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    Cheap petrol. What the price is for E10 outside, is what you are paying ULP98 at Costco. And diesel is usually 9 cents cheaper per liter.

    THIS!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Petrol, and depending on the day, it can be 40c/litre cheaper than the others.

    Bear in mind, this is in the weird socialist collective of WA where all the petrol stations (apart from Costco lol) have to report at 2:30pm each day what their prices are going to be the next day.

    Utterly bizarre and has resulted in a cycle (used to be every Tuesday but I think the totally non-colluding oil companies recently shifted to 2 week cycle) where the next day you'll see a 20+c/l jump coming so every man & his dog pile into to servos to fill up, resulting in huge queues. The prices take effect at 6AM and as I'm usually on the road before then, I'd just fill up before it ticked over, but since Costco opened, I never fill up anywhere else unless I have to.

    Not sure if there's a more appropriate thread for this, but to mount my TTT to my KJ Classic (version 1), I used this:

    Wanted to post this here cos when I was trying to figure out what extra bits to order with the TTT, I couldn't find anything definitive about the KJ Classic. I ran across a post buried in the bowels of Facebook where someone posted a pic of his KJ and said to use the 150-125mm reducer. Helped me out a lot so figured I'd post here in case some current or future traveller can get use out of this.

    Absolutely perfect fit. It does cut into the felt band around the top when it's being slid into place (if due care isn't taken), so I might have to replace that or do something about the bottom edge of the reducer, but that's the only less-than-ideal thing I've hit.

    I tried to buy a thermometer the other day instore and they refused to sell it to me without a serial number to confirm that my kettle already has a thermometer. I think it sucks.

    That's absolutely insane, what a pack of tossers.

    I would have said "fine", walked over to a floor display bbq, taken a pic of its serial, walked back to the counter and said "oh look I just found a pic on my phone of my serial, now give me my bloody thermometer"

    OK I probably wouldn't have thought of that at the time, and even if I had thought of it, whether I actually would have done that would have depended on many other factors, but it's certainly something I want to do at some point.


    Bespoke Costco artisnal burgers home crafted from some factory where "home crafted" also mean "extruded'

    Black stuff on the top is the onion, black stuff on the bottom is the patty, yellow stuff is the "burger cheese" aka extruded dairy rectal byproduct, the green and red stuff are anathema

    G'day dave, idk where Raymond Terrace is, but if it's anywhere near where Ray from Mr Inbetween lives, you must be a solid bloke.

    I have never heard of a Radar Hill before (apart from generic antennae installations upon elevated geographical locations), so thank you for introducing yet another new thing into my already overtaxed yet gloriously resilient brain.

    This was utterly fantastic.

    The thought of someone sitting there, overnight, taking care of the temp and the meat; after prepping it, bloody fantastic.

    Next time, when someone complains about paying "omg how can they charge so much for some meat", I shall politely refer them to this thread.

    And then I shall polietly waterboard them in the urinal of the establishment.

    OK, against my better judgement, today I went and saw this

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    I was ready for some BS knockoff of the original masterpiece.

    I was ready for it to be utterly pissweak and a horrible disappointment.

    I was ready to scream "I HATE THIS WORLD" half way thru and then storm out.

    I was un-ready for it to be PRETTY BLOODY GOOD

    ok I understated it


    If you liked the original, then you may well like this one.

    Of course, if you just "liked" the original, then perhaps a crochet forum would be more your speed...

    In this one, when a fighter was doing the equivalent of a handbrakey but in 3 dimensions,

    [Text deleted - against forum rules for inappropriate language references]

    I was going to do a review and use spoiler tags and all that stuff, but I got on the beers when I got home so that ship sailed upon an ocean of crushed VB's :D :D :D

    Worth seeing at the cinema, in X-TREEEEM SCREEEEN at Hoyts or whatevr the biggest loudest screan near you is. BTW leavign x-treeem screens here in WA in a week which i why i went today.

    Dunno ...... It's bad. But looked worse on return.

    Might give it a crack ( pun intended ).

    I recently repaired a pizza stone (well a ceramic thing i use for relatively low heat stuff) using oven gasket glue/cement. This particular stone was a heavy duty one with moulded handles and due to not being able to get it any more, naturally it was the one I dropped.

    EDIT: was a bit of a bugger to find so here's the one I used:…sive-and-sealant_p0119058

    I was pretty sceptical about essentially gluing stone, but so far it's held up nicely. Prolonged 240C in oven then pulled out and carried using handles - one of which broke off - has been good thus far.

    Not sure if it would hold up for firebox temps, but it's pretty cheap so might be worth a shot.

    Oh yeah and there's something in the instructions about noxious fumes and "whatever you do, don't ever ever ever get any of this stuff on a surface that you may even one day in the distant future think about putting food on" but I decided that I've been ignoring safety warnings this long, so why change now...


    When I saw your username, I assumed you were a spambot hell-bent on delivering "Big Ad's" but after reading about your bodybuilding, it's making more sense :D :D :D :D

    Great backstory, thx for sharing it.