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    Na...nothing to do with freezing but I'm not sure if I'd want to do this on a BBQ hot plate as of the bacteria on the plate after previous cook ups as the most usual way we can assure that it's healthy if the get it roaring hot before we cook unless we bring a Good BBQ safe pan from inside that has been washed and cleaned and place it over the BBQ.

    I think though the process has merit and gives you something to do when waiting for it to be done.

    I like a flippin' good steak :D

    This video covers pros and cons of cooking/grilling/searing and Sous Vide of steaks......

    results may surprise. I'm going to try this method and see how it goes but my take on this, is however way you cook it, if you slice it nice n thin, it's mostly gonna be good.

    And instead of buying one steak each for me and the Mrs, I've been buying one good sized steak, mostly a tri-tip, rump or porterhouse and share it between us.

    An average 1.5 or 2 inch steak should take no more than 10 minutes the cold sear way.

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    Haven't done this in a while, 3 x grass fed beef ribs, ABTs and 2 sweet potatoes in foil

    I was using the Slow n Sear charcoal basket with the water chamber and after a 6 hour cook, I reckon it could've gone another 5 hours...heaps of fuel remains, probably used only 55% for the entire day. The Blue kettle sat all day on about 250-270F

    I've never seen a ZGrills in the flesh but by it's looks, it does seem to be very similar to the first of the Asian built Traegers however that's not to say they aren't any good and the Z Grills have got great back up help and service and there's many happy Customers and is a testament of the Importer of Z-Grills. It's Pellet grilling in it's basic form as many of the early Traegers were and they invented them.

    The Pitboss Navigator 850 is a pellet grill that I have seen and felt and checked out at Bunnings and I seem to think that they are well put together. These are usually a Special order from Bunnings and they will generally ship one from their closest warehouse to your door. However i guess the question remains on the help you might need if you get stumped in the assembly process.

    These pellet grills are well built and I'd have no hesitation having one and have actually considered it.

    I don't think you'd go wrong either way, I think both pellet grills will give you great service, I guess it comes down to the after sales.

    Merry Xmas everyone

    Nice quiet wet stormy day on the border.....santa didn't come as we didn't order anything.....I just get what i want anyway, that way I make sure i get the right thing in the first place.

    Cooked up 4 kgs of wings on the Weber Kettle in 2 batches to take over to a friends place for Xmas lunch, they lasted less than 15 minutes, they were gulped down like there no tomorrow^^

    Lucky i ate some the night before otherwise i would've missed out. Huge success.

    The highlight of my Christmas is the brandy trifle desert....:yum)

    Wishing everyone a Happy Healthy BBQ New Year



    Heya Mick, good to see you're still Q-ing.....hope all is well on your end as I believe you all had some life challenges the last few years. Happy BBQing mate and hope you enjoy the Xmas & New Year holiday season.



    Theres still a lot of chop and snag burners in Australia that do not bother with low n slow and there's so many choices these days compared to the bad old days. But after looking at many real estate pictures over the past 2 years, the BBQ that sits on many patios, verandahs or at the side of houses are the good ol Weber Q :P