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    I asked a question on a brewing forum although it has been a it quite.

    How long is everyone brew days normally? Looking to get back into the home brew scene after having kids.

    Also is there a good forum in missing other than aussiehomebrewer where I am currently?

    Kinda considering buying a robobrew-Brewzilla rather than my cut open 50L Keg I currently use

  • aussiecraftbrewing.com.au is another good one. Lots of former members from aussiehomebrewer fled there during the unfortunate keg wars.

    The British and American forums are good too. After all, brewing works the same way regardless of which continent you’re on.

    It sounds like you’ve got young kids, in which case something like the robobrew is a good idea. As long as you set them up safely, you can let them do their thing while you attend to your family duties. I’ve got something similar and it was great to be able to have a multi step mash running while doing the weekend sport runaround. I only needed to be around for the boil.

    It’s a good hobby to pair with barbecuing. Obviously the end results go together nicely, but they’re both hobbies in which you can tinker with the process in pursuit of perfection!

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