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    I guess it's a question that needs to be asked to those collectors mostly from the Australian chapter of the Weber Kettle club to those who have more than 40 different coloured Weber Kettles of all different sizes including some of the novelty ones like the Homer Simpson yellow Kettle. Blokes who have had to build entire sheds to display their collection. It's a sight to see.

    I don't stock them, you have to buy too many of them in one shipment.

    Maybe it's an improvement on the standard kettle, I just can't see the market for it.

    Oklahoma Joe Blackjack kettle is also out there but, I can't see see the point in trying to market that against the Weber either.

    Yes I can understand your point of view too Chris, but there's no market more congested than the US Market when it comes to outdoor BBQs. I don't know what their actual sales are in the US. I too am skeptical when it comes to Weber Copies or knock-offs but the SNS Kettle has some good features that Weber have not bothered to include. I can also see Ian's POV about buying a Komado type grills rather than another kettle type. I guess I may have to have a trip up to BBQSpitrotiseries to have a look at these in the flesh. It's like Pro-Q make a good bullet smoker but after comparing both in feel and features, I still think I would buy a WSM rather than a Pro-Q, they just feel more solid. However I do like the Fornetto Razzo version of the bullet smoker.

    A house we were looking to buy in Albury NSW, had a heap of cumquat trees along the side of the house and there were thousands of cumquats already into picking time, I was going to do what you were talking about but alas, we were beaten to the bid on this place so therefore now cumquatless :D

    i'm considering to put a temp guage where you have yours but maybe an inch higher. Your Weber seems to be in reasonable nick.

    I found that the ashpot on my Mastertouch plus a better design and a lot easier to take off and replace than the one on the Performer.

    Yes I do think now that not always using baskets when I was dumping coals on one side coz they just never held enough coals for high heat grilling and considering I've had this kettle for 15 years now, I guess the amount of cook ups this thing has done, it's probably not as dire as I think but still what was a nice sage green kettle is looking a bit drab.

    I'm kind of tossing up whether to sell this Performer and replacing it with another or maybe one of those new SNS grills or renovate this one with a new table, wheels and lid slider/holder, it could last me another 15 years.

    A new Performer now is RRP $939

    There are a few little rust areas I'm keeping my eye on but will need to apply something that will withstand the heat. Is your kettle a coloured one Gumb or is it just the black one? I can't recall.

    G'day fellas,

    I've been watching with interest on youtube mostly at this stage of the new SNS Kettle grill. It's been available in the US for a couple of years now and it's now available here. Urbangriller is one of the 2 retailers and BBQ Spit Rotiseries.

    SNS Grills – Slow ‘N Sear Kettle BBQ - SNS Grills Australia

    Anyway, it looks as though SNS sat down and considered, the Weber Kettle is a great popular and worthy grill, how can we make this more user friendly and possibly better.

    I think they might've achieved just that.

    They arn't cheap though, dearer than the Master touch plus but only by 70 bucks. But it wasn't designed as a cheap knock off of Weber but as a premium designed version of a Kettle grill and from what I've seen online of these and the youtube reviews, they may have well succeeded.

    The SNS Kettle grill has 304 stainless steel food grates, it has a hole in the underside to place an electric fire controller but many use it as a vent when doing low n slow, it has a 5 arm sweeper to get rid of coals but the arms of those sweepers are shorter than the Master touch, it has a temp gauge on the same side as the exhaust vent which is something I think Weber stuffed up on because your vent is usually on the side of the food and is where you want the more accurate reading with the gauge probe closer to the food grate. And talking about the food grate is that it's designed to work with the SNS charcoal basket and you get full access to the basket because almost half the grate flips up so you can fill the entire basket and add water without hindrance.

    It also has a small table on the side and is screwed by 4 screws and looks reasonable strong, it's not designed to hold a lot but better than nothing, it also has a hole to place probes in rather the wire being stuck in between the lid and bowl. and the kettle grill has 4 stainless steel legs making it possibly more stable than a 3 legged Kettle.

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    So yeah, those who've known me over the years will know my love of the Weber Kettle and it's what I always cook on these days but jeez I think these could possibly sway my loyalty to the W brand to looking at a new this classed as Adultry? :D

    I was considering to buy another bullet smoker later or a pellet grill when I move into my new place but one of these could easily change my mind for the amount of meat I'm likely to cook and besides, when I had the 18.5 inch WSM, I never used the bottom grate anyway. and 2 kettles full of coals wouldn't be much different than using a WSM charcoal ring.

    Anyway guys, what your thoughts? have anyone bought one, seen one or thought of buying one....from what i can see so far, Weber has a solid Competitor.


    Still have my pre 86 or 76 ( before they dated them) and it's still fairly red, and still in the back garden with weeds growing around it. I really must remember it if we ever move house

    Do you still use it Yakabot or it's only a Garden decoration? lol. when was the last time it seen heat inside?

    Use a charcoal basket to prevent coal touching enamel.

    I've been doing that more now since the idea came up about hot coals touching the metal inside might be causing the pitting and paint loss on the outside. Doesn't seem to hurt the black paint underneath the colour though. I really liked the idea of pouring a lot of coals on one side and leaving the other side empty. I've decided that between now and Xmas I'm going to buy a SNS and that would make it last longer. Going to buy one for the Jumbo joe too.

    Yeah they are gorgeous when they are unboxed and you put it together and it's kind of like it just looks too good to light up and get dirty. I always take a photo straight after I assemble it coz as all well know, you'll never see it as new and as clean as this ever again.

    So it gets christened with a nice meaty morsel or two and you'll notice some oil runs going down your nicely coloured enamel but it just multiplies forward a few years and some of that beautiful paint is looking a bit ordinary, maybe some chips appearing and more black spots.

    So is the story of my 2007 model Performer grill in Sage Green. Yeah most the paint is still intact but many hundreds of high heat cook-ups is really taking it's toll. There are quite a few spots near where the lid folds back in the carrier where the paint looks chipped, I've never seen if there's been any paint on the concrete but you can plainly see the black paint underneath which in it's own way a blessing as if there wasn't paint underneath, I could've been faced with a rusting kettle bowl.

    I've never mistreated the kettle, never dropped the lid....oh ok maybe once, but it's still in better nick than the bowl as far as paint is concerned but years of smoke have really discoloured the nice pastel sage green it used to be.

    I really had the elbow grease out today with a good detergent...umm well it was my blue Kitten Wash n polish detergent for the car and whilst i got 60% off, there's the 40% i could not budge and I also noticed there's a lot of pitting on the lid and I'm wondering if that's come about by the intense heats from the Kettle Kone that sends my temp gauge off the dial.

    Also I read less than 12 Months ago that the paint coming off the bowl is or could be caused by hot coals against the inside of the bowl which possibly makes the metal in the bowl expander greater than normal which in turn might start shedding the top coat.

    I admit I started cooking this way watching many you-tubers from the US do it where they dump a chimney of coals against one side of the kettle and nothing against the other side.....whether that theory is true or not, I don't know but it sounds like it could be a reasonable assumption.

    The poor old table is hanging in there, after a goose of a furniture removalist stood on the bloody thing to put something high in the truck, lucky he was only the size of a jockey but heavy enough to put a split in it.... The Performer is a beast of a grill, and is as sturdy as it was new but I don't think I'll go for another coloured one... maybe just stick to black. These things are over $900 new these days and mine is the gas starter model.

    Thankyou for reading :)


    I have a Napoleon Charcoal Grill that is now 7 years old, looks like a 4 bnr. The charcoal tray raises and lowers by a handle on the side and it has a charcoal rear burner for the rotisserie.

    Fantastic thing and well built!

    Looks like a good solid Unit Chris, didn't know that they imported the Napoleon grills 7 years ago but it looks like whats currently on offer. I was wondering though, don't you mean infrared burner at the rear? That's a gasser isn't it or both gas and charcoal?

    That's rather interesting Bruckster, I didn't actually notice you can adjust the height of the grates, I might have to go and have another look at that. It's also great that they are interchangeable.....and those CI grates really make a difference eh?

    Thanks mate... :thumbup: 8)

    Thanks Bruckster, so in using the Pro22 cart which was one of them that really intrigued me, can you compare with say a Weber Kettle? Performance? easy to control temps etc? Easy to clean out ash? and how do the cast iron grill grates go? I see the Pro22 being very close to a Weber in size but missing that half inch. So with that, I wonder if one of those grates can be used on a Weber or it's be just the little bit short, was that done on purpose I wonder so the two makes can't use each other's grill grates, wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. The Grill grate they use apart from the wavy design is the closest thing here in Australia to the American Mallery hinged grates.

    Yeah Ian, the only issue I have with Bunnings is that their staff only half build those bloody grills and when you go to open the lid on them, they nearly come off in your hand making one feel like he's wrecked the damned thing.

    No model or type in particular and haven't really considered to buy one but on inspection of the floor models they had, I think one was the stand alone Gas BBQ and there was a Charcoal kettle on too that looked the goods and I was wondering if any members have bought that brand.

    I will say that as years go by, the amount of really good quality and design ideas of BBQ gear has improved out of sight...not like it was say 10 years ago. It's gotta be a good thing......don't mind some of the Pit Boss grills either another brand that's got a following.

    G'day Everyone,

    I was in at Bunnings the other day and was looking at the Napoleon range of Grills both in Gas & Charcoal they had there, they look and feel very well built and seem to be a popular made brand in the USA. The only Natural Gas models seemed to be their built -in models.

    They have quite a few good features that may be better than Weber for which it looks as though they've targeted in their design with distinct differences. I'm loving the look of their cast iron grates in the wavy patterned design.

    So does anyone own any of the grills from Napoleon and how do you rate them? Still love my Webers but also looking at feasible alternatives.

    Looking at usability, ownability, would you buy another Napoleon grill or something else?

    I will say that over the past couple of years, Bunnings have really stepped up their game as far as a variety of quality grills these days as well as Charcoal and all the accessories that are displayed, they are becoming a 1 stop BBQ shop in many ways. Thank heavens the big green shed is never too far away.