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    Has anyone used or seen the Weber Traveler? Are they as good as all the online Weber fanboys would have you believe?

    I really like the idea of not having to carry a gas bottle as I currently do with the babyQ, amd the fact that it can be stored upright ticks a few boxes in terms of space as well.

    Easy Boston Butt on the UDS to cater for a few folks round for the footy.

    Rendered some trimmed fat to add to the wrap. It seems to be the done thing, adding tallow to a brisket wrap, so I figured why not try it with lard and pork.

    Was very juicy, and for something uncommon, all the timing worked and it was ready exactly as I planned it!

    Looking on ebay today, it looks like the inkbird AU page has some pretty good prices for today only, due to a birthday.

    Im in no way affiliated with IB, just thought a few of you might be keen for a look

    Captain I won a similar pizza oven in the MSWA lottery one year. Though thinking how much I have spent on tickets over the years, I don't think I won it, more a forced purchase!

    They work really well, especially for the convenience side of things.

    Busy afternoon, doing what I enjoy. I wasn't overly happy with the picanha, I didnt let the coals settle enough, so had some flareups which gave some dirty flame/smoke which stained the exterior and affected the finish and timing of the final product. Korean Kalbi was yum, sosatie wors and spuds were also yum. Full bellies all round!

    As for my fathers day, I'm gonna try spin some picanha on the rotis, do some Korean Kalbi on the GA and some Sosatie Wors on the kettle. But Ive just been informed that my dad has a 2.5kg bone in pork belly that he wants to cook. Gonna be a meatfest!

    With Fathers day on Sunday, i thought id create a thread for people to post their prep/cooks for Sunday. Whats on the menu?

    Beachbums Silly me thought it would be easy enough to just sit it on top of half spent coals. Started to toast as expected, but not evenly.

    So Im standing there like a jackass hovering it over the coals so it doesnt burn too much. A santamaria style grill would have been more ideal.

    Wazza Its dead easy to set up. It packs flat, you open it up, the triangular ends swing out on hinges and clip into place. Mesh straddles the top.

    Its made of pretty thin steel, so its not going to last forever, but for something to stash in the caravan for a quick firepit or direct cooking, i reckon its $10 well spent.

    So this morning I went to a clearing sale, and scored a little portable firepit/grill for $10!!

    So tonight I gave it a maiden run.

    I saw something on socials a while ago that I wanted to try, so tonight seemed like the perfect occasion.

    Ive got some boerewors in the freezer from the South African guys at work, so put them to work in the grill basket. Made up an onion gravy, then added feta, cheddar, spinach, boerewors and onion gravy, all in a puff pastry parcel.

    Toasted over the coals, then served with some roast veg.

    I realise this is highly subjective, but after reading a few threads here, i'm interested to know what everyones ideal combination of bbqs is?

    One can never have too many, but everyone has a combination that seems to suit them.

    For me it depends on the cook. If i've got time up my sleeve i'll run the stickburner as I like the flavour and the 'hands on' requirement.

    If I have things to do during the day, or I need to go somewhere i'll run the drum smoker.

    Or is there a golden combination that covers all bases?

    We could be here a while......