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    $299 isn't bad for a decent knife.

    It does look good, but I also like being able to hold a knife in my hand before purchasing it.... also, I already have a large deba from Japan in my collection ;)

    Interested to see how their sharpening system works.

    Looks awesome Bentley. I really need to get back into baking bread again. Fell back into the cycle of buying crap from the supermarket when kid number 2 came along the other month.

    Also agree with other statements that a cheap Dutch oven is a worthy investment.

    Do you all have any feel for what the percentages are of the population, that get a flu shot every year?

    It's normally fairly high I think, but it's seen a drop off this year.

    Apparently last year about 71.8% of 18-64 year olds had their flu shot, and nearly 90% for those above 65.

    Apparently this year, as of May, it had dropped to 45% of 18-64 year olds and only 66% of over 65s according to this report -…83-4ef2-adaa-81bd67eb9ed5

    Yeah, if the rules around AZ hadn't changed I would have already had my first Pfizer jab, but now I need to wait until maybe September, which I'm fine with.

    I'm currently considered low risk, WA is pretty lockdown happy to control outbreaks, I won't be travelling any time soon and the current health advice (from the medical profession, not Scotty from Marketing) is that if you are under 40 you should wait for the Pfizer so I'll stick with that for now.

    In saying that, after Perth's mini lockdown the other week you couldn't even get a booking at my local clinic for AZ so the uptake seems to be improving.... just took 12 million people being locked down at once to improve it :D

    Substituting corn starch for flour may have been the issue

    I think cornstarch would work better. You need about twice as much flour as cornstarch to get the same kind of thickening of the mixture.

    Also I think it's important to mix your filling ingredients in a separate bowl and then transfer with a slotted spoon to leave behind any excess liquid.

    My old man keeps hinting that he wants a Meater for his birthday next month so thinking of getting him the Meter Plus... have been on the look out for a cheaper alternative as I don't know how much he'll actually use it but there doesn't seem to be one.

    All the more reason to get vaccinated I guess. :shrug:

    I'm on a waiting list... centre near me aren't taking bookings any more. Been told to check online regularly as they will open more appointments as they get stock of vaccines. I could maybe get my GP to approve me for AZ, but have already been told waiting for Pfizer may still see me fully vaccinated quicker anyway as there's less of a wait between shots.

    Im guessing its because butchers can charge more for belly meat than they can for ribs, so they try and remove as much meat as possible.

    the thing is, I find lately that ribs are starting to cost just as much if not more than a slab of belly per kg.

    I love a rib but I'd rather put my money towards meat than bone so hardly buy them any more unless I see some good ones on special.

    Beef ribs have doubled in price in the past few years too... ;(

    Thanks for letting me know. The thought of SilentBoB scratching through scat to find beans I find amusing

    I'd probably do worse for decent coffee :D

    I'd much rather a nice cup of Panamanian Geisha though :P

    I've promised my 11yo daughter we'll visit Anfield when the world gets back to normal. I have a friend who is still a seated member there, has 3 seats at the KOP end...

    They have 3 seats in the Kop :shock: , be sure to remember to send them a Christmas card every year!

    Most of my family members only have one or two seats. My uncle has had a seat in the kop for as long as I can remember. Tight bastard hardly ever gives it up to me when I visit though ;(

    My wife is a huge Liverpool fan as well and when we've been back finding a pair of seats in the kop has been difficult. Especially as it always seems to coincide with the derby or a game against Man U for some reason... I did manage to take her along to the 2015 league cup game against Middlesborough, but not in the kop. We got our monies worth though... Liverpool ended up winning 14-13 on penalties :D

    Atmosphere has little to do with the amenities and is all about the passion of the fans.

    Agreed, that's why I had to mention atmosphere. Anfield is an old stadium, still great, but not as fancy as a ground like Perth stadium. However, the atmosphere on the kop with an army of screaming fans bouncing around and singing can't be beat for me.

    Look, I've been to Optus and I've been to the G... and I can honestly say, that the best stadium in the world I've ever visited, for the atmosphere, is... Anfield in Liverpool :nana: