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    Hi Cobbler, yeah from what I can gather, they've added an additional burner to the 2000 series like the 3000 series, something I reckoned they should've done from the start as I've always considered the 2000 series to be like a Holden Commodore with a 2 litre motor, yeah it'll get the job done but is under powered to be really useful. It has almost twice the real estate as the Baby Q but only 4 BTU more so this new 2800 should be just what the doctor ordered.

    I only just recently bought a brand new Q3200 with Natural Gas before all Natural Gas appliances stop selling. The only disadvantage of NG is that if you move house, you need to go to a place with NG connected. It's great to get it so damned hot that you've wound the needle off the temp scale and not worrying about emptying the gas bottle.

    I can see the 2800 being a big seller actually for a semi portable grill, when I had my Q220 many years ago, it cooked shish kebabs for over 50 people at a friend's birthday party so having that extra grunt could be a good thing. They've gone basically 17 years or more without much in the way of improvements or design as it's been when you're on a good thing stick to it but others like the Ziggy have caught up and overtaken them in the power stakes, and admittedly, I almost went with the Ziggy triple burner before I settled on a Q3200 only because I wasn't confident with Ziggy's lid down grilling capabilities even though they say you can grill high heat with lid up but that's not the way I just get used to the Weber Way of doing things.

    I have been walking the streets here in Tokyo and it is a lot cleaner than Aus however the streets are still not clean or spotless as the media or online would have us believe. Add to that you often get a stench of sewerage wafting in the air, something we don't get in Aus.

    Are you living there Swamptrout or just visiting? Where is stay when in Japan is out near Chiba City between Chiba-shi and Narita-shi and I can't say I've ever noticed the sewerage smell but that could be just a Tokyo thing as it's very heavily condensed. My wife wants us to move there for a while and as much as I want to, I have so much to do here in Oz that it'll be costly to go to and fro and it's a bit difficult to BBQ in Japanese Cities. People are very sensitive to outside smells and BBQ wouldn't cut it out in the driveway when you have houses directly behind and beside you.

    So I wonder what that thing in the drain hole is?

    Would it have something to do with the Low n slow?

    I still can't see how they will accomplish low n slow when the gas pressure needs to be at a certain level so it won't go out.

    I guess we'll find out soon enough. As I said in an earlier post, it seems as though they've eliminated Natural Gas versions.

    Sounds as though they are future proofing their models for when new buildings arn't allowed to include Natural gas, especially in Victoria but theres a lot of Movement now to do same in NSW.


    I got an email in my phone yesterday advertising that there new Q will be available soon, and i thought at first look that the lid seemed to be a little flatter on top, the great tray slides out from the front instead of side. They also mentioned the low n slow bit...I'm yet to understand how they'll accomplish that in a gas BBQ.

    It's just more like an updated (facelift) design from I see atm. but they have a new sear station on the mid range one which would be welcomed and they have a RED one too......looks hot lol

    I've just noticed when looking at the Weber website that they've done away with the Natural Gas versions of the Family Q and all the Q range....lucky i bought my NG Q3200 one a couple of Months ago.

    The low and slow mode is interesting. Eg during bushfire season when you can’t use solid fuel bbqs and for fiat/ apartments/ high density dwellers which more and more people are living.

    In the case of balcony smoking or low n slow, perhaps an electric smoker or grill could be easier to regulate the temps. But even then, I don't think i'd enjoy using electric if it's raining. It'd have to be on a covered balcony.

    I think if you can co-erse your Weber Q to cook at around the 280F to 320f then it's still in the range of low n slow, but only just.

    Yeah it's a PITA when it's freezing cold outside and you have to go out and carry the rubbish bags to the drop off point up the street, around the corner or whereaver the designated drop off point is. Unlike here where you have big plastic bins to fill up and get emptied, the average suburban street is barely enough to fit 1 car and you'd never get a truck around those corners lol. To a foreigner, it can be somewhat confusing because so many things in Japan are in packaging of some type of plastic but not all plastic goes where you think it goes. I let the Mrs sort it and I just carry it to where it's gotta go.

    They both run on hardly any gas. Suspect a damn sight cheaper than a kettle guzzling heatbeads.

    Dunno about that, I did a minion smoking 2 big racks of pork ribs 2 weekends ago and used the diffuser tray i got with the newer was a long 6 hours and not all wasted......but it's the flavour....i used kingsfords for this actually which has a rep here to not last very long but they do have a bit of a flavour about them and the vents work brilliantly.......I love my Q3200 for grilling and roasting but the kettles do all the smoking work.

    Would it be a Gasser? it says that it could have a low n slow they are really not designed for that......i wonder if it's another electric Q or a combo.

    I love my Q3200, plenty of real estate that i've yet to fill. for low n slow...that's what the kettles are for!!

    :D :D I thought you were talking about my front yard there for a minute cobbler....... :D :D

    I couldn't resist...hehehe sorry!!

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    What's unhealthy about Potatoes and carrots? Yummo!!

    Continued on from Yesterday, all were cooked on the Weber Q as above, those chicken wing pieces were covered in a Japanese style Karaage season, not bad at all.

    Below is a marinated (from Coles) butterflied shoulder roast and I cooked indirect on trivet till 50c internal and charred it all over on the grill grates till around 73c.

    You might've noticed the 2 peices on the side of the Q, i separated them from the main roast as they were cooking a lot quicker.

    Turned out better that i expected.

    Bread Pudding on the Memphis Pro.




    Wow...Bentley, Haven't heard a mention of the Memphis Pro for years, wasn't sure if you still had it or not. My Mum used to make Bread n butter pudding a lot when i was a kid, but of course we never had grills back then, it was all done in an electric oven. Good to see that grill is still getting a workout.

    I prefer technique over technology anyday....If I want to BBQ, I don't have the trust in electronics to go off to work while a Brisket is smoking away, or go away for the day....even if it's a slow cooker...what if it fuses...up goes your house. :shock:

    A bit of a fridge clean out to give the new Q3200 a real workout.

    First up was the sweet potato slices, mushrooms & zucchini then came htthe Italian sausages and Brazillian Chipolatos, roast potatoes and a supposedly Greek style pork loin.

    I thought I actually overcooked the loin but after slicing thinly, was very moist but not much taste in the Greek marinade.

    Yeah Hearing you 12 x 7, I'm not looking forward to my next power bill that's for sure.....i'm expecting a shocker. I'm thinking Pellet Cookers have become a bit too hi-tech and you're using 2 x power sources, electricity for the thermostat, the auger, fan, then you have the pellets.

    That's why I like either charcoal or Gas. Gas is probably the only ongoing commodity that I don't mind using.

    Yeah Cobbler, i will eventually get a rotiserie for it but i better tread a little easy for the next Months or so as i just got the griddle plate for it this arvo.

    Used it tonight too for the mushies and onion.

    So, tonight's maiden cook up was a basic affair, i bought a nice 750g flat iron steak from Harris Farm Markets in Albury, some zucchini, mushrooms and wifey made some mash potato to go with it.

    She reckoned the flat iron steak looked a bit chewy but sliced thinly, the steak was delicous and full of flavour.

    I've never grilled that cut before.

    So with hotplate on one side and grill on the other, I gave it a good 15 minute preheat and done the veggies first, then back onto high and let rip with the flat iron steaks.