One touch silver becomes one touch gold

  • G’day

    My nephew has helped to thin out my bbq gear. I’ve loaned him the kettle rottissary ring, the slow and shear clone, the vortex and the tandoori oven I’d built for the kettle.

    Kettles staying though. I’m not parting with that. It’s still here for bigger jobs when we have people over.

    I read this some where once and made inquiries to Weber sure they had them $50.

    A ash bucket for a one touch gold. A few more investigations turned up some further instructions on the virtual Weber.

    Sold! $50 plus postage!

    Mine was an old bowl but only required 3 stainless screws to secure instead of the tabs.

    Only one that’s not pleased is the wife she keeps muttering one step forward one step back. Well I recon it’s a big leap forward.

    Regards Dave

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