Smoked pork shoulder chops

  • G’day

    This sort of sprang out of downsizing. I’ve gone down from the kettle to an acorn junior for smoking cause there is mainly just me and the wife. I could do a whole Boston butt but the remains would have to go to the Time Machine, the freezer.

    Thought I’d give some pork shoulder chops a go as the come from the shoulder same as the Boston butt.

    Brined them to keep um moist. Smoked at 130c for about an hour and 1/2 till the temps flatlined. Boated with a tetra pack of apple juice an covered in foil for a future 2 hours. All the spices fell off. They came back in a gravy later.

    Stoked up the coals and hardened up the chops as they were fall apart soft.

    Nothing really came out as planned but I got to eat and enjoy the end product.

    I’ll be doing this again and learning a bit more.

    Regards Dave

  • Interesting, boating the chops and doing a gravy, then finishing on coals, have never tried that. I've in the past just done them straight smoke all the way.

    I have however put a cake rack on a tray to catch the drippings while smoking and made a gravy from that.

    Your chops look great. I'd happily eat them with the gravy.

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  • Gday

    The gravy also comes from a pan on the deflator. A fat seperator jug is a good help to clean the excess fats.

    I’ve tried the sauces like the Americans do but they are a little to sweet and salty for my tastes.

    Been using a water pan under the roast in a Weber kettle right back the the early 80’s

    A gravy from the meat juices, the rub spices and off course the smoke beats anything out of a jar.

    Regards Dave

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