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    I could not tell you sorry, it is shaved a lot like ham, and has that not fully cooked look, more like prosciutto.

    Edit - but way more Smokey than both ham and prosciutto.

    I realize cities & towns are different, but...I saw a post buy UG on Facebook about Wagga Wagga. For & Giggles I went to Google Earth to see what a neighborhood in Wagga Wagga would look like (weird looking horse racing track too). So is the strip of land in front of the home owned by the homeowner or is it County (Council?) owned? Looks like the home owner does not really care about keeping it up, but the "Inner" Landscaping looks very nice. Is this a common theme? If this is a common practice in suburban areas, any reason for the strip?

    Do most home landscaping have sprinklers?


    i think that would be in the bottom 5% even in your photo the rest look better.

    I had only heard of them more commonly referred to as “nature strip”.

    But yes they are a slight pain, but really as most Aussie front yards have grass it’s only 5 more minutes of mowing, edging is another beat all together though.

    There is a Burger Chain over here, started in Texas and is in the Southwest called Whataburger. I got to try them for the 1st time on a trip to Texas last October! I had a regular Whataburger and was not that impressed. Next day I had their Double Green Chili Burger...I was real impressed with it!

    Been on the chili cheeseburger run for a few weeks. This is the WhataBent Burger. Green Chili/Chili...Double Cheese/Burger!


    always love your buns, are they a certain type? I feel we really struggle to have buns available from a supermarket like this in oz.

    Old thread but since it’s bumped. “Hammerbarn” sell a Ozito branded looflighter rip off. I have one and it’s ok.

    Tobe honest I just do a small chimney and walk away and when the coals are going I put the hot coals into the prepared coal-bed/snake of what ever I’m going to cook in.

    went in for this but it is sold out actually as it is only 40-50 bucks

    Glad I found this thread! Took some digging but a Looftlighter was high in my list, just think there is a better way than using samba lights. Would have been disappointed to spend 120 on a looft that broke within 2 years.

    It works pretty well in that all east coast cities have AFL and Rugby teams, so they have a major oval and rectangular stadium in each city. And Perth has the new multi purpose stadium and don’t need it rectangular that often.

    As a rough I think cheap tickets to AFL are around 40 now, beer would be about 7-8 bucks, hotdog maybe 7 bucks donuts it’s less, parking in less experienced it’s but all day in Melbourne for an event like this maybe 20?

    it was about 6 hours, I cannot monitor temperature at the moment (once the banks lends us money for a house I will spend again).

    I moved it further out after that photo as you can see it was getting burnt. Recipe said 3 hours open and 1.5 hours in foil, the 1.5 hours in foil extended as it wasn’t tender enough, so just cooked until I could shred it.

    I think it's almost like a manual rotisserie effect and helps keep the juices in. Well, that's my theory anyway.

    Heston says flipping confuses the juices and it keeps trying to go one way but then you flip it and keep it in, if you flip it only once it gets out.

    Thanks all for your replies. Still keen to work out what goes into the steak house marinade as it still keeps me coming back. My steak was pushing well as I don’t have a probe but tasted great.

    If I have learnt anything here:


    [EDIT by Gumb: pics inserted in to post]

    Hey everyone was planning this tomorrow but dinner with the inlaws has pushed my timeline forward.

    Steak tonight, rib eye from my butcher, I had plans to use “magic dust” but might just settle for 5 hours dry brining with salt (would normally do this overnight).

    Just cooking on babyq.

    Anyway keen to see what others go to will be with this steak and others.

    Anyone know how to get that steak house flavour from places like “squires loft”

    Magic dust recipe for reference

    YIELD: About 2 ½ cups

    • ½ cup paprika
    • ¼ cup kosher salt
    • ¼ cup sugar
    • 2 Tbsps. mustard powder
    • ¼ cup chili powder
    • ¼ cup ground cumin
    • 2 Tbsps. ground black pepper
    • ¼ cup granulated garlic
    • 2 Tbsps. cayenne

    Thanks all

    Thanks guys, I think I will maybe just look to develop some flavours through rubs on my babyq to start, You did remind me that my father in law has a old Weber which I bet I can borrow as he uses his family Q and pizza oven these days. That might be my next move, he can show me the basics also.

    Yeah Komados look great but the ease of the pellet grill and honestly wifi are attractive additions.

    Before any of that I agree a cheap Weber will be the go, although when ever I have looked they are closer to 200 bucks on gumtree here in vic, maybe the cheap ones just get snapped up quick.

    Hello everyone,

    I have been lurking for a while but only really starting on my journey of BBQ.

    I own a Weber babyq and really just do normal stuff. Really enjoy ribs and American style stuff and have attempted these in the oven generally but just never look at it to much as it’s a gas bbq. Also love burgers steak and good snags.

    Coming here looking for some tips with the Weber as there is clearly more I can be doing before upgrading to a pellet grill or Kamado long term. Trick being to work out which is better for me, hardest part is eating off Either as it isn’t something my mates really do ect.

    Best thing I have done is use something very similar to this on a roast chook:…bq-smoking-tray-steak-70g

    Anyway that’s me cheers.