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    Please tell me more about the DUF racks, they look great and full size!

    Mick from DownUnder Fabrications on Facebook is making a second batch soon shipped to anywhere in Australia.

    Also makes similar mods to LSS in US (manifold cover, drip tray brackets, etc)

    Looks like there will be a stainless steel wire type on by the end of this week.

    Both were posted on UG's Masterbuilt OZ Facebook page.

    They were a bit pricey, but I thought the money I saved buying the costco version would cover it and end up with more cooking space too.

    The space is good I'll be testing out what I can fit on it soon (hopefully without any flareups)

    I like the idea of being able to fit a whole brisket on the racks with a drip tray on the grates.

    I was after a cheap cart iron pan to use on my Costco Masterbuilt 800 and came across this deal in ozb.

    Spinifex Cast Iron Wood Crate Cook Set
    Get the most from your outdoor cooking experience with the Spinifex cast iron wood crate cook set. Discover camp cooking essentials Anaconda online today.

    $69 with this code after logging in: WELCOME10

    Just picked it up today and products seem decent for the price.

    Comes with 3 size pans, a larger Dutch oven, and a double sided griddle which seems to fit well inside the MB800.

    Will be seasoning these today as well as my new racks from DUF.

    Lump will light even faster

    Another trick I've seen is to close the bottom door, remove the fan slide and hold the hopper lid switch down for a while before before closing it down.

    This turns on the fan and creates a rapid chimney effect like the bbq dragon or heatbeads chimney boosters.

    Only problem was the ash flying out the top and getting everywhere, but it was damn effective.

    Cookup yesterday all on the MB800.

    Overnight Brisket went on at Midnight at 225F.

    Woke up 6am to put on spare ribs and wrap brisket at 250F.

    Then with 2 hours to go added chicken wings and snags at 250F.

    Then with 1 hour to go added rump cap steaks and removed everything else to sear at 700F.

    Everything was ready to be sliced for lunch.

    Best brisket I've ever done (haven't done too many) and I'm really happy with the MB.

    There are three ways of running the Masterbuilt: Run on Charcoal (or Briquettes) only. Put wood splits in the hopper with the charcoal, or under the fire in the ash bin

    Thanks Urban Griller

    I recently saw a video by Jeremy Yoder on YT (Mad scientist bbq) on how to best use these different types of smoke and at what stages of the cook.

    It goes against the popular view that "only clean smoke is good".

    I'm glad there are ways on the MB to control this also.

    I ran into an issue last night with igniting.

    I thought I'd try dumping a whole bag of heatbeads only and see how she went.

    It just would not ignite.

    I've had a few goes and would have went through about 10+ natural firelighters. But I couldn't get it lit enough to sustain itself with the fan. Towards the end I've waited 5+ minutes but still went out after closing the doors.

    In the end I ran out of time and fired up the gasser.

    I'm assuming that the amount of heatbeads restricted the airflow for it to continue with the doors closed.

    Next cook, I'll try allowing more time and leave it for a lot longer with the doors open and hopefully it'll push through.

    I may have to always mix some lump with heatbeads to allow more airflow.

    Narm Naleg 100% agree regarding the ignition.

    I've always just used one of those rolled up samba wool/straw looking starters.

    Even if not fully lit and i set and walk away, it'll still eventually get up to temp (slowly) but the error 4 alarm seems to continue beeping until you manually clear it on the controller.

    Would be good if there was a way to clear the alarm on the app.

    Thanks for this recipe Beachbums

    I tried this and it turned out great.

    I wanted to get people's thoughts on whether it would be beneficial to smoke and get some bark on the meat, whether it be lamb shanks or beef shorties and before dumping and baking.

    For aftermarket accessories check out DUF engineering. I’ve got his shelf and manifold cover and very happy with them.

    Thanks Bruckster. I've hit him up and was advised that he's not yet making 800 specific parts. Just the drip tray kits and firebox mods that I assume are common to the 560.

    A full sized rack could be useful, assuming the existing brackets can hold them. But unlike the 560, the 800 only has 1 position towards the back that can hold them.

    I've also used a foil layer between hopper and lid that seems to have stopped/helped with smoke leaking from pinched gasket in the corners.

    Urban Griller will try that. Thanks UG.

    I'm assuming it's a normal thing for larger pieces of charcoal. I'm thinking of mixing with heatbeads if I only have big chunks with lots of voids, or breaking it down into smaller pieces.

    After the smoking stage it went to 700F pretty quickly when I wanted it.

    Narm Naleg Thanks for the tips.
    Fired her up and reverse seared some thick strips.
    Unfortunately, I stuffed up at the end and sliced it all with the grain. Felt like a well-done rump from coles.

    But pretty happy with the performance of the MB800.

    It did give me a Error 4 a few times while getting up to smoking temp, which I'm guessing happens when temp does not rise as fast as the controller expects.

    May be because I was starting it with huge lump pieces that took longer to light, and/or didn't leave the door open for long enough.

    Anyone else have this experience?