My Weber Kettle facelift

  • I've got a older Weber Kettle and have been eyeing a newer model, but my Weber is in pretty good nick and I couldn't get the bill past Treasury... so this means I need to either make do with what I have, or try improve it!

    Kettle in original state:

    - New ash bucket - live in a windy place, so no more flying ash

    - Homemade Ventilation handle - no more hot fingers

    - Black rubbery leg stopper

    Hmmm, just noticed from the pictures it's a little lopsided, never noticed a shorter leg :/

  • The plan is to install a temp gauge onto the lid (at grate level) and a temp prob port as well, but baulking at the price of buying a can of high temp paint for such a small job. I may skip the paint and go with some vege oil :)

    Also planning to install larger wheels to make moving a little easier over rough surfaces.

  • G’day

    Position? If your running the two baskets of coals one on either side….. position the thermometer 180 degree to the top vent.

    Then both the vent and thermo are not over the coals.

    If your running the one basket to one side consider 90 degree to the vent. One basket goggle “Bro and vent” to covert 2 small to one large.

    Drilling the hole. The coating chips …. Bad.

    Take your time. Masking tape both sides in a cross Use a centre punch. Step the drill bits up… need 6 mm hole? start with 2mm hole then 4mm then finally 6mm you need.
    Tell us how those new man law thermos work. I’ve got one of the old man law green dial ones and it’s been though 2 bbqs now.

    Regards Dave

  • Thanks.

    I plan to sit the thermometer about 2-3cms above the lip of the lid, along the same 'plane' as a line drawn from the lid handle through the vent to the bottom of the lid.

    For the temp probe port, a hole will be drilled in the lower bowl just above grill level.

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