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    Is that a tray you have placed on the baffle under the wire rack? Is it just resting on the baffle precariously between the rack and baffle?

    I need to find myself something that can fit in between so i don't have to constantly clean the heck out of the baffle.

    Pork looks amazing by the way. Well done.

    I think Bradobeero has one. Haven’t seen him on here for a while though.

    Jimmy70 not i sorry, Looks like a good piece of kit though.

    Blue Marlin welcome aboard. You can never go wrong with any kind of pellet grill/smoker. Once you start getting the hang of it all your friends will want to taste the goodness and pretty soon you'll be hosting some gatherings and then you'll be complaining that the smoker you have is too small.

    I get mine from Merlo. I'm on the Bayside in Brisbane so go to the Victoria Point store. I've been drinking their strong "Forza" roast for a while and have started to lean towards their Espresso blend. The free coffee you get with every bag is always brewed nicely and the staff are friendly.

    I find that getting the grocery store bought beans in any style are sometimes hit and miss and don't last long and tends to not grind/brew so well once you open the bag, even though i re-seal it.

    Looks great.

    Last one i did in my Asmoke came out a bit too dry, that may have been because it was on the main grate and not the upper rack. I've thought about putting another baffle/cover in the base to help with temp protection on the main rack, I love using my asmoke.

    Did you use the heavy duty foil/stainless steel or just plain old alfoil with a couple of sheets?

    Went up to Toowoomba on the weekend for a couple of days to look at flowers for the flower festival. Not my usual choice for time away but took the opportunity to take the Asmoke AS350 for a portable test drive. Luckily the cabin had a power point on the outside, although i did have an extension lead just in case. Treated some friends to a couple of reverse seared rib eyes that don't eat alot of red meat.

    I just ordered a drum full of triple split ironbark from Billy Backyard BBQ in Mt Cotton. They probably won't deliver down to you but if you can pick it up you could possibly arrange with them.

    I can't copy and attach the Facebook post but here is an extract:

    100% Seasoned ironbark from out west (includes hardwood kindling), perfect for fireplace & fire pits. Burns hot, slow & clean. 44 Gallon drum = approx 110kg
    $15 for 44 gallon drum & lid, one off payment, if you choose not to reorder, you keep the drum. Drums placed where you need it, easy storage, keeps ironbark dry and clean, no mess. If you reorder we come and swap out drum for a full one. Pls contact us for delivery costs.

    Firepit/fireplace size $95
    Triple split Pizza oven size $115
    Double split Backyard smoker size $105

    Call or text Pete 0420 360 771

    May be an image of food

    We've got one that's called "2 Stroke" because he's hard to get started and always smoking.

    Had one years ago called "Strobe Light" because he showed momentary flashes of brilliance followed by extended periods of dullness.

    I heard a funny one the other day on a NRL football podcast. The Broncos players were calling Tom Flegler (Brisbane Broncos Forward) FIFO (Fly In Fly Out worker) because he would play for one game, get suspended and then on his return game was put on report and suspended again.

    How do you store them once you split the pack open? Do you have a vacuum sealer? I was close to asking if it was possible for them to open them and re-pack them as single plates, even for a little extra cost.

    I got 2 packs of these last week and cooked a pack (2 plates) yesterday.

    Trimmed them up and put a texas style rub on one and just simple salt and pepper on the other. Cooked them at 120 C for 6 hours then wrapped and cooked for a further 2.5hrs. Only got to 89 C internal over the whole cook but they turned out pretty tasty. Only a smidge tighter in the bite then i would have liked but overall pretty good. They are a 4 bone plate which shorties are usually 3 bone so they are pretty good value.

    I was wondering if these were actual "chuck short ribs", not the traditional short rib you would see in most butchers windows. Just the shape of the meat to me looked a bit misgiving. But this is probably more because it has 4 bones.

    Duck breast, no bbq tonight. A while back one of you jokers linked a Gordon Ramsay video that suggested starting it skin down in a cold pan so I gave it a try.

    Certainly worked well to render out the fat without burning the skin so I reckon it's good advice.

    I find the cold pan start is also the best way to get your crispy skin on salmon.

    Tried my hand at Twiggy/Meat/Beer sticks on Sunday afternoon.

    500gram Beef mince

    500gram Pork sausage meat (Couldn't get pork mince at my local IGA)

    Sachet of Aussie Herb mix (leftover from Hello fresh box)

    Sachet of Smoked Paprika

    1 x Teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper (Hot)

    Removed the skin from the sausages and mixed it all up on a bowl on Saturday night and left it in the fridge covered overnight. Used a cake icing gun to line them out on the racks.

    Bought 4 cooling racks from Woolies for $8 each and cut them down to fit in the smoker.

    Set my AS350 to 95degrees and smoked them for 2.5hours. Worked out really well and will definitely be doing more.

    Cooked up a point end 2.5kg brisket on my AS350 on Saturday. Came out amazing, my first brisket on any smoker so i now want to really attempt it on my offset CharGriller stick burner. I could've trimmed it a little more to remove some of the fat but i was so happy with it.