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    It’s Cumquat season and I’m about to tell you why you should go to the trouble of making Marmalade from the sour little buggers.

    It is the key ingredient in the sauce I make to go on charcoal chicken and delicious on toast in the morning.

    Now the sauce it’s self is the easiest thing ever, just mix / blend Chapolti chilli into your marmalade to get the heat level you like.

    Or for people that don’t like chilli just blend the marmalade a little and brush onto the cooked chicken, serve immediately before your hungry diners get violent.

    Ok that’s the easy part.

    Making Cumquat marmalade is a slow labour of love, the oval shaped ones are best and don’t get them over ripe, you want the piquant flavour.

    Soak in cold water over night.

    slice them say 4 times each into disc’s

    Remove the pips and set aside this will take hour’s The pips go into a small pot and are simmered to extract the pectin you can add extra pectin if nervous.

    My wife makes the marmalade so this is just from observation.

    Follow a normal marmalade recipe after that.

    If you want it for toast as well Don’t over cook as the lovely golden colour will darken and the bright flavour will go.

    I started making my sauce from a batch of failed marmalade, also after a year the flavour falls away but mix chilli with it and all is well

    Often people have a Cumquat tree and don’t use the fruit so ask around.


    Welcome Paul

    Great intro.

    For many years I would only bbq on coals from a wood fire, do youngsters have an inexhaustible supply of time and patience?


    On a positive note I pruned a bay tree, the tree bay leaves come from and the smoke was subtle and sweet.

    a little off topic buy a friend shot a doe and her fawn, I made the BEST stock with the adults bones and my friend spit roasted the fawn .

    I was quite worried that the meat would be dry , so we brought hot stock with us in a thermos

    and poured it onto the meat as it was sliced, the hot meat absorbed the stock.

    mother and child reunited delicious

    I did my annual prune yesterday and kept a few pieces of Lily Pily wood, it is heavy hardwood and once in 10 years it bore fruit

    is this good for smoking.


    Radar hill are gone I think. they were just north of Brisbane.

    thanks for the welcomes I feel right at home already

    mine was 2 kg of beautiful Spanish mackerel given to me by the new owner of the business next door, he had just been deep sea fishing 3 weeks before. seeing this as a good opportunity to build a relationship with him I offered to smoke it and return half next week.

    I have a little book called home smoking and curing by an Englishman Keith Erlandson.

    now he goes down the road of long term storage of finished products.

    some of you will see the mistake coming up--- WAY to much SALT, I made a good job of very low temperature on the offset with pecan wood the last pecan I had.

    this is only last week the wind around here has been very strong so buying fish at the moment is not a good idea.

    Hi Im Dave from Raymond Terrace,

    Japanese Kamado

    Radar hill offset

    ancient Tucker gasser

    Hasty-Bake on the water from Tulsa.

    I prefer charcoal and it looks like some of you do also, sounds good to me .

    also like fermenting beer sourdough chillies