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    Napoleon Kettle is good, the lid vent is the major drawback, it can be hart to turn and will rust over time. Ash bucket is a bit on the small side.

    The other kettle to consider is the Oklahoma Joe Blackjack.

    SNS Kettle, I have to ask myself why? It seems like re-inventing for the sake of it, they also do a Kamado, but for me it is still: Why?

    I guess it's all about getting a share of the market. Everyone in the BBQ industry knows that the Weber Kettle are the leaders and constantly selling lots of them all over the world, so I guess make them a little different, add some goodies and sell them in the same market. Youtubers like Baby-Back Maniac will do the marketing for them by doing reviews. You Tubers are a Company's best marketing stradegy if you chose the right influencer with a large following. These guys get 100 of thousands of views so it's not to be sneezed at. It's kind of like asking why Pro-Q decided to make a bullet smoker when the Market leader was the WSM, same reason, it's a good concept, as long as they do something different in design to clear themselves of Copyright and Patents, they get a foot into the market if they're any good. The cheap and nasty copiers don't do well at all except from those who have very tiny budgets.

    Over the years, there's always been Weber knock-offs and you know what they say "Copying is the best form of flattery" or something like that :D

    But these recent 2 Kettle versions I must say have been the best I've seen.

    I've always been a bit of a Weber Fan boy but I'd have no hesitation on buying the Napoleon or the Slow n Sear Kettle.

    So, RobB, whatever those 2 you decide to buy, we want to hear your opinions on these alternate Kettles.

    I think Urbangriller has the S & S Charcoal grates or similar but I don't know if he handles the Kettle grill. They are available here but were slow to be shipped due to the Pandemic.

    Spitroast Professionals handle the Slow n sear products here in Australia and by the looks of them they may be the importers.

    SNS Grills - Slow 'N Sear Kettle BBQ Combo (

    They have an awesome package available where you get a kettle, the S&S charcoal basket and griddle plate and kettle cover for $699

    As for meat prices, I seen chuck steak going for $20 per kilo yesterday....bloody hell!!

    So I'm thinking i may prime up and service my fishing gear and catch some fresh protein.

    I don't get to eat fish often as I'd like but i'm thinking that fish may be better value per kilo these days than prime steaks.

    I bought 2 steaks from Woolies, 1 x scotch fillet @$43 per kilo and 1 x rib eye for $40 per kilo, both steaks around 300 grams +/- and they cost me around $26. Now I'm thinking I could get 2 nice full snapper for much cheaper than that. Now I gotta remember what reel went with what rod :shrug:

    I have noticed at times that we get just coming on ripe Bananas splitting along the skin.

    I believe that is either caused by indoor dryness or the fruit is still growing inside the skin.

    Wifey just wraps them up in plastic wrap to stop any contaminates getting into the fruit. 2 weeks ago we noticed some tiny fruitfly inside on the flesh so had to scrap them off.

    Love my Nanas with brekky!!

    Albury is a great location. We are just up the road near Wagga.

    Any problem with the floods up your way, I think Albury escaped most of it but Wagga and Forbes copped it as well as Echuca.....feeling really sorry for the folks in Wangaratta and Sheparton.

    Welcome to the forum Ceptic, I'm soon about to move to the Riverina area on the border of the Murray (Albury) Bought my retirement house there and can't wait to introduce my Webers to their new abode. What area are you located?

    I feel your pain lol. I'm a bit of a fish out of water in Japan at times when everyone is talking like a machine gun, I can't keep up ^^

    Low n slow doesn't really exist much in Japan, it's either pan fried or grilled.

    Noodles are great stir friend on a hot plate with a sauce in my Mrs makes, then stir a heap of veggies and bean sprouts in, it's great with grilling thin pork and chicken slices....

    Oh well...we love the girls for a reason lol 8o

    I think this style is like teppan (hotplate)

    Yaki as in Grilling, it's like the Teppanyaki from Japan without all that utensile juggling entertainment.

    You place small morsells of meat or seafood on a really hot plate.

    Did this a fair bit in Japan as well as Yaki-niku which is usually open grilled meat and veggies and even rice cakes.

    I love this type of cooking and have moved away from low n slow to eating from the grill.

    The bacon I make at home the most and the most popular amongst people from my work (who I give it out to) is a maple cured bacon. It's only slightly sweet and doesn't smell like maple syrup when you cook it.

    They must use A LOT of maple syrup in the curing process.

    I think the Canadians bathe in maple syrup :D

    Yes it's obviously in the curing process that they smother the bacon with Maple Syrup but it comes out much too strong.

    The bacon is an imported one either from USA or Canada and I'm guessing Canada. Not sure what area of the US would use Maple Syrup apart from maybe somewhere near the border of Canada. Maybe Bentley might know.

    I guess like Bduza dribbling a bit if Syrup while cooking but I think it's a bit strong and sweet for the Australian pallette.

    G'day Folks,

    A week and a bit ago the wife and I went to Costco who had a tri-pack of Canadian style Streaky bacon, but the smell of Maple Syrup was quite over the top and dominated the taste of the bacon itself. I cooked some with eggs the other day in the kitchen but again, the smell of maple syrup was dominant and you could smell it in the house for days after.

    Today I cooked the other 2 packs out on the Jumbo Joe kettle, it was still pretty strong but at least being outside didn't take over the house, so while I like Bacon, this was just a trial to see if we liked it and while it tasted ok, my wife commented that she felt it couldn't really be used for much else and with other foods we normally eat so I don't know if I'll ever buy a flavoured bacon again.

    Even on the grill pan in the BBQ, I could smell the Maple syrup but not the bacon itself.....different for sure but not really for Australian tastes I feel.


    Looks awesome Sapper, it just takes a few trial and errors till you get it down pat because you're using some many different types of meat such as brisket and Turkey but that is a pretty good spread mate.

    If I was there, I'd probably steal that big plate of meat while stating...." well I got my lunch, dunno what you guys are eating" :nana: :D

    Looks great Bentley......and the old frog mats, ( is that what you called them? ) I remember back quite a few years ago that you introduced them to us down here and I think it was Urban Griller who sent some of us samples to try and review.

    I still got mine but haven't used for a while as I only have charcoal grills at the moment and haven't done much low and slow lately but they will come into use later as I'm moving house and have packed up and cleaned my bigger Webers for the move and just using a Jumbo Joe. I used to use the Frog mats a lot with the Weber Q Gassers.



    Hmmmm....not really a bad idea....

    I can see some promise in that set children included....well they are invited, just not as the main course :bbq:

    Davo yeah i saw all the hype with the kettle kones but I never really saw them doing much more than what 2 baskets will do. Maybe a bit less radiant heat but for hot n fast cooks thats not necessarily a bad thing. If anything they may concentrate heat into the centre of the lid, maybe not such a good thing.

    Yeah I felt the same, i've had that Kone thing send my Performer temp guage go right around the clock back to zero...and I thought, this can't be good for it.

    Chicky wings. Easiest cook going, but always delivers the goods

    Hi RiffRaff,

    I was seduced into buying the kettle Kone some years ago and yeah it worked for the most part, and it got very hot, but I think you can get a more controllable heat from those two charcoal baskets and they work well also with the griddle pan and crisscrossed steak grate and I suspect with all the other goumet accessories. I swear by the griddle pate can really get that sizzle going.

    It's also generally more favourable with the baskets at the end when it comes to cleaning out the coals after the fire has gone out, I rarely use the Kone now.