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    I presume you have enough time to get charcoal or beads going?

    If so, chicken pieces coated with garlic salt. Coals only under half the grill. half the chicken off heat, the other on, you don't want it that hot, just hot enough so a drip of fat hits the coals every couple of seconds. Each drip of fat vaporises and becomes a chicken flavoured smoke. Rotate the chicken till its all done and smoked in its own juices.

    Otherwise like I have to do a couple of nights a week, fire up the gasser, marinated colesworth chicken kebabs, salt and pepper chops or steak, marinated chicken pieces, or pork scotch sliced into thin steaks, onto the gasser.

    I couldn't do it without the gasser, and I'm not talking about one of my boys or my dog.


    Spread the meat on the bun raw, then cook it meat side down.

    Serve with Chimichurri and whatever else you like!

    This has me very interested. Isn't choripan traditionally made with a chorizo sausage?

    Now a couple of questions from the pics. The meat mixture looks like it's been blitzed? This makes sense as it would give a more sausage like texture. Did you spread meat on both the top and bottom of the buns? In the grilling pic it looks like you have a top and bottom.

    So, I have the day off, went to the fridge to get the milk for coffee, and spotted some unused bao buns, sitting next to the eggs, with bacon in the drawer. Got me thinking, the wife is on holidays tomorrow and would like a sleep in, so lets do an experiment for breakfast.

    There was left over coriander and spring onion, plus red onion, decided to blitz them with some red wine vinegar, olive oil and garlic. Bacon and eggs in a bao bun with a kind of chimichurri. I know she will like this tomorrow with a cup on tea.

    We are in danger of hi Jacking the thread here, but a quick search came up with the example of the cook I was talking about: Philly (inspired) Cheese Steak Sandwich

    Probably close to your Italian beef, but mine has closer to the wife required level of vegetables to meat ratio, before we even begin to discuss the level of carbs, something I have to do, (and to be honest, these days, I'm actually happier to discuss).

    Anyway, what did you cook?

    Cheaper than Charcoal

    I've not done the calcs, so happy to be corrected, but I don't find pellets cheap. I also mix charcoal with beads and robo turds. In fact the bao bun cook I just posted up in whatcha cooking thread had no charcoal, just turds and beads, and that almost ran away from me (good luck, not good management).

    So, thanks to spotting a 2kg bit of pork belly 50% off, best before the next day, it became bao bun time.

    Red onion, carrot and radish into a pickle for a few hours, thinking the acid could cut through the fat. Sliced spring onion, been shoots and coriander also to be added.

    But first this had to happen in the akorn, smoked with banksia.

    So once that happened, the siracha mixed with garlic aioli sauce option could happen.

    And the hoi sin sauce option could also happen.

    I likey.

    it is very interesting, but I kind of have to ask why? (Genuine question, am I missing something)

    Apart from much quicker temp changes, it seems like a fair bit of faffing around to do something a komado can already do very well, and I wonder if it can do low and slow?

    Interested to hear others thoughts.

    UCI World Championships are in Wollongong this week.

    I know nothing about cycling but it's pretty cool to see the spectacle. Fun fact, the race actually goes up my street.

    Ha, one of my boys has been there all week with my other half, they had the Australian National junior championships on last week and he was competing in that. The juniors are now clearing out for the big boys.

    I was sent a video of a guy with a European accent urging the boys on in the road race, then the boys realised they were being yelled at by Walt Van Aert, and they were yelling to him in the middle of the race.

    I've managed to find a supply of these pork ribs for $8.99 kg. There are 8 of these triangle pieces in each pack, and as you can see there is actually a bit of meat on them.

    I was time poor for these, so they were dusted with a generic masterfoods type rub, then braised in chicken stock. When almost done, were transferred to the gas weber, sauced and cooked at about 160c to finish and set the sauce. I just used the Bulls Eye bbq sauce that was on special at Coles. Last time I did these I used Stubbs as that was on special, and Stubbs is better.

    Pretty much 90 min from start of cook to plate.

    do you have a vac sealer?

    Cheats sous vide, put in pot of water, go to 80 degrees and turn it off, lid on. The water will slowly cool, but will heat the meat. You may have to put the stove on again, but probably only come up to 70 any subsequent times, 65 degrees for the meat is the magic food safe number.