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    Thanks Kookabanus that makes sense. Yes, I was worried about leaving holes in the meat. Exactly.

    I’ve never made bacon (must learn) so not sure about sizing; guess I’d insert into brisket point ok, but, what about brisket flat or even a nice thick cut of reverse sear steak (which when I do them are usually 1.5-2 inches thick and similar thickness to many brisket flats). Would that thicknes of meat cope ok, assuming it’s a large enough cut to get far enough in as you say?

    The only thing I don't like about the Meater probes are how fat and how deep you have to insert them. (oh the innuenduo!)

    Kookabanus I’ve been thinking about getting a Meater Original to use with my Smartfire so I can track the temperature of briskets when it’s resting in the esky and not connected to the pit. I was concerned about the size of the probe. Looks much larger than a standard temperature probe?

    Used it last night to do some chicken thighs and I really like it. Nice and clean easy to read. The full screen graph view is not in there at the moment snd I missed it, but I read on FB that it’s on its way.

    I would not worry about the quality of the Everdure charcoal supplied in Aus/NZ/US.

    Great to know. That particular big red hammer isn’t too far from me so I’ll grab some and hopefully that will tide me over until I can make the trip out to Mt Druitt

    I saw it when I was at big red shed last week and even though I am just about out of charcoal, decided to walk past it. No one here has ever mentioned it before and I was worried about the celebrity / name premium given I know that big red shed sell Heatbeads 20Kg charcoal for $56 (when it’s in stock). Figured it COULD be better, but 12%+ premium???

    Butterfly leg of lamb. Reverse sear. About an hour on the WSM at 160C with a couple of chunks of that Applewood I got from the orchard at Bilpon earlier in the year then a little rest and a quick sear on the gasser. Served with roast potato and broccoli. So much less guesswork cooking the lamb than the method we used to use which was gasser all the way but no thermometer to check doneness.

    Sounds like some experimenting to do... shallots, sausage, fresh garlic in place of powered garlic...lots of options. Sadly the snails got to my Jalapeno seedlings so I may have to use Wollies ones for Christmas treats.

    AME have Cape Grim Briskets for $15.49/kg at the moment. Their email specials list says regaular price is $18.99/kg but i've not been there since pre-lockdown so can't confirm this 'regular' price. I did go there at lunchtime today though and there were a couple of dozen in the 4-6Kg (some a little over) at the $15.49/Kg price. Point end on most of them is not that 'fat' but many are what I'd classify as 'chunky' for CG and a all had large thin (1 inch or so) flat ends. The selection is reasonable. I grabbed two. I could have grabbed a couiple more but we're out of freezer space... Worth the checking out if you're in Sydney folks.

    I aimed for 160C / 320f on these and they were in for a tad under an hour and a half. Not as much smoke as with lower temp, but I was trying for crisper bacon and an exposed bit of cheese. Time varies, longer or shorter, on the size of Jalapenos and amount of bacon wrap I guess.

    FWIW, I've been adding in some grated cheese, smoked paprika, ground garlic and Jalapeno seeds to the cheese mix. Highly recommend them.

    So I cooked myself some ABT's for lunch a couple of weeks ago. Ran the put at a much higher temp than previous attempts and that seemed to create a nicer result (more testing needed to confirm). Managed to make the ABT's last a few days. Wonderful stuff!

    So I’ve done three or four cooks on the WSM since I got that bag of Heatbeads lump charcoal back in August and all were charcoal. After a couple of years with the WSM I’ve made the switch and it’s working well. Have a bag of Heatbeads original brickettes in the garage, now only as backup.

    Problem now is that Big Red Hammer have been out of stock for last few weeks with no eta on resupply. Heatbeads still have the 20kg bags of lump listed on their website but not the hammer. :shrug:

    Can any Sydney based members recommend somewhere, preferably in the south, that I can source lump charcoal? Also open to suggestions as to others too, but mindful of freight costs.