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    Their bacon seems different to ours. I've watched countless videos of people wrapping stuff in bacon and the bacon I seem to be able to get doesn't even come close to the length and flexibility of what I see online. It looks like it's sliced thinner than ours, which would make it easier to wrap around stuff, but it seems so much longer, do they use different pigs? Where I can I get some of this magic bacon so I can wrap all sorts of yummies?



    I did it back to front and started with an expensive pellet grill, mainly because I thought if I had trouble working out how to control the fire in a charcoal bbq, I'd quit. I then got sick of the reliability issues with the pellet smoker, but loved the food, so went down the charcoal road.

    Found a used Weber kettle first, it was pretty good, a bit temperamental for low and slow cooks, but it got the job done, and for the money you pay for a used kettle, they're hard to beat.

    I then upgraded to an Akorn and I absolutely love that thing. Holds temp beautifully once you learn to dial it in. Awesome for low and slow. Also pretty handy for higher temp stuff. It's hard to imagine anyone being unhappy with the purchase of an Akorn.

    The old girl is starting to show her age though and rust holes aren't too far away I reckon. When the time comes, it'll be replaced by another Kamado for sure. Whether it's another Akorn or a Kamado Joe, I'm not yet sure, but I won't be going without a kamado.

    ENTRY 2

    Sri Lankan Chicken Curry.

    This is loosely based off a recipe from a Day to Day Cookery book my ex partner had years ago. I no longer have the book and haven't been able to find the same recipe since so I'm just winging it today.

    A mix of turmeric, paprika, cumin seeds, garlic, chili powder, cinnamon and some vinegar make up the spices. The rest is a few diced onions, some capsicum, spoonful of honey, a tin of diced tomatoes, a tin of coconut cream and bit over a kilo of chicken thighs.


    I put a couple pieces of apple wood on the coals and cooked uncovered to start to try to get a bit of smoke flavour in the dish, in hindsight I'm not real sure I achieved anything by doing this.


    In goes the coconut cream after the chicken is thoroughly cooked.


    I cheated and cooked the rice on the gas stove inside :shrug:

    The finished dish. Was hard not to go back for seconds even after a big plate full. Very happy with how it turned out. Probably right at the upper limit for heat for my taste as I don't eat a lot of hot spicy food, but thoroughly enjoyable.




    Onion and spice mix is in, coating the chicken thigh pieces, (man I wish I still had the recipe for this, I'm running on guesswork today =O ). Threw a couple bits of apple wood on the fire just to try and get a bit of smoke flavour into the dish. It's now covered and cooking away. Now I need to try remember how to cook rice proper :D

    One of our neighbours up the road breeds and processes his own quails. Helped him out with a job recently and got paid with a few quails. Sort of spatchcocked them and coated them in a mix of fresh mango, sweet chilli sauce and vanilla, then bbq'd them on the akorn.

    Washed them down with a couple mango and icecream Weiss shots, at the request of the better half.

    ENTRY 3

    Camp oven shepherds pie with a boneless lamb leg roast. Normally I'd do it outside with an open fire but the weather wouldn't play the game today.

    Ingredients prepped and ready to go.

    On its way in the Akorn

    Since it's Australia day, 2 strawberry gum leaves instead of bay leaves.

    Almost there.

    Time to get the mashed spud and cheese on.

    Lets see if i can get the cheese browned up. Put the camp oven on my alloy table and used my tongs to get some hot coals out of the bottom of the Akorn.

    Worked pretty good if you ask me.

    I probably got a tad impatient at the end. Could have cooked just a little more moisture out. I'll blame the rum. It was bloody delicious just the same.

    The boneless lamb leg from our local butcher has been defrosting overnight. The plan was shepherds pie in the camp oven in the back yard but it's a bit damp outside this morning so I'll have to weigh up my options a bit later. I might have to try to find a way to make the camp oven work in the Akorn yet. Either way, I'm having shepherds pie for dinner tonight.

    Maybe look at the KJ Classic 2?

    The more I think about it, the more this seems like the smart way to go. Like others have said, I think I'd enjoy the challenge of learning to use the offset, but then it would just become tedious when I know how easy it is to run the kamado, so one would get used, and one would not.

    I will still go and check out the Firehawk, but if I can snag a KJ for similar money then I'd rather go that way. Now if only I could get one in black :D

    Thanks for all your help guys, appreciate the input.