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    Also I figured out that theres a pretty good warming rack under the GoAnywhere for the kids kebabs too. Keeps it nice and warm while waiting for the main event

    Beautiful. Very rich but thats what makes it. I reckon I probably rendered 50 or 60% of the fat out, a big long stint in the sous vide would have sorted out the rest. But as a result it still maintained a form rather than pull apart, so was better for feeding onto skewers, so still a win.

    Attempted sous vide in the thermomix for the first time. Vac packed with garlic, butter and a couple of chipotle jalapenos I did a few weeks back. Its pretty limited for real estate so I only did one pack. Kept at 55 degrees for about 5 hours, stepped up to 60 for another couple then up to 70 for 2 hours to make sure they were done. Chilled the bag and then removed the meat. Fat not fully rendered but broken down enough for the next stage. Would definitely benefit from a couple of days.

    Marinated in a Bulgogi marinade (cheers for the suggestion Wazza ), then skewered over the GA and basted with marinade til done.

    Not yet, we had a snap shutdown at work so I've been as busy as a one armed taxi driver with nits.

    So they ended up in the freezer.

    Currently defrosting now for a Sunday cook.

    First of all, I cant imagine a better situation than a wife suggesting a dedicated BBQ area and giving you a bit of creative license to do so.

    The suggestions so far are pretty much on the money.

    If you are thinking of buying a smoker later down the track, look into things like where your wind or sunlight comes in, and the amount of real estate you dedicate to it. Also if its part of a new construction, think about whether you want a sink or powerpoint out there, much easier to do while trenches are open and contractors are on site. Even look into a rangehood above your gasser.

    And please keep us updated with photos!

    Found a bag of 'beef fingers' while doing a late night Spud Shed milk run. Im going to assume its intercostals? It looks a tad fatty but marbled to the max.

    So of course I bought it. Rib meat minus the bones. Be mad not to.

    Has anyone got any cooking techniques or recipes they can share?

    Urban Griller a question regarding these small portable pellet grills. Where do they sit with fire restrictions and caravan parks etc? Are they still classed as an open flame/ solid wood bbq?

    These would be great for caravanners, Im just interested to see how they fit in with the restrictions at caravan parks. I know a lot of the parks dont allow anything but gassers.

    I'm the same, I usually walk straight past the ribs in most shops, for that very reason. Im guessing its because butchers can charge more for belly meat than they can for ribs, so they try and remove as much meat as possible. The intercostal meat is yum but for me the effort: yield ratio is too low.

    That belly looks amazing, did you skin it first?

    Turkey legs in the stickburner. Brined overnight, rubbed with a random pork rub and then cooked with jarrah splits at about 270F. Glazed with a mulberry jam, bbq sauce and apple cider vinegar mix. Gave it a great colour and a sweetness that paired nicely with the meat. And to top it off, turkey legs are cheap as buggery. Will definitely be doing again.

    Did you try turning it off and then back on again?