Bradley Smoker Element

  • Hey all,

    Have a Bradley smoker 6 shelf. About 12 months ago or a bit more the element failed. Have been none in Australia during this time and the distributor appointed since Bradley pulled out of Australia have not been able to supply, which in itself is poor. Does anyone know of an alternate element that will fit or an aftermarket upgrade? Plenty of 120v units and upgrades but none for us with 240 v that I have been able to find. If anyone has any solutions can you provide details as surely there is an alternate element that will fit. It is a 500 w but anything up to about 900w would work.



  • What state are you in bud?

    In WA we have a company called JG Thomas where I used to get all sorts of strange elements for Urns, homebrew, ovens etc. You may need to remove it and take lots of photos with dimensions so they can they to match it as close as possible. I'm fairly sure they will deal with the general public, if not they may direct you to your local wholesaler to purchase it from.

    Hope that helps

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