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    What I don't like is when new members join the old forum and ask a question which only ever gets answered after a long delay and usually by titch and that's all. If the same question was asked here there would be multiple answers the same day if they were directed to here. I hate seeing people struggling when the answer is quite simple and it's not fair to them by leaving them hang on the old forum

    I object to putting advertising money in to the pocket of a guy who doesn’t even log on to his own forum. Sorry Davo but ABBQF is covered with Google advertising and for that reason I will not support it in any way.

    Wood chips create a lot less creosote from my experience. For example, using pellets in a Smokai cold smoker means I need to clean it out after each long use. It doesn't require the same cleaning using chips so there would be a difference in any form of pellet/chip grill.

    A couple of years ago I bought a huge job lot of bags on Ebay, can't remeber how many but it was a LOT. They were very cheap so I did the deal but half of them don't hold the seal so what looked like a great deal turned out to be only OK. I'm still using them and we do go through a lot of bags so next time I'll probably just buy from Pac Foods too. I have some of their bags and they never fail.

    I'd worry about the shape of wood chips if they are all basically flat and that could mean less airflow, more smoke and less fire. I have a lot of trouble keeping wood chips lit in the Smokai for example but pellets burn much easier.

    Would look good on your deck.

    Yeah I know. Luckily, I'm going away for 6 weeks this weekend so it's hard to arrange in a short time. I have been messaging the guy but he's in Europe at the moment and his mate hasn't contacted me yet to arrange an inspection.

    Good point about the bottom vent being closed but I still can't get my head around that.

    I used the TTT the other day when my old Cyber Q seemed to be having trouble and the readouts were jumping all over the place. So I took it off and replaced it with the TTT and the temp held very well from that point, once I got the setting right.

    PS Dave....You need to insert your photos in to the post.

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    After 4 hours in the Asmoke I wrapped them tightly in foil with a good splash of BBQ sauce/aC vinegar mix and cooked them for about 45 minutes at 150c.

    They were very tasty and not too hot from the chilli. I'd do them again, even though they didn't fall apart they were reasonably tender. They aren't like I've had pork ribs before and these look like a different cut from the normal American style pork ribs.

    A clean bone is always a good sihn though.

    I spotted these meaty looking ribs at the local Maxi supermarket and thought I'd try them in the Asmoke at 120c.

    They've gone in the smoker at 2.30pm looking for a 4 hour cook and maybe a short burst on the grill with some BBQ sauce added.

    I've added some Apple Cider Vinegar to the tray underneath.

    and on they go using a rib rack

    Oh dear, maybe it's not a bargain but it’s tempting at the right price. You don’t see these for sale very often and I think they are close to $8,000 to get a new one landed theses days.

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    I've probably mentioned this somewhere before but the Grill Grates I cut to size for my Grillz gas BBQ fir perfectly in the Asmoke 350 (and would aslo fit the Asmoke 300).

    The lamb back strap for a souvlaki dinner was basted with grated onion, lemon juice, olive oil and oregano.

    So I did a lamb backstrap direct on the 350 for our souvlaki dinner.




    Got to love the 350, it's a great grill and the ash tray at the boittom makes cleaning it out very easy.