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    I think I read that the prime models have steadier temps because the auger is variable speed. Not sure if that distinction helps at all...

    From my (admittedly hazy) memory, I thought the baby and family Q's were ok, but the 200 was a bit anemic?

    My baby Q struggled to sear. I had to preheat the hell out of it, and flipping the steaks had to be fast, to a part of the grill that hadn't had steak on it yet.

    Drilling out every third hole to 1.5mm solved that, but then the lowest it would go was about 170C which was also not ideal.

    My Ziggy portable is disappointing: too hot and uneven to cook snags with moving them around a lot. Grill grates might help but that's expensive for something I only use if I camp in a fire ban🤷‍♂️

    I've been reading about the smartfire this morning (while my wife dragged me around DFO and Ikea ||

    I think it might be worth the extra over the inkbird. They seem to have put a lot of effort into the PID and tailoring it to charcoal. Also, as much as I like my inkbird thermometer, their app does annoy me at times. Nice to support an Aussie too.

    Thanks for the replies. Looking over that older thread I still kind of want one but am uneasy about it so the temp controller advice is attractive.

    I see inkbird are making one now, ebay $228. 3 probes too. Less than I thought - I had it in my head that something like this would be up near $500 (to be fair, some of them are!)

    Hey guys.

    I know there's been a couple of threads on these, but I don't know if issues have been sorted or also, after more time of owning if opinions have changed - or solidified.

    I enjoy my kamado but even with the TTT managing the temp control (really well) I apparently have trust issues and find it difficult to leave alone for extended periods. Longer cooks feel like an ordeal. And maybe I just need to force myself to relax.

    I've looked into pellet options but I finally tasted something and I'm not sold on the (too mild) smoke taste. Also, being able to sear is a must and (sadly) I'm not able to just collect lots of bbqs.

    I notice bbqsg have a sale on Masterbuilt at the moment, so I thought I'd ask what the general opinion of these grills is now that a couple of years have passed. I think it's basically the only alternative. I am only sort of considering buying but with it on sale now is the time to figure out what I want.

    You could blanch it in boiling water for a minute or two, this will tighten the skin and start the fat rendering.

    Looks good, and a surprisingly quick cook!

    Yeah she did that the day before. I didn't really understand why at the time

    Tonight's cook was my wife's experiment. I just handled the bbq and otherwise did as instructed. She dry brined it, inside and out, with salt and five-spice. The beer can chook stand has no liquid in it; it's just being used to hold the bird upright.

    Then today, she asked me to roast it at 200C in the bbq until cooked. Which I figured was 74C most places and preferably only 70C for the breast. That seemed like it would be tricky, which is why I left it on the stainless steel "can" without any liquid. I was hoping contact with the metal would encourage the darker half the cook a bit quicker than the breast. The temp stabilised at 180C and I was having trouble getting it higher, but the smoke had gone from white to blue so I put it in.

    Here's where it gets weird.

    45 mins later I pop the lid to rotate it and put a probe in, and it was already cooked. The breast was 71C. A 2kg bird in 45 mins?

    It was yum, the breast a tad overdone maybe, but still juicy. The fat hadn't rendered well though - I've since learned I should have used air to separate the skin from the meat, or to poke loads of holes in the skin. The cherry smoke was really prominent in the skin/fat, but not the meat, which does make sense.

    We've never done whole duck before, and I'm going to try again in a couple of weeks, but try it my way instead. I'm ordering a hanger thingy from Urbangriller and will try hanging over open coals instead of indirect like today. I think it's time I paid Dwayne another visit for a couple more rubs as well, and see if he can suggest something specific for duck.

    I've found those precooked knuckles great. We do them often, but for once I don't think the bbq actually improves them (sorry! Don't throw stuff at me hehe). I just put them in the oven unless I want to bbq veges with it.

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    I saw this last night, a couple of cuts in there I've never heard of that look pretty good.

    Throw them in the potjie, treat them the same you would a neck? With a central bone and a fair bit of connective tissue it would be a similar cook?

    Yeah I reckon you're onto a good plan.

    My wife does a stew with them, chili and sichuan pepper, some asian mushrooms (the king-thingies, with the massive stalks), soy, ginger, that kind of thing. Has quite a rich, savoury liquid in it by the end (not too sweet though), and it's fall-apart.

    We've talked about smoking them first because I'm sure the flavour would pair well, but haven't found the time to double the length of an already long cook.