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    Welcome aboard. Very happy GMG owner here. The convenience of pellets is great and doesn't compromise on the flavour. Build quality of the GMG is good and warranty/service is great. Mine stays outside undercover permanently and still going strong. Must be 5-6 years old now.

    The smoke almost disappears entirely after the startup sequence, which lasts only 2-3 minutes.

    The Masterbuilt gravity series will give you the convenience of pellet BBQs, but using charcoal instead. Very interesting concept.

    Welcome aboard! As Gumb pointed out, kamado's work best with charcoal.

    Also be careful with small pieces, because you want air to be able to circulate through the charcoal and too many small pieces can block the airflow.

    Welcome aboard. Have you been able to control the temp of the BBQ? if so, that's not the problem.

    Coles brisket is more likely to be the headache here.

    I suggest getting off brisket altogether and trying chuck which is much more forgiving.

    Might be a bit silly, but it made me laugh!

    Three deep divers were having a chin wag at the pub sharing their recent deep diving encounters.

    The first one says:

    A few weeks ago I was at a depth of 25 metres 40km off the west coast of Morocco and just before I finished my dive an American submarine came up right next to me and came to a full stop . Gave me a right old scare at first!

    The other divers asked him how he knew it was an American submarine, was there an American flag printed on it?

    The first diver replied that no there were no distinctive marks, but he knocked on a porthole and a guy waved to him from inside. He was drinking whiskey and Coca cola, and gave him the ok sign. He thought surely that was an American sub.

    The second diver says:

    Funny you should say that, just last week I was diving 35 metres deep off the coast of Portugal. All of a sudden a Russian submarine went right by me and came to a full stop. It caught me completely by surprise!

    The others asked him how he could tell that it was a Russian sub. Was there a Russian flag printed on it?

    He replied that there were no marks or colours printed on it, but he knocked on a porthole and a guy inside started waving to him. There was some kind of party going on and a few of the crew were drinking vodka and eating caviar. He said that was surely a Russian sub!

    The third guy says:

    You guys were lucky, you should have seen what happened to me last week. I was diving at a depth of 50 metres, right over the calypso deep in the Mediterranean sea when out of the blue an Italian secret service submarine came to a stop right next to me!

    "Hang on a moment!" exclaimed the others. "How on earth did you know that it was an Italian secret service submarine? Do they even have submarines?!".

    The third diver replies "I didn't think so either, but I'm sure it was the Italian secret service. There were no markings on the sub at all, but I saw a portal so I knocked.

    They opened the portal to let me in."

    I imagine that dry wood chunks when submerged would increase in moisture over a long period, but I'd imagine it would take quite a bit of time.

    If the issue is that they are smoking up too quickly, a drop in pit temp might be more effective at decreasing the speed of smoke production.