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    If you’re still keen I’ve just noticed they’re available here again at the big green shed.

    Price has increased though from $599 to $749.

    After missing out first time around I’ve jumped and now have one on its way.

    thanks for the heads up, might see how much the tax man is gonna give me back 8o

    Seems similar to how my wife's grandmother makes Umeshu in Japan. Although she uses rock sugar and a white liquor, along with Ume plums.

    My wife does a similar technique with other fruits and vodka, as we struggle to find Ume here.

    Hi folks,

    I haven't seen the lovely high heat low ash hexagonal charcoal briquettes for ages at Bunnings or Ryan's Quality Meats in Perth. Anyone in Perth (preferrably South of River) know a good spot to get high heat charcoal? Any brand can work. Otherwise I guess I could go try Kingsford?


    I saw a few boxes of Honeybrix outside Malibu Fresh in Rockingham yesterday

    I like to do tri tip on the offset. Smoke until about 46 - 48 degrees internal and take it off to rest. While it's resting I get the fire ramped up and reverse sear in the firebox. Works well for medium rare.

    One of my favourite cuts, but not cooked it for a while sadly.

    Five sense had been our to for some time, but the price has crept up to that $60 per kg mark so normally only buy them when they come on special.

    The roastary is just down the road from me so can order and just go pick up, so know we are always getting freshly roasted beans. They also have a roastery over east.

    The biggest issue for me with the supermarket beans is they are generally fairly old by the time you get them in your cart, and many lack roast dates.

    But, it depends a lot on what taste you prefer in the cup and how you drink your coffee, I know for a lot of people older coffee isn't an issue as long as it kind of just tastes like coffee. I've been spoiled since marrying a barista.

    I did find a freshly roasted batch of Brew Coffee Roasters Huila blend at a local independent grocery store and really enjoyed them. Could really get the stone fruit flavour in my espresso, wasn't bad with milk and think they would work well for filter coffee too (although I ran out before I tried that). I think the shop I got them from had them on special as it was only $16 for 500g. On the website it's $27.50 for 500g or $45 for a kilo.

    But independent grocery stores are normally a good option for a selection of independent roasters and they normally have a roast date. I prefer within a week of roast date, but will go up to three weeks from roast if I'm out of coffee at home :P

    Generally I consider $40 per kg and below a bargain for decent coffee and up to $50 expected... above $50 and it's starting to get expensive.

    I also didn't mind Dimattina. They have a roastery here in Perth and in Melbourne, but I don't live near them any more so rarely get their beans.

    Also recommend keeping an eye on OzBargain. Some roasters will post some good discounts up there.

    Disaster, the Chargriller was on my hitlist after I get the backyard rennos done (which have been the cards for a few years...)

    On the plus side, if they are no longer stocking them, I might keep any eye out for any stock that's still kicking around some of the local Bunnings stores, might snag a clearance bargain...

    One area that is quietly growing is renewable diesel. Horizon Power signed a MoU last year to explore its use in regional WA and there's a few companies looking at building production facilities around Australia.

    One of the key advantages is that it acts as a drop in replacement fuel, so will work in diesel powered cars and equipment (like generators) without any modifications. It can also be refined further into aviation fuel so a few of the big airlines are also starting to invest in this space to lower their emissions.

    Not 100% sure it's the end of the line answer, but could help provide a bit of a stepping stone instead of rushing into tech that's not quite there yet (ie, EVs and hydrogen).

    Saw these in my local Spud Shed last week. Not sure of quality but might be useful for fellow West Aussies if it's still in stock.

    The Charbon was $13.49 a bag and the Reinna was $34.99

    I also think electric barbecues will take up more market share in the future.

    There's a big push behind hydrogen but its not currently economical or efficient for domestic use.

    I'll keep burning carbon for as long as I can though :P

    it's a shame it was such a small yield for all the effort.

    Would have been interesting to see how the flavour profile changed after degassing over a week or so. Freshly roasted beans normally need a week or two before drinking.

    Possibly, but the issue is not so much about the difficulty (I churned through them pretty easily) as much as the fact of dealing with them one bean at a time.

    The water soak softened the cherries nicely (as long as it doesn't ruin the beans). There must be a machine to make it easy. Not worth worrying about for my small amount this time, but I'd look for a better system if my quantities increase.

    Here is a video of the squash method I mentioned earlier using two cutting boards... although this guy just uses a lump of wood and the floor :D

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    If you start doing a lot, you could invest in a mill 8o

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    Can only use one fryer at a time I believe.

    From what I've read, only one of the baskets is an air fryer, the other is a "warmer". There's a larger model in the US that has two air fry baskets and one warmer basket.

    my only recommendation from that video Narm Naleg would be to skip the pan roasting on the stove and pick up one of those $10 - $15 popcorn makers from K-Mart/Target

    You'll get a better result from one of those. Can only roast a small amount at a time but will yield a much better result. I used one for years before upgrading to a Behmor

    Nice haul! Sadly our coffee tree has never produced beans.

    Best advice to remove the bean from the cherry is probably Jimmy's :D

    Failing that... you could place them between two cutting boards (or one cutting board and another hard surface). That's the best way I've seen people do it on a small scale in the home other than doing it by hand.

    having used a flat top grill exclusively now for almost 2 years i would go for the blackstone offering due to the front wall on the plate and the drain being away from you. I have had hot fat or liquids down the front of me and on my feet too many times to remember. BBQing is meant to be fun, not a health hazard.

    I will be upgrading from my current flat top to the blackstone soon.

    From what I've seen online, most people seem to like the Char Griller set up for the drain, there's also a front lip on the Char Griller so I don't see it being a spill hazard. Looked at some comparison vids between Blackstone and Char Griller and there doesn't seem to be much between them.

    Also, as a family of four the larger Char Griller probably suits our needs more than the two burner Blackstone.