What is the main reason gas bbq explode?

  • Listening to the radio today the headline is "Gas BBQ explodes"

    Got me thinking what is the main reason a gas bbq would explode and which types?

    Is it more likely to happen with a outside kitchen bbq because people don't think they need checking?

    Is more likely to be a portable and something like the gas lines not checked and leaks/ruptured

    Has the portable gas bottle expired, corroded and gave way?

  • the main reason a gas bbq would explode

    User error. Things like forgetting that the gas is on and not lighting it for ages. Not using gas bottles properly. That kind of thing. Quite rare really. More likely to burn the house down with a faulty tea kettle or by leaving the hair straightener on and leaving the house.

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  • I agree with Narm. Even with a leak gas will fall to the lowest place like water.

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  • While not an explosion, we had one up the farm burn out. Was one of the old style 4 burner with a Jarrah trolley. The gas line going into the knob cracked mid cook and blasted gas into the already lit burner.

    As you can imagine it went up very quickly. The bottle was able to be shut off quickly (as it was only turned on half a turn, that's all you need), the leg of lamb was grabbed from under the hood, but the fire was set in. It was kicked off the veranda and put out with the hose. It did not survive.

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