Weber family Q gets new burners

  • Gday

    I noticed the burners had started to rust again. About 6 weeks ago during a major yearly clean I gave the burners a lot of attention.

    The holes on the main burners were starting to close up with rust. A good brush down with a wire brush then open up the holes with a hand held drill bit seemed to solve that one.

    The small burner has oblong holes and one end was visibly closed up. Wire brushed the tube of course. The holes were a bit harder. I used fine engraving bits and some some awls I made from some cheap micro screw drivers.

    Noticed early this week all the holes were closing up again and what looks like a crack starting in the smaller burner.

    No mucking about this time. It’s a 2014 grill so it’s done well to get this far. Order and recieved a set of burners from Weber within a week. $57 …. Bargain!
    Ready for another 10 years!

    Regards Dave

  • Hey Cobbler, those new burners look nice mate....keep that pic cause that's the cleanest you'll ever seen them again :P:D

    They are a great grill the Q3200, I purchased one last year just before the new model came out but it's all the same to me, what my Q3200 can't do, my kettles can so all bases covered.

    I've only ever had the LPG versions but as I have gas at my place and a Bayonet outside, theres was no question which one i'll get, it's great and even though some say Nat Gas is dirtier than LPG or LPG burns hotter, I don't believe that any more, I've experienced no difference, in fact NG has sent my temp gauge off the clock a couple of times.

    Even though the grill grates on the Q's help keep the crud off the burner tubes, they do cop a lot of it eventually. I've been known to take them off and stick a hose down the entrance and turn it on high washing any crap that might be down there......I've had ants and even wasps build nests in the the hell do they get in there. I know ants can get in anywhere but wasps?=O

    Have fun with your new burners Dave!!



    Weber Performer (Sage) Weber Jumbo Joe (Black) Weber Master Touch Plus (Deep Ocean Blue) Weber Q3200 black NG

  • Gday

    Woops. They also think of everything.
    My wife made off with the bubble wrap. Unknown to me it had a packet containing replacement screws taped to it as well. She gave them to me today (after she’d popped all the bubbles.)

    Great the old ones were a bit battered, so they were welcome, thanks weber!

    Thus far it’s had a new hose and reg. $32

    New grates $110

    New knobs $14

    Replace my handle spacer FREE. ( thanks weber mugging dropped it in the grass then mowed the lawn)

    New gas spark ignition again Free ( thanks weber)

    And of course the the burner tubes $57

    I could of course bought myself a cheap gasser for that but of course it would never last as long or have spares so ready avaliable. And it’s simple they work so well who would want anything other than a Q.

    Regards Dave

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