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    So there’s self preservation for your Premier in all this as well.

    Definitely. But no chance we open up for Christmas. He has said he will announce a date after we get 80-90% jabs, but then another time he said 90+% jabs, and another time he said 80+% jabs...... He is not going to commit to a number publicly. And once we reach the magic number that no one knows, it's likely to be another 6-8 weeks. Likely, another non committal.

    I am not making an argument here for or against the hard border, just simply pointing out the political speak that is going on.

    Another theory is by holding off longer it also muddies the water for the Feds leading up to the election and could make things harder for Scotty from marketing. Is this true? No idea, you'll have to ask Mark from marketing, but good luck getting a straight answer.

    I had heard that the Hospitals in WA wouldn’t cope ? Not sure if that’s just spin or what ?

    If that is the case it’s a sad reflection on your current Premier.

    Spot on, it's not coping now.

    When in opposition our current health minister used to constantly carry on about the ambulance ramping - and rightly so as it shows a health system not coping. He used to use terms like 'completely broken', 'health crisis', you know the sort of terms a polly would use.

    So, this lot got in, and guess what, it's something like 5x worse, he will not discuss this issue with the media and it seems is not held to account by anyone. But I guess we have no opposition so that doesn't make being held to account any easier.

    McGowan knows if it gets in and cases go through the roof, the health system will basically fall over.

    This guy sums it up well, the first half is about the hospitals, then the change the conversation to Crown. They are short vids.

    Up Late: Why McGowan doesn’t want WA border open
    In tonight’s episode, Ben Harvey identifies the real reason Mark McGowan doesn’t want to open WA’s border.

    And this one really spells out what happened with funding:

    UP LATE: Why McGowan should blush on health spending
    In tonight’s episode of Up Late, Ben Harvey tells some home truths about the health budget and takes a look at The Weld Club’s 150th birthday bash.

    Death rate would always be as a % of positive cases, otherwise it's meaningless. But on the same token, recovery rate is also as a % of positive cases.

    Those numbers don't add up. How can you have a death rate of 0.69% and a recovery rate of 98.9%, or 1.1% who don't recover?

    EDIT: Maybe it's using live stats and a whole bunch of people currently have it so have not recovered / died yet, that could explain the difference in numbers.

    Some of the guys at Uni built some as their project. You can by the computer cheap, comes with the joy sticks etc, they used an old TV they already had, and custom built the cabinetry.

    Had a lamb on a spit for a bucks do many years ago..

    We decided to put some ducks into the belly cavity and tie it up.

    Once the belly shrunk and the tie wire cut through, the ducks fell into the coals and the whole thing went up =O

    If this wasn't so tragic it would be very funny. All that duck fat in the coals, that's a real duck up.

    Just heard a grade cricketer interviewed on the radio, he went from being 31, to 100 in 2 overs. The first of those overs a part time spinner comes on and gets hit for 8 sixes. In addition to his normal 6 balls, he bowled 2 waist high no balls, hence the 8 ball over.

    Next over a single was scored putting our guy back on strike where he hit 22 off the remaining 5 balls to get the ton.

    These were actually the final 2 overs of the game.

    Spare a thought for the first bowler who finished the day with the figures of 1 over, none for 50.