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    Bloody hell, snapped a handle bar on the track bike and face planted at 60+ km/h. That has go to hurt.

    the problem is, world football is that schedule heavy that a lot of the time even the "stars" can't take part.

    Hence my point, it's not the pinnacle of the sport, so shouldn't be at the Olympics, in my opinion.

    Reverse seared bone in Ribeye. Pic against can for thickness gauge. Mushroom sauce made of Enoki, Shimeji, King Oyster and Portobello shrooms. Served with charred broccolini and toasted eggplant.

    All cooked in the Weber GA

    Lots of questions here, please start it's own thread. All I can say is yum, I'd fork out some $$$ for that.

    I can’t remember who said this but they made a good point.

    They said if winning an Olympic medal isn’t the pinnacle of your sport then it shouldn’t be in the Olympics.

    I agree.

    That was me, and I still standby it. Golf out, tennis out, soccer in the men's is a bloody under 23 comp, that's seriously not taking it seriously.

    I would have said basketball out until I heard Luke Longley say the other day he would trade his NBA rings for an Olympic gold medal. Not sure if that is the general consensus though.

    On soccer, I wonder if woman's soccer stays in? Hockey it's definitely the pinnacle and I've held an Olympic medal won in hockey, not mine obviously but a team mate back in the day at club level.

    Now can someone please explain to me why 3 on 3 basketball is in there?

    Sport is an interesting thing that grounds you as a contestant.

    1 week you win Wimbledon next week you lose all three disciplines at the Olympics.

    Still a legend Ash Barty :clap:

    Actually can't argue with anything you have said, and think you are spot on. It's the ultimate 'you are only as good as your last game'.

    Ok, given this is the sports thread and the Olympics is a hot topic, I want to give a shout out to a guy who will be competing at his first Olympics, and gave up a heap of his time off to help coach the next generation last summer.

    Matthew Richardson.

    Matt is 22 and is the current Australian sprint champion in track cycling. We in Perth late last year got to witness Shane Perkins and Matt Richardson go up against each other at the State Championships. In the sprint, or flying 200m, Shane went first and broke the record for our velodrome, that record lasted a couple of minutes till Matt went next and broke it again.

    I'd watched this event at many Olympics and Commonwealth Games, but when you sit in the stands just 20m from these guys and they are doing circa 70km/h around that last bend and you get that WTF moment, you get to fully appreciate the sport, it's bloody nuts.

    Anyway, I've stayed away from posts that involve my family and my kids, but will put one in here as a shout out to Matt and give you lot someone to go for specifically at this Olympics. A couple of my boys were placed in a track cycling programme, it was pretty intensive and aimed to get a bunch of kids up to State and potentially National Championship standard in just a few months.

    During the summer Matt had some time off, remembering these guys and gals get very little time off, their training is full on. He was back home here is Perth and came down to the Velodrome for quite a number of sessions to help coach these kids. He wasn't paid, he wasn't told to coach by any governing body, he chose to donate his rare free time. It was some of the best coaching sessions these kids got, including Matt getting on a bike and making the kids follow him to learn the racing lines etc.

    Matt is a bloody champion, and a great coach and role model for the next generation, please keep an eye out for him next week in Toyko.

    Anyway, one of my boys next to him. Those thighs.

    Great looking cook, looks juicy, I'd smash. But I'm with him, were the pellets in a bag before the cook and put into the hopper, were they already in the hopper? Have you had much rain? Was it like they were swollen from moisture?

    I had this problem a couple of times in close succession and never got a chance to bring it up, so wondering if this might be similar?

    Wazza i nearly bought some marron while down there, i figured they would pair nicely. Hows the tingletoe cider? We drove past tingletoe but didnt stop

    That pic is from 7 years ago, I remember enjoying it but can't really remember that much about it now. I'll finish this post with another pic from only a couple of years ago where I did the same dish, but in summer so no truffles available so have to use truffle oil. Was still sensational and to my surprise the kids loved is.

    I kinda sing from the same book as HectorAsado with truffles, keep the dish simple. The exception being a chicken recipe from Heston I have cooked, but it's full of cream etc which is what carries the truffle.

    Anyway, I'll give you the recipe for the marron in the hope it helps you with ideas, this would also work with a cray.

    I par boiled it, then took it out the shell. Butter in a pan until nutty brown. In with the marron and was extremely careful to remove it just before it was cooked so it would just finish cooking while resting. I used a musket from a Manjimup winery called Woodgate both times*, but any good quality fortified wine which is perhaps just slightly on the sweeter side would work. Add a splash to the pan with the butter and reduce. Take off the heat and put in the grated truffle while it is still hot. Pour the sauce over the marron / cray. It kinda has the elements Hector was talking about, simple flavours that stand up for themselves and the fat from the butter to carry. It's a 4 ingredient dish that can blow your mind.

    * If you get to Woodgate in Manjumup you will see this recipe idea in their blurb on what possible uses are for their musket, I told them about it, they added it to their description and I noticed it last time we went there. Mention this story, I'm sure they'll love it, great people at that winery.

    If you want the Heston recipe, let me know.

    Go Jess Fox... woo hoo.

    So stoked for her, have watched her come so close at the last couple of Olympics, then clipping that gate a couple of days ago, then to watch her win by over 3 sec, legend.

    While you are storing it in the fridge keep it in the carton with the eggs.

    Did you happen to pick up a marron while you were down there?

    Marron with Truffles in burnt butter sauce

    Yes, I've done beef wellington out of them. 36 hour sous vide then into the fridge. Once in the fridge I treated it like I would a bit of fillet in a beef wellington as I didn't want it going over the 55 degree IT it got from the sous vide cook.

    At least you had bacon in there Waz.

    Yeah, no longer on holidays in hippie ville. I no longer have the urge to protest 5G.

    If you want yummy smashed avo, then avo, small amount of olive oil, about a table spoon of very finely diced onion, freshly minced garlic approx 2 cloves, a touch of tumeric and a bit more cumin. Then finished with lime juice, keep adding till it tastes right. Fresh coriander would also work but I didn't have any.

    For the minced garlic, finely dice, add a bit of salt and leave for a few minutes. Use the side of your knife to scrape over the garlic and it will turn to a 'mince'.

    Serve this up to the boss on a Sunday morning with a cup of tea or coffee in bed and you can't go wrong - trust me.