GMG Hopper Fan Fail

  • Recently found out how important this fan is when it failed. Apart from smoke appearing from the bottom of the pellet hopper mid way into a cook, a fair deal of condensation formed inside the box and lid dampening the fuel making the auger motor work harder to the point it failed. The moisture also damaged the motherboard. Quite an expensive chain reaction! Great help from the GMG folks as usual. Live and learn. CS

  • Just keep an eye on next cook, depending on how wet the pellets get, they can set around the auger and jam it up. I've had this happen in the traegar. I had to drop the whole hopper and motor, and pull the auger out to clear it.

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  • Thanks Wazza. Just had it all apart replacing the auger motor so should be good. Overnight pulled lamb to test this evening. Giving those cheap Costco pellets a run too instead of BBQ Delight for a change.

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