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    dazzmaster I don't think you do need to add liquid in the slow cooker. I do my pulled pork this way and you end up with a butt ton of juices. Which for the pulled pork I just mix back through when I pull it. Since I first did it this way I haven't changed - easily the best flavoured, juiciest results I've had.

    And you're right, could put in the oven on a really low heat but I don't really like running the oven for 5 or 6 hours and I'm sure it would cost a lot more to run. The slow cooker on low is about 210F from the meater reading last time.

    In essence the slow cooker is doing the same as you're doing by keeping it on the Akorn. I.e. covering it and cooking at a low temperature. There's no more smoke flavour.

    dazzmaster, that's something else I was thinking about doing.

    I generally move it into the slow cooker once it reaches the point where I'd cover it but would be the same result. Just saves me running out of pellets and TBH they cost a lot more than the electricity to run the slow cooker.

    You're right, as long as it will handle the high temperatures. When I was making sour dough (5-6 loaves/week) the oven was around 230c. I think that was why I always used a heavy duty dutch oven (i.e. the enamelled cast iron ones). And I'd preheat it. But you're prob right - not like glass melts at 230C ^^

    I've got some lamb shanks that I'd like to cook. In the past I've done them either in the oven at a low temperature or in the slow cooker. But wondering how everyone here does them?

    Very open to ideas and interested in some experimenting. Not much else happening at the moment in Sydney :(

    Great effort for your first time.

    I would suggest picking up a cheap dutch oven. Doesn't have to be one of the big names. I think mine was from Aldi.

    The point of putting it in the dutch oven with the lid on is to generate steam which in turn gives good lift (so big holes). You then remove to get the great crust.

    I think I'm glad that BBQG did bump the price so I didn't get the 560. I love the tech side of things and it would drive me crazy if it didn't work properly.

    I almost never use the front panel on the DB.

    i had seriously considered the MB 560 and actually went to BBQG to buy it. But they bumped the price hugely the morning I went over so kept looking, felt the DB Prime was a lot better quality build for roughly the same price.

    But still had considered the MB560 down the track. What are the issues with the app?

    My old man keeps hinting that he wants a Meater for his birthday next month so thinking of getting him the Meter Plus... have been on the look out for a cheaper alternative as I don't know how much he'll actually use it but there doesn't seem to be one.

    If you're happy to spend the $$ you won't regret the meater. Personally have only used the block. I got it via Kickstarter then waited 2 years for delivery. Got it after some locals got there's but that's another story.

    The original meater has limited range. Plus and block better. But might not be that big of a deal. Having said that with low slow I do tend to be working in my office and just keep an eye on it. With the block it's wifi/cloud so you get the readings anywhere.

    For rotisserie I generally just use an instant read. Takes 2 seconds to stop the turn and take a reading. Ive never viewed rotisserie cooking as a set and forget type arrangement.

    Very true but it does make life easier. And ultimately that's what it's about. My block was out of batteries yesterday. Cooking a picanha. Had seared and then was thinking "have to use the instant read for the last bit". Nah bugger that, found some new batteries and chilled for the next 15 mins with no stress on how it was going (perfect btw - thank you Meater).

    I agree. $900 inc delivery. I was soooo close to pulling the trigger over the weekend. I had been drinking - when I do my best most wise purchases.

    But did hold off and there are a number of issues:

    * the whole 15A plug fiasco and pretty shit support

    * the warping tray. Seriously how hard is it to provide a tray that doesn't warp in an expensive appliance

    * cracks starting to appear on the water tank near the oven - not sure if they are bad or not

    * exposed top element making cleaning a pig

    * no accessories available yet. Despite these same accessories being called for in their recipes

    TBH most of these I could live with but as a whole I'm now thinking "wait until v2". I'm still monitoring the user forums and see what happens. I would seriously love to buy it. Tax refund 2021.....

    The stupid thing was that Anova said they'd reimburse an adapter but not a sparkie doing a change of plug. As they were worried about the quality of the sparkie's work. Maybe they don't have to be licensed in the US???

    The adapter wasn't a huge deal and personally I'd have done that. Anova said that it was rated for 10A but they put the wrong plug on. So basically just an adapter with no changes made to voltage/current etc.

    The inkbird I looked at at Bunnings was wired (which isn't much use on a rotisserie :) Is there a wireless version that's any good?

    This was probably what I was considering for her - if it's wireless, and people think it's decent.