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    Yes, easy to cut with a small angle grinder or a bit more work using a hack saw. They do expand a bit so you need to leave a bit of space for that.

    I use mine in the Ziggy but they don't need to cover the whole area. I find 2 plates enough out of my set of three. The sizes are on the website so just get a couple which will do the job and maybe cut the ends off. No need to have them rounded etc.

    Here's a couple of examples on my Ziggy.

    and using the flat side

    The new version of the chargriller does come withe the deflector plate included.

    There you go, that would seal the deal for me. Many of us in here have commented that if we only had to have one BBQ to do it all, it would be a ceramic kamado.

    Also thinking of a Akorn Jr as a gateway/learning tool kamado before upgrading to ceramic.

    You'll find the ceramic easier to manage than the Akorn. Just start playing and you'll pick it up in no time.

    Mainly looking to do some hot and fast cooking.

    Your Weber Kettle will do that. :)

    though lifting it might be easier said than done.

    It's on wheels don't forget.

    It's basically a step up from the trusty Weber kettle and will allow you to control temperatures much better, although the ceramic version is better at that again. By having better control, you have more options from hot and fast to low and slow, although there are techniques you can use in the kettle to achieve that too.

    What ever you buy, don't forget our motto. You can never have too many BBQs. ;)

    Firstly, welcome top the best and most active BBQ forum in Oz. :)

    I had a Royal ceramic for years and that, like so many others, was an Auplex and it served me well for many years before I got the opportunity to grab a Big Green Egg. There's nothing wrong with the Auplex kamados, as long as you look after it you'll get years of happy use from it. Hundreds have been sold here and I've never heard of any major issues, althogh after a period of time you might get slight cracking in the fire box but it doesn't stop them working well. I think the newer versions have some expansion gaps which would probably solve that anyway. The downside is the lack of a deflector and that needs to be solved or you just won't get the proper use from it. Why they sell them without one is beyond me but it's probably a price thing.

    I think the small Joe is just too small to be of great use and I think you'll find that out as you use it more for different cooks.

    The Akorn or the Dragon from BBQs Galore are very good and many in here have them. I'd buy one before the baby Joe, even if it was outside in the weather. Maybe a cover will help solve that one.

    Others will chip in with their thoughts and ideas so enjoy the ride.

    Yep, they sure do and have made a big difference to the way it cooks. I couldn't have browned those spuds as easily with the original plate and I won't need a tray to use as a deflector for doing a small roast either. I had the gas turned down so the hood temp was only about 200c. It gets much hotter than that without the extra control valve limiting the gas flow.

    First cook last night with the new set up and it turned out great. The spuds were microwaved first and then browned in the BBQ.

    This morning I tried bacon & eggs and wondered if some of the egg would drop through the holes but it didn't. I cooked the bacon of the plate first and had also seasoned it with some spray canola oil. The eggs just floated off when they were done, better than any non stick pan I've tried.

    I really can't see the point in some sports being part of the olympics and tennis is one. They have their world championship every year at Wimbeldon. Same with golf. Ask any golfer if they'd prefer to win the Masters at Augusta or an olympic gold medal. The answer is not even in question.

    What a shame about the earlier one she missed. She was 7 seconds faster than the rest but just snicked that last post and that cost her gold, even with the first penalty included, she had time to spare.

    Welcome to the forum. This is just my view and others may differ. That's the beauty of BBQ world, none of us think exactly the same. :) But we do generally agree. ;)

    I really don't think there's much difference between the range of cookers you have already mentioned. maybe size could come in to it and for longevity and after sales service in Australia, it's hard to go past the GMGF cookers. But so far, Asmoke have also been good in that area as new comers to the sport.

    Z Grills are good too and members on here can give you more on that but there are plenty of posts showing that they do a good job.

    I think the Davy Crockett is a bit small for a family of 4 so maybe scratch that one. I don't think wifi is all that necessary either. If the budget allows, add it on but it isn't going to make the meals any better, it's just more convenient.