Cold Searing a steak, anybody ever tried it?

  • This video covers pros and cons of cooking/grilling/searing and Sous Vide of steaks......

    results may surprise. I'm going to try this method and see how it goes but my take on this, is however way you cook it, if you slice it nice n thin, it's mostly gonna be good.

    And instead of buying one steak each for me and the Mrs, I've been buying one good sized steak, mostly a tri-tip, rump or porterhouse and share it between us.

    An average 1.5 or 2 inch steak should take no more than 10 minutes the cold sear way.

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  • I thought the title didn't match the video as I was expecting a cold sear would be something to do with using a freezer to make a crust.

    Anyway the method she ended up using is pretty easy and I like the idea of less mess and the steak in all three methods looked like they were tasty steaks.

    The key takeaway? Get a skilled chief to cook your steak in a megabucks kitchen and it will taste good.

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  • Na...nothing to do with freezing but I'm not sure if I'd want to do this on a BBQ hot plate as of the bacteria on the plate after previous cook ups as the most usual way we can assure that it's healthy if the get it roaring hot before we cook unless we bring a Good BBQ safe pan from inside that has been washed and cleaned and place it over the BBQ.

    I think though the process has merit and gives you something to do when waiting for it to be done.

    I like a flippin' good steak :D

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  • Gday

    Na that would not work for me. Same with reverse sear. You need a 1.5 inch steak. My steaks are in metric. 1.5 cm just will not do it, it seems. So it’s back to my $50 Cole’s sous vide and a bit of pre planing

    Regards dave

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