, the burner set up on the ziggy is the way to go. But seeing as I already have the cash invested in the family q, I'll happily stick with that. You can't go wrong with either, but I like the 3 burner set up more.

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  • No. Looks like bunnings stock them and the built in model has generally positive reviews on their website. Looks interesting to me.

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