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    By the way, costco now stock the best pizza flour around, caputo:

    Thanks, I've been looking for this locally, but have never had any luck. Has anyone seen this flour outside of Costco as I'm not close to one?

    The other flour I am searching for (and can't find) is 5 stagioni. I hear that is a pretty good pizza flour as well.

    Just for reference, the above pizzas were made using the bakers flour from Woolworths / Coles.

    It started it's life as a kettle BBQ. I cut out an opening in the lid to enable the pizza to be launched, turned, and taken out. The lid also has a "deflector" plate that is suspended using those bolts (my martian pizza cooker). The idea being I can raise or lower the plate to fine tune the amount of heat hitting the centre of the pizza.

    Initially, my heat source was a combination of the the Weber 'gas burner' conversion, charcoal, and redgum. Amazing temps and great pizza's. However, I couldn't really taste the flavour imparted by the charcoal and wood.

    Iteration 2 for the heat source:

    I cut the base off the bottom of the kettle. I now sit it on top of a dual ring burner which also gives me plenty of heat.

    Pizza cooks really quick. They are generally done in 2 mins or so. Any faster and I'm burning them. The cornicione is just like from a wood fired pizza shop.

    I'm really happy with this 'martian' looking pizza cooker. It's very cheap as well. All you really need is an old kettle BBQ, a burner of some sort, and a pizza stone.

    It's really effective and the resultant pizza's are top notch.

    Any questions, please ask.

    I think the Ooni's are awesome, but spendy. My friend has a gas powered one and the pizza's are top notch. To me, the best budget pizza oven is this homemade contraption:


    First time out I used lump charcoal. It was finicky to get it up to temperature and I only achieved about 550f on the stone. Pizza was so-so.

    Second time round I used hardwood - basically kindling which I chopped in half. Heated up in no time and got to 800f+ with no problem at all. Flames were licking the roof over the pizza as you'd want. Pizza was sensational. I highly recommend at this price point ($200). I think it will be getting a lot of use.

    Wow.. 426 degrees C is very impressive. How long did you have the pizza's in there for? Looking forward to see some more mouth watering pics!

    I picked up an old Eurolec Gas BBQ for cheap. It needs a good clean, but I thought I'd try the burners first to see if they work before investing the time to clean it. The burners are either very clogged or rusted out. The flame splutters and pops, so definitely not in a useable state.

    Eurolec apparently have not been selling in Australia for a while and googling does not show up any replacement parts. Just wondering if anyone has had any luck in having a burner made ? I'm thinking it's not a cheap option, so I may need to chalk it up to 'a lesson learnt'.

    The specs says it is a stainless steel exterior. It also has a "0.8mm galvanised aluminium plate". What would this be? Hopefully not the inside lining as I sure wouldn't want galvanised aluminium in contact with the flames and exposed to the pizza.

    Umm... I'm still trying to decide whether to just go with the tried and true Weber Kettle or splurge for a Masterbuilt.

    Then my friend showed me an item on eBay that roasts, smokes, and grills! He purchased one and raves about it's flexibility (roast duck, pork, ribs etc).

    I usually just browse this site as there’s not much I can add to the wealth of experience and knowledge that exists already. However, I decided to sign up to say thank you to Chris (Urban Griller). I wasn’t sure where to post this, but figured this would be a suitable place as I was asking ‘what to buy advice’ from Chris.

    A few weeks ago, possibly more, I was looking to replace a Weber Kettle and was interested in a unit that could be used to both smoke and grill. I was thinking an offset smoker would fit these needs nicely so I decided to call Chris. I have to say Chris was very helpful and professional in the way he explained things to me. Never once was I made to feel like an idiot, nor did I feel under any pressure from him to buy from him (I did actually want to know how much to ship a OJ Bronco to Melb and he said to buy from Melb).

    Oh… and Chris mentioned an offset smoker is not what I need… :)

    Thanks Chris for your valuable advice! :cheers: