Lamb Challenge - January 2024

  • Hi All, Challenges are back! :bbq: With Australia Day coming up it just has to be LAMB!


    New year and we're going to try out some new ideas on how we do these.

    Cooking of the food is open to ANY method of cooking. We all love BBQ but yep, can be cooked indoors if you like.

    Entries in this thread with at least one pic showing your food cooking.

    Open for entries from now until end of the month.

    No proof of life for this one but please no old cooks.

    Voting will open 1st February until the 5th February.

    Chatter thread is over here...... Chatter thread for Lamb Challenge - January 2024

    Cheers, Wayne

    BBQ Junkster

    I just did a weeks worth of cardio after walking into a spiderweb

  • ENTRY 1

    Butterflied leg of Lamb with Greek marinade.

    Cooked on the Akorn nice and hot.

    Jumbuck 7 burner with hood. Baby Weber kettle. 52" Kettle. Weber Go Anywhere. 5' SS Spit rotisserie. Offset smoker. Akorn Kamado. :) ASMOKE AS500N. Hibachi.:bbq:

  • ENTRY 2

    Hot and fast lamb shoulder - smoked for 2 hr @150c then wrapped in dish with garlic Tom’s, onion and cooked for another 3@ round 180.

    Never enough BBQ

    Primo XL, Imperial Kamado, Pro Smoke Offest, Pot belly stove, Flaming coals Spit , Jumbuck 'Rondo' Med spit, Webber Kettles, Small SS battery spit , 5 Burner beefmaster, gasmate portable bbq,

  • ENTRY 3

    Camp oven shepherds pie with a boneless lamb leg roast. Normally I'd do it outside with an open fire but the weather wouldn't play the game today.

    Ingredients prepped and ready to go.

    On its way in the Akorn

    Since it's Australia day, 2 strawberry gum leaves instead of bay leaves.

    Almost there.

    Time to get the mashed spud and cheese on.

    Lets see if i can get the cheese browned up. Put the camp oven on my alloy table and used my tongs to get some hot coals out of the bottom of the Akorn.

    Worked pretty good if you ask me.

    I probably got a tad impatient at the end. Could have cooked just a little more moisture out. I'll blame the rum. It was bloody delicious just the same.

    Akorn Kamado, 12Qt &9Qt Spinifex camp ovens, spun steel camp oven, Kings <X battery spit.

  • ENTRY 5

    Waz reminded me over in the Jan thread to put this here.

    A half leg from Casey Supabarn. "Game Face" rub. 120C on the dragon, thanks Tip Top Temp, I'd forgotten how steady that thing keeps it.

    There was also salad and a stir-fry of beans+eggplant from the garden.

  • ENTRY 6

    Lamb chimichanga with Mexican rice and an avacado and coriander crema.

    Lamb and chicken part way through the cook in the smoker, both got a rub I put together.

    Made my own sauce, getting some colour on the tomato and chili, and cooking off the garlic and onions and garlic before blitzing with secret herbs and spices.

    Made up the mexican rice with said sauce.

    Pulled the lamb.

    Made up the chimichanga, but rather than deep frying which is traditional I brushed with oil and put them in the air fryer.

    And the pic showing the internal good bits.

    Traeger - Weber Family Q - Ziggy Twin Burner - Charcoal Grill - Akorn Kamado - Hark Tri Fire - Jumbuck Pizza Oven - Go Anywhere - Asmoke Pellet Grill - Hibachi Grill - Anova Sous Vide x 2

  • ENTRY 7


    Nearly finished off the lamb from Australia Day. The remains of the pie will be frozen and go off to work with me.
    Put the lamb shoulder on the Akorn boated it so it didn’t shrink much. It was stinking hot so we pivited. No baked veg and gravy. Onto some Pia bread with some salad hommus and tazeki. It was a 4 hour cook and it was very hard to cut and was pulling texture.

    Dripping tray and juices from the boating were saved for a gravy and with the meat made a great pie. Cooked on the Q on the back deck. It’s still stinking hot. No way I’m going to be using the inside oven for months.

    Regards Dave

  • ENTRY 8

    Very simple - Aus day chops and snags over fire

    Never enough BBQ

    Primo XL, Imperial Kamado, Pro Smoke Offest, Pot belly stove, Flaming coals Spit , Jumbuck 'Rondo' Med spit, Webber Kettles, Small SS battery spit , 5 Burner beefmaster, gasmate portable bbq,

  • That was a tough one to choose, they all looked delicious. I couldn't put an entry in because i had to shoot up to Sydney for Dr appts.

    I had to go through all of them many times before choosing......good job fellas!!

    Weber Performer (Sage) Weber Jumbo Joe (Black) Weber Master Touch Plus (Deep Ocean Blue) Weber Q3200 black NG

  • Beachbums February 7, 2024 at 11:09 AM

    Closed the thread.

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