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    Thanks for your reply. Yes my BBQ does have flame tamers or flavorizers as I have seen them advertised as. It's not a big name brand grill. Its a John Lewis one (here in the UK).

    I guess the tamers will change some methods then?


    Im looking for any advice please with cooking on a gas BBQ.

    I have done whole roasts, chicken/pork etc with indirect heat after getting the BBQ nice and hot, leaving the lid down and forgetting about it for a while. Just keeping an eye on it to not get too hot. I have also managed fine with chicken thighs, searing them off then leaving in a cooler area to continue cooking with the lid down and similar I think with pork skewers.

    What I get confused about is things like burgers and sausages. Online I have seen advice saying to get the grill hot, then stick the burger on the grill above the flames on about medium, close the lid, then flip after about 4 mins. I did this and they did turn out good, but I get nervous that the meat is above the flame so i'm worried its going to get burned too fast. Will this happen or will it take longer above the flame to get to this point. Plus if there are a few burgers then those nearer the back are going to get to this point faster. With the lid down they did cook fast which was great, rather than watching someone flip a burger every minute for 20 mins...

    How about chicken thighs where quite a bit of fat usually drips of and flames up. Is this better searing with the lid up and then moving to a cooler area for a while with he lid down like I have done before?

    Then lastly, if I was to spatchcock a chicken, again the advice online is "put on medium grill...close lid" maybe I just cant get my head around flames being underneath it. Have I got something wrong?

    Thanks for any help