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    Also because they won’t let you buy any part that is not stock standard on your Weber. They don’t want to let anyone upgrade an older mode it’s a way to force obsolescence.

    Just go to a Weber shop or the many on-line suppliers if you want a part if you're worried about not being allowed to buy a part.

    Many companies who make the product prefer you to buy the original product. eg try and call HP/Canon/Epson and ask them what other brands of printer cartridge will go into their product and listen to the long answer about how superior the manufacturers ink cartridges are.

    Hmmm. I thought the idea was to put charcoal on the Weber grate and cook on the cast iron?

    Jimmy70 was using it in the most popular way for getting nice and close to sear your meat.

    You can put charcoal, charcoal baskets on the weber grate to cook too.

    You can do multi-level. Charcoal in the bottom and food direct on the weber grate, or on/in cast iron pizza pan on the weber grate, cast iron grate and on the extender.

    The Heat Beads vs Kingsford burn time comparison is a sticky in the charcoal section.

    I can't see any way that Kingsfords would work in a Slow n Sear or Smokenator etc. I use the Kingsford hickory beads quite a lot but only for direct cooking and when I want a bit more flavour. Maybe they'd last for a roast but that would be it.

    Yeah, got me stumped too how in the US the reviewers got long burn times.

    Big Green Egg vs Weber Kettle & SnS

    I have seen similar video of SNS vs other brands of Kamados and they're all pretty similar, people have a hard time saying one or the other is better.

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    One of the interesting video was one made by Baby Back Maniac comparing a SNS vs Kamado Joe. As you may guess again the results were very close. Baby Back Maniac is sponsored by SNS. When SNS started selling Kamados the SNS vs Kamado Joe video disappeared from his youtube channel.

    Which all ends up saying that a Weber Kettle with an SNS makes fine BBQ.

    In the beginning Slow n Sear (SNS) was just the side basket. Then they got "distracted" and added lots of accessories such as griddle etc and then moved to selling whole smokers.

    You can use the SNS without the griddle etc just like the normal Weber charcoal baskets.

    I have a SNS and use it without any other accessories. If I am worried about clean-up I use some aluminium foil to catch the drippings.

    You can do two zone cooking and well as low and slow. It gets super hot for searing.

    I found for low and slow the SNS has one big advantage compared to a Kamado is when you run out of charcoal. It is a huge pain taking out the meat etc to add charcoal in a Kamado. With a SNS kettle you just lift the grill flap and add charcoal!

    I remember Gumb doing a Kingsford vs Heat Bead review somewhere and the Heat Beads won hands down for burn time.

    One of the interesting things I noticed with the SNS is that there's quite a few reviews using Kingsford charcoal and with the SNS the Kingsford seem to be lasting a long time.

    Yeah, I get the impression they think the Imperial Kamado is the molten category. We also got to remember that’s a video from the old Primo factory and they don’t make them like that anymore.

    It's an interesting "justification". It's basically saying other Kamado manufacturers make poor quality Kamados or their kamado quality is so bad their Kamado can't handle situations other kamado manufacturers can handle.

    It reminds me of the manufacturers who "advise" that non-genuine will break their machines and only their over priced products, oops original parts, can provide the best blah blah blah blah.

    420kev. Once upon a time when Kamados used to be hand made the sizes/commonality etc of things between different brands was fairly close. Nowadays with automation and computers things are quite different. It can be an absolute nightmare in some brands to find spares for older models.

    Technology has also moved on.

    As an example have a look at the firebox design for the Kamado Joe 2 which is multi-segmented.

    Even changing the humble lid hinge springs may require a degree in engineering to get something to work if you're not lucky enough to find a spring in Bunnies to fit.

    Maybe like KIng Erik, the best option might be to get a new kamado?

    I have a family Q. I use it to roast and grill. The addition of the centre burner to the outer ring burner in the Family Q compared to the smaller model Qs helped fix some of the complaints of not getting hot enough.

    Good idea getting the black. Cleaning the titanium version is hard work.

    To celebrate try out this smoker to add to your Family Q. Enjoy the whiskey :)

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    12x7 do you happen know?

    Maybe King Erik XIV might know