Hark Big Boss as Warming Cabinet

  • Hey team - I'm wondering if anyone has used a gas smoker (particularly the Big boss due to its capacity) as a warming cabinet/holding oven? Temperature control might be the issue?

    Thinking of building a small trailer with an insulated cabinet smoker and a holding cabinet. Electricity won't always be available, so a gas warming cabinet might be a solution.

    Very happy to hear other suggestions.

    Thanks in advance - for answering the question and for also being part of this forum.


  • Hi & Welcome HotDiggityDawg.

    I'm 99.9 % certain that HectorAsado who is a member here, but we haven't seen for a while used a Hark Big Boss on his food trailer for the exact same reason you mention.

    Temperature control may be an issue, but you know that saying...."where there is a will there is a way.

    Some of the experts will chime in with their thoughts no doubt.

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  • Although it needs power, we've used a pellet grill to sit at 65C in comps for that purpose. Generator perhaps?

    I can't comment on the Big Boss sorry.

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  • Hi HDD, I have one of these and use it a fair bit for cooking on. Also use it as a warming cabinet when I'm holding food from our other BBQ's until everything is ready. Of course this only in the backyard for a gathering not commercially. I think it would do the job depending on how full you have it. They take a full size Gastronome 1/1 pan on the racks. But I think if you had a pan on every rack that they'd sort of cover each other and the heat wouldnt ciculate very well. (Bit like overloading a normal oven.)

    What temp are you aiming to hold them at and how many racks are you thinking?

    I could try experimenting with mine to give you and idea?

    Cheers, Wayne

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  • Thanks for the replies - much appreciated.

    As we all do, considering doing a few markets as a natural progression to my addiction hobby.

    I need to circulate the meet in the smoker so looking at 10ish plus hours at around 140-150f for briskets. An electric holding oven (eg https://www.internationalcater…ing-cupboard-single-door/) would be ideal but not sure of the power usage and i batteries/generator is feasible.

    You are legends - thanks again.

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