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    Happened to Grant and I after the first KCBS comp in Perth. The lid of the komado was slightly open due to fitting everything in the trailer, we thought it was out, but clearly not. Get back to my place and there is smoke billowing out of it. Grant then says "that could explain why people were flashing their lights at me".

    Can you insure it against fire ? :shrug:

    Now that is funny.

    It's like the story of the guy who insured some very expensive cigars. He smoked them and claimed insurance citing a series of small fires. The insurance company had to pay, waited till he cashed the check then had the cops charge him with arson. I presume it's an urban legend, but funny story.

    Wouldn't it just be trailer insurance for agreed value? My camper trailer is custom made, it says that on the insurance form and I nominated a value and pay on that. I would have thought it would be a similar deal but interesting question.

    Nationals has been re-booked, but unfortunately there is now no need for me to attend, especially as we have a holiday home booked in Denmark for some of the time he will be away.

    Will have to get family to pick him up from the airport and put him on a bus to join us.

    I was really looking forward to the catchup, but unfortunately things work out this way sometimes.

    Fortunately Sydney went off without any issues and we are home from that.

    I did a heap for a big Little Aths event for pulled pork rolls. I pulled it all before hand and had it in roughly 2kg vacuum packed bags. I set up a big pot and put in the sous vide. One bag being used, another sitting in the water. When one bag was empty another was got out of the cool room and put in the pot. Worked really well and the older kids who were helping on the day basically managed it.


    Found the post of the cook. If you go down a bit there's a pic of them done a bit more.

    The white balance is out in the pic above so figured I'd take another pic.

    I've also lost it, the boss took one look at it, said 'that's nice, that can be mine in the camper, so like that it's gone from my possession.

    I'm going to jump in here and brag I have the first mug. I'm in Sydney for a sporting event, and met up with the all round nice guy Narm Naleg who showed myself and the boys a wonderful time, thanks for that, it was really appreciated. Seems I was also presented the first one.

    Anyway, pic above is me holding it. Feels well made and something that will last many many years and would make a great addition to the camping kit among other things.

    The City of Geraldton seems to have escaped pretty lightly and the red alert has been lifted for the actual city, but not the greater Geraldton area.

    Kalbarri seems to be the worst hit, especially along the foreshore. Seems the severe stuff for this system was to the north of the eye, and that was Kalbarri. Power is out, does not sound like communication is great either. Aerial photos show a lot of damage but it sounds like reports are only starting to come through. Hopefully it's just roofs that have been ripped off which would make the aerial photos look worse.

    It also sounds like it was a rough night in the towns of Gregory and Northampton. The deaths I've heard about are from further north in Exmouth and Coral Bay.

    If there are any of our members in it's path, safe travels. The eye passed right over Kalbarri, Horricks has just emerged from the eye and Northampton is in the eye as I type this. Looks like Geraldton won't actually get the eye over it but will be very close so will still cops the winds that are close to the eye.

    Good luck to all in the area.