Cooking steaks in a pizza oven

  • I vaguely remember a Jamie Oliver clip where steak was done in a pizza oven, or was it Heston?? It was one of those two, quite a few years ago now.

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  • Gday

    Don’t use my pizza oven as often these days as there is mainly only the two of us these days.

    You can cook a steak on the hearth bricks of a pizza but at pizza temps you can carbonise the outside without even warming the inside. Still I like steak on pizza and thrown a steak on the hearth. Close to the entrance so I can retreve it with a pair of long tongs without loosing to many arm hairs. Wrapped in aluminium foil and a tee towel it will cook itself. Sliced thin and further cooked on a pizza it’s pretty yummy.

    To cook a steak etc I use a “Tuscan” grill. Which is simply a discarded cast grill grate held up with bolts as the feet. You build a fire near the entrance to build up a coal bed then add your Tuscan grill. Should take about an hour plus.
    Cooks a nice steak, with the juices vaporising in the wood coals. Has a few queks though. You’ll need some long tongs and be prepared to lose a few arms hairs to the gods of bbq. Because it never gets to full pizza temps the carbon builds up on the brick walls instead of getting burnt off and it can get a bit dark inside.

    Regards Dave

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