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    politics have now spilled over into bbq name

    Is this based on some knowledge of GMGs reasoning or an assumption?

    A quick google search seems to indicate that it was a marketing exercise. The previous names didn't make much sense, especially outside of the US, whilst the new ones follow the "mountain" theme (trek, ledge and peak, from smallest to largest).

    The fact that the DB choice is still available is another indication that it wasn't politically motivated.…e%20PEAK%20PRIME%E2%84%A2.

    Lovey here's a late option for you to consider. Make the two pizzas in your kitchen oven. I expect that you'll get similar results to the gas BBQ.

    I have a Weber genesis from around 10 years ago and wouldn't buy it again. Doesn't get as hot as I'd like and I've not used mine in the past few years due to an annoying issue where the main chamber has warped and my grills are not quite long enough, so they can fall down.

    4 burner BBQs are usually made to flip steaks, burgers and onions with the lid up. The lid down cooking adds a little flavour when juices are dripping down, but I wouldn't expect much of that with pizza.

    , I'm not sure if gas or pellets are cheaper to run these days

    At smoking temperatures you're generally using minimal fuel. At roasting temps you will use more and this is where the price difference might be a dollars or two as opposed to cents. Either way, I wouldn't let that drive your decision. The cheapest BBQs to run (by far) are kamados. Their insulation and reduced air flow mean that once target temps are reached minimal fuel will be used to maintain it. But they won't do your cold smoking as well as the other options and temp control can take a little to get used to.

    I think you've narrowed it down to two good options. I've liked the Costco one for a while, the hark might be more similar (thus safer) to what you have. Being biased I'd go pellet, but I'm not a fan of strong smoke flavour.

    Pellet BBQs won't impart the level of smoke that you get from the upright gas smoker. The pellet fire (once it gets going) burns clean.

    If you like the smokey flavour you really need a BBQ that lets the wood smoulder.

    Of course you could add the smokai to anything to achieve your flavour profile and the cold smoking option. If this is the plan, then the LG vertical pellet BBQ at costco would seem ideal in terms of your feature list. I have no first hand experience with it, but have eyed it more than once as I really like the size and shape of it.

    As far as costs, pellets are not very expensive these days.

    Did you simply have to re-heat?

    Yes. The instructions say 50 minutes at 240c or until the crackling is ready. I did more or less that. The product has already been slow cooked.

    I would say that it's worth a go for a quick meal. Pretty cheap too. The skin didn't crackle in the traditional sense, but was super tender and tasted nice. Very fatty and gelatinous, to be expected.

    Heads up folks: I saw some pitboss charcoal at costco tonight. Each 4kg bag was $7.90, which qualified it within the $2.50 per kg price barrier. So I picked up a couple of bags. Once at the checkout, they went through at $4.95, so $1.25 per kg or so. Had to go back and get 6 more bags.