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    Almost forgot to take a pic.

    Lamb half leg with mesquite chunks.

    There was also pumpkin, eggplant, chips.

    And the missus did that cucumber, radish, chili and sichuan pepper salad, which was kind of the highlight (pretty much the only reason I thought to grab a pic).

    My wife bought an InstantPot. Which is, aside from a pressure cooker, also a sous vide and air fryer.

    So, I grabbed a vac sealer from aldi today and did my first sous vide steak (tri tip, 3 hours at 54C). And my first air fryer chips.

    Not particularly convenient timing-wise going from sous vide into the bbq for a sear while throwing the chips in. They could have used longer, to be crispier, but the steak was ready and hey, the kids told me they're better than maccas so, I guess that's a good start?

    One thing with the sear stage - takes me a while to get the sear so they cooked a bit more internally. Very tender though.

    We bought blade at Costco today, not intending to eat as steaks, but it was quite marbled and thick, so...

    I put it in the oven at 60C all afternoon and seared it just before we ate.

    Reasonable flavour I suppose, but the toughest bit of boot I've eaten in years 😅

    I managed to keep the kamado at 60C for nearly an hour before it went out (while I was on the phone to Dad, oops). A few minutes with the heat gun and it was all good. I got it up to 130C after that though.

    Rested it at 50-something while finishing off the eggplant and corn and getting it up to sear temps.

    I now feel fat and full. Happy fathers day fellas, hope you all ate well and got to relax with some beer and fire 😀


    out straight into the sous vide for a couple of hours. Chilled off buttered with gee and onto the Q. Best lamb chops

    Chops in sous vide! I did chops reverse sear for the first time recently and was surprised how good they were - honestly I thought it was a wasted effort while I was doing it, but charred, just shy of well done yet soft like a decent steak. 😋 Yet another hint that I really need to buy a sous vide

    Something that's related to keeping your kamado grate clean is keeping the deflector clean when you roast and slow cook.

    I find doing a 300+C clean does both grate and deflector at the same time.

    My deflector is a small aldi paella pan. I stretch foil across it and that both catches the fat and probably makes it better as a deflector due to the air space.

    Sometimes I don't bother with the foil, I suppose trying not to be wasteful, but then cleaning sucks. I've tried tipping it upside down for the next cook but (predictably, had I thought for 2 seconds) the fat melted onto the fire and I had a flaring inferno - ended up doing an extended burn off while cooking dinner on the gasser.


    A finishing marinade of Dijon mustard and marmalade dried to a carbon and sticky mess. And it smelt a bit. Really needed action to be taken. Just wondering how others keep the grates clean.

    I’ll be keeping the Weber Q cleaning method cause I’ll be using that marinade again on a piece of baked corn silverside it’s the bomb.

    Regards Dave

    If it's marinade mess then at the end of the cook I wire brush the biggest bits off, open up the vents and go inside to start eating. Let it get to pizza temps and close it off.

    Do the burn off at the end of the low cook, rather than before the next cook.

    Just don't forget you're doing said burn off (I did one time and it got hot enough to melt/deform the enamel on the fire pit).

    Alternatively, do what I do and just don't clean it. Once it gets warm for the next cook, wire brush the chunky bits off and it should just look oily. That's the advantage of the cast iron grate I reckon.