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    I tried to reactivate an account when I mentioned animals in market place, they shut it down and no way they would reactivate it even though they admitted they were wrong

    Good and Bad Gas Pizza Ovens help!

    Spent a fair bit of time researching whats the best in gas pizza ovens but comments are numerous and spread between many Posts and difficult to find and compare products.

    Would be great it there was a category posting the Good and Bad on selected products like “Gas Pizza Ovens” and any other big ticket items in one place and not spread out in many places

    Comments from members on,



    Heat up time,

    Pro's and Con's

    and any other relative info to assist in making an informed choice as to good or bad.

    Lots of noise about increased rates and costs, pity there was not equal noise from every one when retired and pensioners like us were only getting .5% on retirement savings. Lots of squeals about cost of living but airlines are packed out, holiday locations booked out. Might be a good idea if the general public lived with in their means instead of on credit and borrowing which is an all time high.

    We are in Cairns and verry hot so bananas left out are usually very over ripe in 48 hours

    This really works well with Ladies Fingers and slightly less with cavendish. Select bananas that still show a little bit of green near the stem, fully ripe bananas only last around 3 to 4 days

    Wrap in at least 2 or 3 pages of news paper

    If you have bananas with green stems as in picture they keep usually for 6 to 8 days and bananas stay around the same and don't change color

    After wrapping place in vegetable crisper in frig

    We remove a couple from the frig each evening and by mid morning next day they have continued to ripened ready to eat

    Only 2 separate bananas to each pack as in picture

    Tried a lot of grills but the Matador grill plate from bunnings [240 x 480 @ $35.05] beats all for great burgers.

    Bunnings previously also had a 400 x 480 but not shown any more, it is available on Ebay for around $80, should fit most BBQ's

    Grill has a fair bit of flat surface but as well ample slots to get a good char and drain channels for fat.

    Bought both the 240 and the 400 and provides a great surface area if just cooking for 2 as in the pictures or both grills to feed the gang.

    Sure beats beef patties swimming in grease on a hot plate

    Some times you think way back at some of the disasters you had with your first BBQ's.

    Wife was at me to buy a BBQ so as funds were short way back then I bought a cheap 3 burner gas BBQ with steel cover. Just above the 3 burners a heavy steel mesh frame where you dumped a good quantity of volcanic rocks. Gas heated the rocks and was supposed to grill like charcoal. Around 150mm above the rocks were 2 metal grills for cooking. What you got from lack of heat was steaks that slowly turned grey and drained of moisture, even our Labrador goofy refused to eat [smart dogs those Labradors].

    So what to do with a useless BBQ that wont get hot??

    Read that Greeks always cooked on charcoal so checked out a Greek deli in West End the only place I could find selling charcoal. This was “BB” [before Bunnings] so few places selling charcoal.

    Loaded up a good quantity around 100mm deep of lumpwood charcoal on top of the volcanic rock and fired up the gas.

    Around ½ hour later raised the lid and a satisfying glow of bright red from the charcoal, success!

    New to the art of BBQ so thought I would leave it going for an hour or so to ensure plenty of heat. After around eleventy seven beers raised the lid and lost most of my eye brows. Heaps of white hot charcoal and nothing else, no grills???? Did not know both grills were aluminium and not cast iron, melting point of aluminium is 660.3 degrees C. Both grills were now just a molten mess of metal in the steel drip tray. Much time later manager to source a replacement cast iron grill that fitted and then started to learn the art of cooking with Charcoal and never looked back.

    Might need a new category on the forum “BBQ DISASTERS'

    Hi Card Shark, just did some mods on original, see my blog "Charcoal Parilla Griller Cairns" December 5th 2018.

    Changed to Firebricks easier to clean, added stainless BBQ grill on top of fire bricks helps ventilation and heat, increase heaps. added a smaller cast iron grill on top for hamburgers [burgers fall through Parrilla grill] sourced most parts and 2 layer trolley off web. Cheers Morrie

    Just fired up my latest table top grill. Cast iron non stick with fine sliced rump and vegies, light marinade of soy, salt, pepper and oil. Sitting on portable gas cooker. 1st up bought the smaller grill plate in picture and worked so good bought the bigger one. Both will work on fire, gas and convection and big plate came with 250mm steel legs to go over a camp fire. With the curved shape oiled the surface with pieces of fat from the rump and as you cook the fat, oil and juices run to the middle. big grill plate cost $62.00 and small one $32 both on Ebay wife has claimed the small one as a great looking serving plate.

    Custom built Stainless Steel Hibachi

    Hi, love my big Parrilla grill but needed something much smaller but with all the big grill variables when just grilling for 2 people. So the Hibachilla grill was born, hope it provides some ideas to improve your own gear.

    Gave up on the clay type Hibachi, bought 2, first one cracked due to heat. Second new one arrived broken in 5 places, was not a hard decision when asked “replacement or credit.

    Basic Hibachi used is an off the shelf stainless steel and fire brick model purchased from Kegland Victoria $379.00 plus freight. Well built but you will cut your self to pieces on all the sharp edges, plus it has stainless steel handles, useless when the Hibachi is hot.

    Sourced lots of parts via Ebay, Bunnings, local stainless fabrication shop, Aliexpress and ended up with a great small versatile grill. Additional parts cost around $220.00

    Pictures tell the story, close heat for satays and elevated for Moroccan style Shish Kebabs or to keep pregrilled food warm.

    Additions and improvements

    1: All sharp edges ground off with sharpening stone

    2: Swapped all dome nuts for stainless socket heads

    3: Built and fitted Parrilla style lift.

    4: Parrilla lift attached with 4 machine knob screws, can detach entire thing in under a minute.

    5: Constructed a 2 bar removable Satay rail with heat shield. [no more burnt satay sticks]

    6: From a cast iron Jumbuck BBQ grill cut down to size and fitted with stand offs 25mm off bottom

    of fire bricks, increases heat around 30% by providing upward ventilation [needed for satays]

    7: Added 40mm sq wooden side handles with 25mm spacers.

    Cheers Morrie