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    I like to get a bit of smoke into the strip of rib tips you've cut off and either eat it as a snack or cut it up and put it in some collard greens or add it to coleslaw.

    Yep, the price point of direct to garment (DTG) digital t-shirt technology had dropped over the years and the tech has gotten better so it's become a more viable option for short runs and one-offs.

    I love doing beef back ribs for a quick cook. 2 - 3 hours tops and they come out tender and taste great. Can sauce them and give them a char on a grill as well if you like.

    Saw some just now at Woolies in Belmont @Wazza.

    Check out the low and slow fridge and dry aged cabinet at the new butcher as well if you do go, looks the goods. Lots of different types of brisket.


    Couldn't resist.


    Fair criticism. Was a bit buggered yesterday after the cook on Friday and then serving on Saturday. Have cleaned everything up today so have some time for some pics. Fair warning though, I was pretty busy so the pics aren't the best.

    The brief was to cater for 70 heads. I've never cooked for more than a handful so this was going to be challenging. I figured I'd aim for 200gms of meat per person - factoring in that some of those numbers are kids and would either eat lightly or be picky and not eat at all not to mention a couple of vegetarians and vegans. So got about 22kgs of meat all up and figured that after trimming and shrinking and removal of bones I'd end up with at least 14kgs. No science to this, just guessing. I was going to be working with a mate (who is the birthday boy's housemate) who was to organise the sides and work alongside me for service.

    Alright, so two pork butts weighing 4.7kg and 5.7kg respectively. The first pic above is skin side down, I then hacked off the skin and most of the fat cap (I sure do need to sharpen my knives) and applied a pork rub that I just eyeball in terms of quantities of salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne, chili and brown sugar - I think that's it. Both just fit into the dragon over some heatbeads and hickory.

    The two briskets were 7.1kg (from the last group buy) and a 4.5kg brisket I ended up getting from the Beef Shed in Malaga. I got there one day last week and the briskets were piled high. A range of sizes from 2kg up to this one. A little bit of fat cap trimming, salt and pepper and then into my cheap offset. Big lit chimney of heatbeads as a base and some cherrywood chunks for smoke. I ended up keeping the fire going with some olivewood branches and topped up with lit heatbeads as the base needed replenishing.

    Some colour on the pork butts about 4.5 hours into that cook and some colour on the briskets about 4 hours in. Meanwhile I made a couple of sauces to go with the pulled pork and brisket should punters want it (also my backup if the pork came out dry). My backup if the brisket was dry was Chicken Treat not far from the venue :D .

    Here's a pic of the offset firebox just because I thought it looked good :evil: .

    Once I was happy with colour on everything I wrapped it and continued to cook until done. I didn't measure internal temp of the pork but I did with the briskets and was aiming for 195F for those. I took both pork butts off at the same time and into the esky, but strangely, the 7.1kg brisket finished a good two hours before the smaller 4.5kg brisket. I unwrapped the big brisket and had a peak before I committed it to the esky and it was wobbling like a fat wobbly thing so I had high hopes for this one, but not the smaller one which whilst feeling pliable didn't have the same fluidity to it when done like the big one did. So then all into the esky and I got a bit of sleep before waking up in the morning and having to cart the meat down south of the river to the venue.

    The morning light yielded an interesting observation about the two briskets. The tray underneath the big brisket in the bbq had a lot of fat congealed in it, whereas the tray underneath the smaller had very little. So I've put the faster cook time and better wobble on the big brisket down to a higher fat content in the meat - don't know if I'm correct with this but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    I originally thought I had maybe overdone the pork but it was perfect. The shoulder blades came right out and everything was moist and flavourful. Only pulled one piece at a time to keep it fresh and hot for service.

    Here's some fairly ordinary pics of the briskets, smaller one first and then the bigger one. I was slicing and putting on plates as I went so had to pull food handling gloves off and quickly take some pics. I was very surprised at how good the smaller brisket was despite my earlier fears. Was moist, passed the bend test, held up to some fairly narrow slicing put still pulled apart and the big brisket was much the same. So I stood there for quite some time, putting a big slice of brisket or two smaller slices on a plate and then a handful of the pulled pork, handing off to my mate who would put some slaw and scoops of mac and cheese on the plate along with bread, pickles and onions.

    You know what it's like at these things where people keep coming into the service area to see how everything is going and if they can help etc, so it was great to be able to carve off cubes of the brisket points as treats for some selected folk who popped in. My mate and I did our fair share of snacking on the point as well. Really delicious, caramelly (that's not a word) and peppery bark and super buttery moist.

    So in the end we did a whole bunch of plates that looked a bit like this. This particular plate was for a mate of mine who lives and works in the US (Florida to be exact) but is back in town for the birth of his daughter. I carved him two pretty big chunks of point for this plate - it looks a bit dry in the pic - I find brisket photographs weird unless you get the light to catch the moisture - but it wasn't. He came back for another plate and said the brisket was excellent, which I take as pretty high praise considering he gets a fair amount of bbq back in the states.

    A bit of leftover pulled pork because I guess we under-rationed it when serving, but all the brisket pretty much went. I split the remainder of the pulled pork with my mate who did the sides and we both took some home, it'll be dinner tonight with some slaw and maybe with some poached eggs for breakfast.

    So all in all I rose to the challenge and was pretty happy with everything. Easily the best briskets I've ever done personally but still nothing on the good brisket I've had in Texas. I still firmly believe that the odds are stacked against you with the beef you are using in the first place. Great also to be able to do this as a gift to my mate for his birthday, you know what it's like when you get to an age and there's not much you can buy someone that they don't already have? To be able to take the cost and stress out of catering for a large group of friends for him was a fantastic opportunity and I'm just glad I didn't stuff it up. It's been a long and tiring, but also rewarding weekend.