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    So after watching the video Urban suggested I have gone real simple for my first go. Chicken drumsticks with jarrah. The fire seemed to be getting choked so I cut of the adjustable vent at the top of the chimney and lost the curved sheet metal below the grill in the fire box. Seemed to work ok in the end but I should've seasoned the meat better I was more concerned about too much smoke. Kids liked the taste. Thanks for all your advice. Im wondering what a stack extension might do.

    Hi Urban G many thanks for the info that helps a lot i will watch the video too . :)

    Hi where is the best (by that I mean cheapest 8o ) place for me to get wood splits to use the offset smoker I inherited from my Dad.

    Im in Adelaide

    Also what would be the best type of meat to try to cook first.

    So far the little I know I have learnt from you tube but I dont want to tackle a brisket quite yet.

    G'day I joined up a while ago but I dont think I have posted anything or looked around much.....this is about to change. My Dad passed away a few years back and I am going to dust off his offset smoker which I know nothing about. Looking forward to learning how to use it and picking your brains for hot tips hopefully eventually gaining some experience to pass onto others in the future. All the best.