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    Heat retention depends on two things - thermal conductivity and thermal mass. Conversation for another time for sure.

    anyway I think the Aldi special is not very special and I wouldn’t stump up to buy a BBQ from a supermarket who don’t carry it as a core product when you can buy the exact same thing cheaper elsewhere.

    Was interesting seeing it set up between two Chargriller offerings.

    my immediate thought was that it makes the chargriller Auplex look quite the bargain if you don’t know/care the difference “

    …”they’re both red”.

    Might help them sell more chargrillers than KJs … and that might even be the strategy.

    It’s called the “contrast effect”.

    Let Them Compare and Contrast
    Adapted from “Will Your Proposals Hit the Mark?” First published in the Negotiation newsletter. In negotiation, it’s always better when someone accepts your…

    They ain’t dummies at Bunnings that’s for sure.

    Ceramic isn't about sexy, it's about better heat and moisture retention

    Hi Gumb

    It’s the difference between thermal mass and thermal insulation.

    I think of ceramic as similar to brick and brick is a poor thermal insulator but has large thermal mass. I see the steel as light weight construction which can have low thermal mass but can be insulated more readily.

    The steel eggs have insulation but low thermal mass. The ceramic has high thermal mass but lower insulation.

    I actually think the steel eggs are better at retaining heat, use less fuel and run in less oxygen and are moister. However opening and shutting the lid has more of an effect.

    I think the ceramic eggs run much more stable but take longer to heat and cool and are much hotter to the touch.

    I don’t own a ceramic but have cooked enough on friends to spot a difference in my opinion.

    It’s a related conversation to why offsets, particularly cheap thing gauge ones, use so much fuel and need so much baby-sitting and why sometimes they insulate the fire box.

    Just my opinion. Others may vary. It would be interesting to run a side by side on similar sized grilles.

    Same kit as the Chargriller Ceramic sold at Bunnings currently at $594 with a cover. I’d buy at Bunnings over Aldi. I can’t remember if the ceramic has a deflector but the steel one does.

    At this price point I’d buy the steel version over ceramic regardless, I’m not a traditionalist and value the heat up cool down times and robustness more than the sexy ceramic.

    Pass on this Aldi one I’d say.

    What do you season with? I just use salt and pepper but I'm tempted to add some more heat.

    Not sure what Billy Grills does but Dalmatian rub (salt pepper), GOSP (garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper) or my favourite would include garlic powder, onion powder, fresh ground pepper, a touch of sugar, mustard powder, ancho powder and cayenne.

    I salt separately at .5% by weight including bones. And not too heavy with pepper because it is bitter when cooked. And not too much sugar because these are beef not pork. Ancho chilli is perfect with beef in my opinion.

    Bilda Do you cook them up then freeze them? and they turn out OK?

    Absolutely. Vac them then freeze.

    Sometimes I leave them on the bone but mostly I take off so they vacuum better.

    Reheat in the bag in sousvide is quick and easy.

    Or put in a foil covered tray with a sprinkle of water and heat at 100c till warm.

    Makes for a super easy meal. Mrs Bilda is always happy when she has some of these for those nights when she wants to get something on the table and nothing prepped

    Look great.

    You don’t get a lot of smoke on a Akorn/dragon at the best of times.

    I do like to cook up a heap of ribs and batch them up in the vac sealer. I like the souz vide for ribs, but to reheat them not to cook them.

    I had crap knife set for years with the exception of some random hand me down from Portugal that was really old but noticeably better balanced and actually held and edge. Never been able to justify the money for a really good knife.

    My brother bought me a set of 3 Japanese knives for my birthday. Oh my god what a difference. Yep I baby them, hand wash, stored in the original packaging, hand steeled. Worth the hassle to look after them. So much nicer to use.

    But I also use a 50c knife I got in Vietnam, super thin, carbon steel that rusts immediately, single bevel edged, sharp as a razor and heck I love that 50c knife.

    I've heard that proofing in a smaller bowl already lined with baking paper to make the transfer to the hot Dutch easier can help the rise to a higher shaped loaf.

    Same as proofing in a floured wicker basket or a floured tea towel in a colander.

    Cube roll for me, reverse sear on the kettle. Mrs Bilda did her awesome smashed taters.

    And breakkie was pretty good

    That’s mountain micks recipe for chilli sauce, highly recommend.

    Hi guys

    So some of you may already do this, but thought I’d share.

    So for smaller cuts, steaks, ribs etc I “dub’l” up my foil trays. Do a short rest I just slightly tweak the 4 corners together. As long as there is less than a 1mm gap it’ll hold heat ok.

    For holding for a longer period I double foil with Alfoil over the tray and use this to crimp the edges.

    Works really great and stacks nicely in the esky and then packed with towels when doing a long hold. Everything stays clean, no leaks.

    Airs a great insulator so the air gap is great and it also stops the bark from going soggy.

    Anyway, I think dubbing the trays works great.

    Load up meat

    Double up the tray

    Alfoil over the top and crimp the sides.

    Job done.

    Super easy.


    I liked this video about it.

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    I could maybe get my GP to approve me for AZ, but have already been told waiting for Pfizer may still see me fully vaccinated quicker anyway as there's less of a wait between shots.

    AZ was originally a “one-shot” vaccine. It’s something like 70% good after a single shot. And if there is an outbreak you go get the second shot after 4 weeks instead of 12.

    One shot is better than none. And two shots 4 weeks apart are better than one.

    While two shots 12 weeks apart are best, why let perfect get in the way of good?

    And you can get a Pfizer booster later too.

    A lot of my mates have weighed this up and decided not to let wait and got the first AZ.

    Me, I jumped in several weeks ago when no one wanted any because there was “no Covid in Australia” so it was easy to get and have had two Pfizer’s.

    Of course everyone makes their own decisions based on their own perception of risk. But just some food for thought.

    If the proverbial hits the fan the line up for any vaccine will be long, I decided to get in while I still could. Imagine someone in the Philippines, India or even the UK reading about how Aussies are picky about brands… they’d take whatever they could get in the arm the quickest.