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    The hold it upright so that the seam is vertical and they keep shining one side so that it swings in the air as it heads to the batsman. It will also land on the seam and that can cause it to jag away offline slightly, the idea being to hit the outside edge of the bat and be caught by the wicket keeper behind the stumps. In cricket terminology, it's caught behind.

    He's another dud and past it. I see Starc doing his usual and bowling one good ball per over.

    Smith is starting to annoy me with all his antics and Marnus isn't much better.

    Unless they have old stock, I doubt it's mallee root. I tried AP Fuel Merchants who have been around a long time and they haven't been able to get mallee root for months.

    Update on the charcoal going out. The Cyber Q held it at the set temp just fine for another 4 hours so that's all good. When the meat was done, I took the Cyber Q off, opend the vents and let it rip. It got up to 400c with the small amount of fuel left no problems at all.

    I started the low and slow this morning but as Terry said, the fire went out after a couple of hours. X(

    I was using the Tip Top Temp and after taking out the charcoal at the bottom, I found the air holes in the ash basket were blocked. Even adding the Cyber Q fan to try and get it going again didn't help. I think the combination of the ash basket, being a lot of small holes and the TTT was just too restrictive for the required airflow.

    I removed the small bits blocking the holes and took the TTT off. I've put the CyberQ on and it's been fine for several hours now, in fact I'm having to keep an eye on it because I increased the setting to 175 and it's running at just over 300. That's OK though, the meat has been wrapped.

    It's good that he's gone but I worry that it was more about populist politics than a anything else.

    What regulations?

    Over here, because we were stupid enough to had a Government both houses (don't care which party, never give them complete control), they have closed down a very sustainable forestry industry, all Jarrah logging is now going to be shut down. The way it was managed it was 200 years before the regrowth was logged. Now we will simply import Orangutan houses, aka rain forest to replace the hardwood supply. And we both know which industry is sustainable.

    I didn't go in to it but I think it's a similar story to yours. The govt here shut down the Heyfield mill a couple of years ago and now there's a drastic shortage of pine for the building industry. Couple that with regualtions about sacred indiginous sites and what you are not allowed to remove from the forest floor to appease the green lobby and it's getting too hard for some to continue.

    Avoid mangrove at all costs. It's crap.

    I haven't found any problems lighting red gum but it's a while since I've had any from Terry. I've been getting by on assorted brands from Bunnings until my restock yesterday. He's expecting ironbark to be back in stock towards the end of this month and that's what he recommends for low and slow. I think that would be harder to get going though.

    Boy Meets Girl. Just a basic drop, nothing flash. I think I got it from Naked Wines with a pack they sent when we decided to give them a try. Most of it was just ok so we didn’t go on with that subscription.

    Why does he think its no good ?

    I didn’t pursue that part of the discussion but I think he said it tends to block the air flow as it burns away because it doesn’t create any ash. Now I’m trying to work out what having little or no ash has got to do with blocking the airflow. I would have though creating more ash would block it, not less.

    I bought a beautiful looking 400g scotch the other day ($51/kg) and decided to fire up the BGE wich had a small amount of charcoal left in the fire box.

    I went for a reverse sear so I used the extender rack from the Asmoke with a doubled sheet of HD foil under it as a deflector.

    Here's the setup

    The spuds were par boiled and coated with oil. I did them direct for a while and put the steak on the extender rack.

    When the steak got to about 110f, I put it on the direct part of the lower grill and put the spuds on the extender rack to keep warm.

    Because I like mine rare and the boss likes hers medium, I cut it in portions (mine is the biggy) and they got a light sear. The rack was still a reasonable way above the charcoal but that's OK, it wasn't so much the sear as the end result I was after.

    I took mine off at 120f and hers at 135. We were both very happy with the result and the red wine too, of course. It was one of the best I've done and melt in the mouth tender. That's why I never order steak at a restaurant, it would only be second best after what we can do at home on a good BBQ.

    I saw these and at $142 delivered, I couldn't help myself.

    Grillz BBQ $142

    I like the twin control burners which should make keeping the temperature down easier. Most of the portables get too hot and their control knobs hardly do anything.

    I have covered that in here before and posted the fix here: Slowing the gas flow

    Anyway, at the price I think it's worth trying something new. I see they are over $300 in Harvey Norman and online in a couple of places. There's also some listed around this price as well.

    I went down to see Terry at Aussie BBQ Smoke today and picked up 7 bags of red gum lump for $40/bag. He said that mallee root is just about impossible to buy and is expensive if you can find any and would probably cost around $50-60/bag He reckons they've just about exhausted the supply and there's nothing left to burn which could be partly due to new regulations.

    Anyway, he sells to lots of charcoal chicken places and since red gum isn't a suitable alternative charcoal for them, many are closing down and more will follow. This will also effect other food places which use open flame charcoal grills. He's got some iron bark coming but only had red gum in stock which he reckons isn't any good for low and slow in a kamado but I've used red gum in the egg many times and haven't had that problem.

    Anyway, it was an interesting discussion and one which is a bit of a worry.

    Great charcoal though, the red gum bags are about 18-20kg.