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    Hey gents

    I was mucking around with a roast pigs leg the other day on the kamado trying to get that perfect crackling.

    Taking temps up to 400-500DF in the thing, cooking with the deflector plate creates a TONNE of smoke from the drippings

    I was reluctant to put a pan underneath with water because of the steam it would create and affecting the crackling.

    After all said and done, it turned out okay but I can't help feel that the kamado cannot do as good of a crackling roast as say a Weber kettle with charcoal baskets.

    Anyone else have a similar feeling about this?

    Its very a romantic idea: to find the right piece of perfect wood to carve and mould etc, but CBF. God knows where I'll find one of these

    I'm going to see if a char grilled handle will suit.. they go for $16 so might be a win.

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    Vision grills.. I've reached out to them direct but the shipping kills it

    Handles and side tables burned

    I was coming something high temp and left some towels hanging /laying around.
    My theory is the small opening in between the lid (I later discovered an oven steel plate was holding it slightly open) allowed the high heat to escape then cause the towel to catch on fire

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    First crack at the bbq after a longgg break due to fire bans, then I had a bad injury needing operation, rehab etc... Walked away from the bbq for a bit and left some towels hanging which then caught fire lol

    Any suggestions on where to get replacement handles?

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    Check out your local Bunnings

    These days I've been using my GMG only for smoking and kamado for grilling, so only picked up a couple bags. Never tried these before due to the price but for $5 I thought why not

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    Ok finally gave it a go with brisket flat pastrami. You can see how I've set it up for the test..

    It's very techy.. so may quickly lose its appeal for some.. on the flip.. will be a big plus for others. Eg if you like seeing graphs.

    I don't mind the app, and works well for me since the GMG is also on the phone.. set up was a breeze and actually I didn't read the instructions just to test the easiness factor lol.

    Some random thoughts:
    - Love the magnets.. works well for a GMG. But wouldnt work on my kamado the same way
    - I like the rubber ends on the probes,
    - I am somewhat confused if using these as pit probes is okay.. since they are all pointy and the needles are usually delicate. So sticking them through the brackets all the time might be an issue long run
    - I experienced a 'probe is faulty or giving a funny read' incident during the cook.. nfi what to make of this
    - range of the unit is good, connectivity is fine
    - you can see the reads at random times of the cook.. GMG vs the inkbird for food. Overall the readings were fairly consistent
    - you can also see a read of the pit temp GMG vs inkbird at two locations. Surprisingly the upper rack showed +100df vs lower rack. I think the positioning of the lower rack probe wasn't the best in hindsight lol
    - the probe itself is okay.. I've got to test this again later

    Overall good bit of unit and I'm happy with the buy.

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    for those that are making this.. how many pizzas are you making each session ?

    because i cbf getting this all organised and firing up the kamado to 400DF + just for 1 pizza or two ... but im getting very jealous after seeing all these posts!