Retro BBQs

  • Back in the 80s enjoyed going to the park and cooking some snags, chops and steaks on bbqs like the one in the photo.

    The rangers would leave wood to use.

    I would also drop some potatoes in the coals. They would get a black coat but the meat had a great smokey taste.

  • My memory was they usually had a flat plate.

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  • We used to have family BBQ's at one cousins place & i fondly remember the fire being way too hot that everything got charred to a crisp first round then they would start again after pouring a heap of water onto the flat plate to cool it down while also putting some of the fire out. But also plenty of family bbq's at a picnic with cooked snags on those bbq's

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  • Had some problems finding a photo of the old bbq my dad used to use. Closest I could find.

    He had one like in the photo. He used to use wood from the packing cases as fuel.

  • G’day

    I’ll come clean I built 3 of these till I gave up.

    Remember that smell ? Burnt leg hairs as you tended the BBQ. You couldn’t go to the sides as they were stacked with more wood. Yes…wood on the ground so always damp.

    Remember getting a stray coal in between your thong and foot. sSSShit!…. Off thong, dance around in the bindis. Apply VB externally to the wound. Then internally as a pain killer.

    The last one was a Tecno marvel. By this time I’d had a level and knew how to use a string line. The fire was feed at one side and had some gaps in the brick to feed the air the other end. 10 mm 1/2 flat plate so even the biggest fire made of little sticks couldn’t burn anything. 1/2 grate for when the coals burnt down. Even had a cut in half 10 gallon oil drum as a hood with a tin can as a chimney one end. New did get around to hindging that, a couple of handles and some welding gloves did the job.

    Had 2 kids by this time. Cut down from VB to Tooheys blue and my bbq ing skills got better. About this time I tried my first med rare steak…….

    Sorry no pics. Only film cameras in these days and we mainly took pics of people and cars…..

    Regards Dave

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