New Weber Q on its way

  • G’day

    Low and slow on the family Q 3100 low lid.

    The setup aluminium foil then baking dish of water then rack on that. Smoke tube full of pellets light so it’s independent of the heat unlike a packet. 5 min pre heat with both burners then it’s down to the small burner only on its lowest setting. Maintains 120C for the first couple of hours then went up to 135C for the last 3 possibly due to the breeze dropping away. The chuck was wrapped at 2 hours mark and taken off at the 5 hour mark.

    And the result….. quite a exceptable . Nice and smoky as is evident by the smoke ring ( the smoking tube still had a couple of glowing bits at the 4 hour mark) Would normally have left to the 6 or 7 hour mark but certainly soft enough to eat and I’d run out of time.

    I think that’s a success and be useful in the fire bans.

    Regards Dave

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