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    Wazza pretty much nailed it. Kalbarri and Northampton both copped it hard, especially Kalbarri.

    we were pretty lucky in Geraldton that it stayed slightly further north than what was forecast. We had a brief 20-30 minute period of 100kmh winds, gusting to 120ish. The town looks like it came out mostly unscathed, lots of tree branches down, some fences but not a huge amount of damage to businesses and homes. Sadly not the case for the towns a little north of us.

    Been without power for a touch over 48 hours now, probably another 12-24 they think before enough repairs are done that they can safely start to reenergise the grid. Internet is largely the same story - everyone would be relying on mobile data given the lack of power, but Telstra shat the bed nearly straight away whereas Optus has been plugging along okay.

    All in all we got off reasonably well, a whole lot of luck kept it north of Gero.

    If my memory serves me well the side you're after is the eye fillet (aka tenderloin). The other side is the porterhouse (aka sirloin).

    For even more fun go to the USA and order a porterhouse and watch as you receive a giant T-bone with a big eye fillet side. Our porterhouse is their NY Strip.

    Oooh very nice, just as I started having a play on Feldon's. Perfect timing there!

    Seems to work really well during my play with it apart from two very minor things. After entering Cylinder cook chamber, square firebox, chimney size and applying everything I'm not getting a calculated value for "Recommended air inlet area" and thus number of intakes in Step 5 and "Recommended Firebox to Cooker opening area" in Step 6, it is however giving recommended diameters.

    Great job!

    Definitely a combination of expensive hobbies! Here are a few I've had to nick from my Instagram feed because I lost all of the originals due to my own stupidity :D

    And one that has to belong here..

    but I feel the adapter is currently overpriced

    If you don't mind ordering from the states then Adorama has a "Demo" FTZ for $179US here. Add shipping (FedEx) and it works out to about $290AUD.

    I bought one a couple of weeks back from them and it arrived in perfect condition.

    I've always wanted to attempt something similar to the Cubanos from the movie Chef. Figured tonight was the night!

    Marinated the pork shoulder overnight in a mix of olive oil/fresh OJ(+zest)/lime juice(+zest)/mint/coriander/oregano/garlic/S+P.

    Wrapped after a couple of hours with some of the marinade thrown in.

    And finished!

    This was the last burger I made with chopped brisket in it. Wanted something different than the normal Brisket+Coleslaw+BBQ Sauce.

    Instead of a normal creamy coleslaw I used pickled red onion and cabbage for a little acidic bite to balance the meat and dressed it with a sauce made from Mayo,Seeded Mustard and a little Parmesan. Also gave the chopped brisket a quick tour of the hotplate for a little char.

    You’re going to have to host a “whole of the forum” party just to use its full capacity.

    🤣 I've never been accused of doing things small. I think I calculated it'll fit 250+ pork shoulders give or take.

    Why not start a thread in the build section so we can all watch the progress?

    Cheers for the idea. Definitely will when I get a proper start on them.

    900nb, 10mm wall... that thing will store some thermal mass

    😆 I've thought about this too. Might start the fire a day early to bring it to temp 🤣🤣🤣

    Cheers for the welcome all!

    Welcome Deva. Teaser pictures from your 1st post! I like it.

    Cheers! Figured I'd come in with a bang and not a whimper. :biglol:  

    Guess an offset

    Correctamundu! Have a nice length of 10mm steel pipe, cut a couple of sets of matching ends. Just trying to figure out exactly what I'm going to do with it all.

    ....and trying to find the time. That's the hardest part!

    Afternoon all!

    I've recently moved back to Aus from the Middle East and figured I'd need to find the local smoking forums, and am glad I did. Currently smoker-less having left my trusty KJ behind with a mate, but I have something in the works which I'll post up soon.

    A little teaser is attached - 10mm steel, 900mm diameter.