Storing rubs

  • G’day

    Got given a Memphis style rub which I quite like. Problem is the lid is one that you can turn the top and use a hole section to sprinkle the rub. Lets the moisture in between uses and the rub cakes up.

    Blended the rub to turn it to powder again and stored it in a mason jar to prevent the moisture getting at the rub.

    I got hold of a shaker to spread it when needed. Problem was the holes were too small being designed more for powdered chocolate to sprinkle on your capachino. Drilled out ever secound hole larger. Bit of overkill really need less and smaller holes but I’ll pick up another at $2 each and experiment some more.

    But I think this one’s a win. A seperate shakers a handy thing and applies heaps more rub over a larger area.

    Regards Dave

  • Keep them in the fridge or how humidity area

    I keep some in the fridge but the missus complains about taking up too much room ….

    Never enough BBQ

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  • G’day

    Mod 11 shaker with smaller holes works better with the powder type rub. The blue one I can still see as handy as I like to use “fijita” on other things and that has larger grains.

    Regards Dave

  • My beer fridge is now a beer and BBQ rubs fridge!

    Works well, fridge is outside, close to the bbqs and every time I open it to get a rub, I think “Might as well grab a beer while I’m here!”🍻🤣

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