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    I too hear the noise. But I'll be getting one for sure. Although half the fun when using webbers , was the humble pie handed out to those that feel 'bigger is better'.

    A Weber, baking humble pie, just a Rolls Royce version now. So we now have an extra inch added to our manhood. Do I have to grow a beard too?? :shrug:

    I have brined ribs before. Was more to get an edge for comp. It got 4th. I personally wouldn't do it again, I am of the belief it is unnecessary for a cut so small.

    I run a 2/1/.5.

    What's a 2/1 5/1 @HectorAsado I like trying different cook times.

    ENTRY 9

    First up we have a boneless lamb shoulder. Marinated in a wet rub for 48 hours and cooked in maybe 4 hours low n slow. Layed this on a cucumber salad with orange and pomegranate dressing.

    Saying Bye to the old and welcoming the new year I opened the purse strings and splashed out on this Krug. By far the highlight of the night. As ALWAYS this was drunk freezing and fast, yet retained with me the dearest memories of flavours for the night.

    Happy 2018 team.

    I have never used butchers paper personaly.
    I also couldn't give you a proven theory as to why you would or wouldn't use foil.

    I've always used foil, never had a problem.

    Recently we got a call up in pork at the 'kingsford invitational' and that was, as always wrapped in foil.

    Maybe the team who got first used butchers paper :doh:

    Don't beleive the hype & don't drink the cool-aid. Ignorance is bliss :dunno:

    Hey Wazza.
    Sorry for the late reply. I'm a total imposter mate, and I'm sorry if my weber table gave anyone the impression that woodwork is something a have skills of any value in.

    My table was built buy someone who I found and passed on his details on this forum.

    As for your idea, that looks killer :thumbup: .
    Looking forward to your final product.

    Looks awesome. Are you saying that was just whipped up as a 1-off?

    I'm not sure if he is making more, but in saying that you could always ask.

    Lauchy from 'Great Southern Fruit Woods'

    If your interested shoot me a private message and I'll flick you his number.

    What constitutes a Bogan Meatloaf???

    Dress it up in your blackest band shirt?? duh??

    Found this recipe on a magazine and finished this in the weber to get that smoky profile.

    This had a very 'dirty sauce' over the top.

    :whistling: Yes, that's leeks in the centre...So what!! X(

    I said 'Not so' Bogan Meatloaf.

    Had this in thick slices and used as a replacement to burger patties.

    Delightfully moreish. Refreshingly new.

    In my never ending quest to try new things with bbq.
    In the food processor I put some prunes, dates, red wine vinegar a few tablespoons of my chicken rub (I'm sure I've posted here already, I could be wrong) olive oil, garlic, sweet sherry, pork bigolgi sauce and seasoning.

    Prunes and dates gave me my sweetness needed for this trial at using a 'wet rub' or just simply, my caked looking lamb shoulder.

    Threw this in the weber with plum chunks to smoke.

    Sorry for not getting a decent photo, at this stage the creative fluids had been consumed in copious amounts and (like always) social media pats on the back becomes a very irrelevant part of my life.

    Lucky my lab rat got a few shots.

    Can see that the exterior still retained a pasty/bark texture.... This when mixed through after it was pulled was something different and a pleasure to serve up on soft rolls.

    Finally my pig has arrived.

    Plays well with the other animals in my farm aka/webers.

    Locally made, no brands, no B.S

    Only run heat through it, haven't cooked yet. Very proud of the rig pig.

    *Note nobody's paws were burnt*