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    Was able to source CG beef ribs at various places in Sydney last year at $20/Kg,. I did buy some really nice looking ones at $22. Only saw one place last year charging above that. Never seen CG ribs for $30/Kg. OMG!

    In terms of brisket, it’s been creeping up towards $25/Kg this year while quality has been falling but I’ve never seen it below $19.99/Kg in Sydney.

    What is the Bass Strait stuff like compared to CG? Both grass fed aren’t they? I’m keen to try it.

    Cooked up some ABT's on Friday night. Added cream cheese filing this time, with a little grated cheddar mixed in. They were very nice.

    Previously when I've made ABT's in the past I've tried different mixes of other, non- cream, cheese. I understand now why everyone uses cream cheese. It just works. Flavour and texture-wise, as well as being much less oil in the final product. From now on, I'll be using cream cheese as a base.

    I also experimented with canoe style versus cutting the top off one of the larger Jalapino's and filling it vertically. The canoes' were a better result, much easier to pick=up and to eat.

    These ones were a little light on 'bite' so next time I'll be leaving more seeds in there to get some Jalapeno flavour.

    I'm off to plant some Jalapeno seeds. Mine didn't survive winter this year so need to plant new ones' for my next round of ABT's.

    I do like Cape Grim brisket and ribs. Good stuff. I've had Jacks Creek ribs and they were good too. Keen to try some Bass Strait and a Dimmintina sometime too. There does seem to be a difference in prices between Sydney and other states emerging this year. Not sure why.??? What I can say is that when prices go above $20/Kg for CG Ribs or Brisket in Sydney I usually walk past it. So I"m buying less this year than last year.

    The other issue I've encountered is quality of CG briskets available. Last year, while not plentiful, I was able to get my hands on briskets from tim-to-time that had good size points and flats that were 1.5 to 2 inches thick, sometimes more. The ones I've seen in the last few months have all flats under an inch and it's impossible to source any CG briskets above 5Kg lately. There was some discussion of this previously. CG brisket size?

    Bottom line IMHO; don't pay more than $20/Kg for CG brisket or Ribs and don't buy it if it's not decent size and shape.

    They do look good.

    Always loved Jalapeño poppers, every time I’ve made them.

    Never done them with cream cheese. Always wondered why the ‘standard’ recipe uses cream cheese? Is it to offset the chilli bite? Or something else?

    I scored some MB rated skirt steaks a few weeks ago which gave an excuse to make Fajitas (any excuse will do). An old schoolmate talked me into marinating with olive oil and garlic in the fridge for an hour or two, then doing a quick seer on a hot gasser and served with chimichurri. I so owe him a beer when I next see him; best damn taco's I've had in ages.

    Posting this one for a bit of fun. 'Camping at home' on the weekend because we can't go away; got a bag of HeatBeads charcoal, fired up the Everdure Cube for the first time and cooked some snags. Also did some foiled baked potato in the firepit, but you don't want to see them...

    Grabbed a 20Kg bag of HeatBeads Charcoal. Some good size lumps in there as well as some smaller bits. My first time using charcoal and was impressed. Tested on the Everdure Cube (first use of that too). Charcoal was very easy to light compared to the original HeatBeads briquettes and hotter burning too.

    I will give the charcoal a go in the WSM next weekend and might try using the WSM as a charcoal grill as well.

    Thanks folks. Dumb question from someone whose only ever used heat beads in my Weber Smoky Mountain; but what difference should I expect? Will charcoal add flavour? More smoke? A little of both?

    Was just at my local Big Red Hammer to get some hardware to reinforce my WFH desk (they didn’t have what I needed, despite what their website said…) so I headed to the BBQ isle for some ‘essentials’. Noticed they had lots of stock of Heat Beads and Matador lump but NO Jumbuck at all.