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    Something a bit different and pretty cool in my book.

    Below is a video from the London Olympics, the final of the Men's K2 200m. The mostly black with gold boat closest to the camera is being raced by Perth locals Jesse Phillips and Stephen Bird.

    Well that boat (yes the actual boat from the Olympic final) is having a sleepover at our place tonight, it's in my Alfresco right now.

    But tomorrow, my 16yo will get a chance to race a K2 200m at the State Kayaking Championships, in Open division, with one of the Gents who's name is on the boat - Jesse Phillips.

    I know he's really looking forward to this, but I suspect he's a bit nervous as well, he's pretty sure he can 'hang on' for 200m, but I'm sure you can understand his nerves.

    EDIT: Seems you will need to click on the 'Watch on Youtube link'. The stroke rate from these guys is just nuts, my boy can't do that yet so it's going to be interesting to see how he goes tomorrow. Jesse has recently retired but is still training.

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    How was it? I've only had CG rump back when we used to do the group buy here in WA, I split a whole one with a couple of other members and remember it being fantastic.

    Welcome from a few suburbs over. When you say small family, do you mean young, because they will get bigger and eat more, plus there is extended family dinners you need to think about.

    People who dont care what the meat they are buying is will just default to price and convenience i.e. Colesworth.

    Those who want quality and are prepared to pay for it will source a Butcher.

    Not that simple. 5 children, 4 of them teenagers, all of them doing elite sport, and I mean 5-8 training sessions a week each. They are burning a lot of calories, and they need to be re-fuelled. I can't afford to do that above a certain price point.

    Big changer will be electric cars that can act as a battery at night.

    Our homes actually don't need that much power, so if you can store what you produce via solar then you'll have plenty for the house overnight and plenty for the car the next day.

    But how do you charge your car from solar at home during the day while it's parked at work?

    The combi steam oven is not really a proper combi steam oven, it will only do steam up to something like 120 degrees. Have a look at the specs on the side.

    It's getting a workout tonight, ribs done resting keeping warm, other half and some of the kids going to outdoor cinemas so a couple of pizzas and garlic bread for them, then spuds will go in to have with the ribs.

    Well I must say the Ninja is getting heaps of use. Kids have worked out the re-heat and toast functions, and the eldest has cottoned on to how quickly things cook with the Air Fry function. My daughter does her hot cross buns using the bagel function.

    At the risk of getting a ban, I've got beef ribs in there now on the roast function at 130 degrees. Tonight is one of those nights where we have to be in multiple spots at the same time - so I was able to put them in and leave.

    Don't worry, I will self report re: use of an oven for beef ribs. =O

    What he said. anytime you do a cook with no meat on the grill you burn out the seasoning, put some oil on a paper towel and wipe it over the grill ideally right after you turn the bbq off. Same thing happens to my weber gasser.

    It's only surface rust, a quick brush, apply some oil and light it up, the oil will get in and it's re-seasoned. You don't need much oil to re-season.

    I agree with GG, lots more photos and ask for a refund. If they don't come to the party get your bank to reverse the credit card charges. If your going to brine, I'd be wet brining and injecting.

    You also have the option of removing the flat once it's cooked, keep it warm while the point finishes, especially in this case as it's mostly been removed anyway.