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    There's really no small gas BBQ that I know that can do low and slow (250f) easily. They usually get too hot people have done it by propping the lid open more or by using an adaptor to choke the gas to very low.

    Thanks for the review JimmyCee! Sounds great for $200. Can you please tell me the dimensions of the fuel grate drawer? I'm wondering if a Ooni gas attachment could be modded into there for added versatility.

    I’ve been watching a few YouTube videos on it and most do recommend sous vide but that’s not an option.

    You can get away with not a full SV setup. Just ziplock bag and place it in water heated up to a certain temp. Doesn't need to stay in there long so accurate holding temps isn't absolutely needed.

    Since I mentioned using this system on my Grill2Go camping BBQ, I found a better controller for it after doing a bit of searching online. Comments from other users also said it was way too hot on the low setting and pointed readers to a different controller made by Hr Heater. I got mine from the USA for around $30 all up. It's a better controller than the one you get with the Grill2Go and lowers the flame perfectly.

    Mr Heater controller

    I still use the extra regulator in the original post for the Ziggy and that's still going well.

    How low can you get the Grill2Go, using the Mr. Heater regulator?

    I wonder if it would be too restrictive when doing really low temps, fire might go out rather than draw enough air?

    Gateway drums and some UDS have intakes that come up and they run fine. This sort of design also has the benefit of not being overly affected by winds.

    Looks good. I would buy one if they came here and the price was right.

    I have one of the old aluminum ones. It's a single one and the handle is a bit short for my liking. I like the lightness compared to a cast iron one though. Cooks differently to the cast iron ones as well. I'll post a pic tomorrow as it's in the shed and it's freezing out.

    We were there competing. Was stonkin hot on both days until the rains came down right at the end of presentations. We did okay on some categories but our brisket let us down in quality and on us for overcooking it. Was great to chat to some teams and put a face to name and to some newer and very talented teams.

    My guess is that you are searing it for too long at 1.5 minutes per side. You should have a hot enough source to be able to only need to sear 30 seconds per side. I never go higher than that. Also how early are you pre-salting it? This can cause the meat to cure in the bag. I usually only salt just before it goes into the water bath.

    As for your timing, there really shouldn't be too much of a difference for steaks between 2-5 hours, as you're really only needing to get it to pasteurise the meat at those temps. You're not really breaking down a lot of connective tissue like with tougher cuts of meat so you won't need long sous vide times for good steak cuts. If you have a accurate thermo, check to see if the sous vide machine is accurate. The other test is to sous vide your meat and taste it without searing it. If the meat texture is what you're aiming for, then you'll know that your searing is changing the texture.

    As an aside, sous vide chicken breast is out of this world. The only safe way to cook it so low at around 60c. It's fantastic!

    You can get stainless steel cake rings that can expand. I have one that is a good height for my Dragon Kamado. Could stack 2 to use in a kettle. It isn't tapered though and I don't know how that affects its usage as I've only used it once and I don't remember how it went.