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    Bduza pointed me to Youtuber "Smokin dad bbq" in this post.

    Interesting how he's using a double deflector in the cheaper model of KJ to do the same thing as the slo-roller at a much lower price. Looking at the way he does it you can do it on many other brands too.

    Youtuber "Smokin dad bbq" has done some side by side cooks comparing series 1 and 3 big joes, and the result was NO difference.

    Bduza Thanks for the pointer to his channel. Lot's of good videos. I also like the video where he compares the two top of the line Large 18" from KJ and BGE. In the end it comes down to personal preference. Both are terrific kamados and cook great food.

    I like the fact he isn't sponsored by anyone. He sure has spent a lot of money on his bbqs.

    Checking out the KJ's at BBQG I noticed this big label on the deflector "Do not exceed 500F/260C"

    I'm guessing they're coated the deflector with some low stick coating like teflon. What's the thoughts around the risk of pushing the kamado past 500F/260C?

    PS: I'm not sure if it is a genuine KJ accessory as I didn't feel like pulling apart the Kamado as it was on floor display.

    Wandered into BBGQ and they have dropped their prices for Black Friday which look pretty tempting.

    Metal Kamado cheaper than a Dragon or Akorn.

    A Big Joe 24" cheaper than a classic 18"

    You got to watch out when comparing which series you're looking at, ie. series 1,2,3.

    What I've wondered is during a blind taste test can people tell the difference if the food is cooked on a series 1,2 or 3?

    While I was there I checked if the discounts for the gassers where dropped in price like the KJ's. Nup.

    damn fancy pryolytic oven can throw itself off a cliff.

    Can't find a manual for it online, and could not figure out how to turn the damned thing off.

    Got a photo of the beast? Go me interested - a self cleaning oven. Maybe it's like a diesel and has a shutdown cycle to burnt the crap away before it turns off? Gee, I wonder how much electricity it chews up so you don't have to clean the oven. It might be cheaper to hire a housekeeper to clean the oven with the way gas and electricity prices are going up.

    Hopefully where you're moving too has a good place to bbq.

    Don't forget the normal cycle of floods, droughts, floods. In a few years time the news will be flooded with headlines about the dams running out of water. Brown out due to hyrdo electricity not working etc etc.

    Again it's a wet a soggy weekend!

    Looking longingly outside wondering when will be the next good day to bbq outside.

    Chilling out looking at the specials at BBQG and see they're now selling air fryers.

    So when did air fryers become a bbq?

    I think I'm gonna be in trouble, see next January the Mrs and I will be moving to our new home (well not new...but new to us) in Albury NSW and I found out that it's AFL territory not NRL.....but but but...this is still NSW.

    Just wait for the next Covid outbreak and the biggest sport you get to play is border crossing.

    It's a bit like one of those dystopian sci-fi movies you see on Netflix. One second we are living in modern times and then in a few moments we are back in the dark ages.

    Here's one of the many stories out now about how in Europe we are seemingly watching a dystopian future evolve right before us as people search the forests for wood to keep themselves warm.

    Germans are looking to firewood for energy as natural gas prices soar
    Preparations for the coming winter are straining wood supply.

    Next step we are back to coal and wood stoves because gas and electricity is so expensive.

    Who would have thought in such a short time cooking with wood and coal could be so popular.

    The History of Old Stoves
    Old stoves help define the look of kitchens in any era.

    briquettes just seem to end up a mess of ash and half-burned brittle crap that breaks up and falls through the basket when giving it a stir to let the ash drop.

    From the head beads website on what they add to the hardwood charcoal to make the briqettes.

    How are Heat Beads® Original Briquettes made? – Heat Beads®
    Find out what goes into making Heat Beads® BBQ Briquettes. The high quality and composition of our briquettes makes cooking safe, easy and odourless.

    One of the reason I used to go was because of the different brands of things they would import which you couldn't find at Colesworth.

    It's one of the reasons I go to Aldi is because I can find different brands of things. Like Costco, try them out when you can as one week they're there and the next they're gone.

    I was looking for some heat beads and found this on ebay.

    Anyone found Heads Beads for a higher price or have I just found the most expensive Heat Beads to buy.