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    Good choice of chainsaw. As a rule, one tank of fuel usues most of the chain oil, so every fuel refill, fill up the oil. Or as in this case, a recharge.

    I have the Stihl MSA 120 battery chain saw and wouldn't go away on a trip without it. Bloody brilliant littel saw which gets through camp fire wood and wood for home easily. I've had lots of comments from people with petrol powered saws who can't believe how much wood it gets through without needing a recharge. I have a petrol one too but don't use it anymore. Another benefit is the low noise level of electric saws. Nobody knows you're out in the forest cutting wood with an electric one.

    I also have their blower, lawn mower, whipper snipper and hedge trimmer, all using the same two batteries.

    Whatever you get Greg, you'll need to get a good one so you can just add other tools as you go. I'd recommend 2 batteries and maybe the fast charger.

    Yes, it's just a metal tray I had amongst my collection of stuff in the BBQ cupboard. It sits there happily and can't tip sideways because the rack above stops it. I didn't really get much in the way of drippings and don't want it anyway. The main idea was to help shield the direct heat from the baffle.

    A 4 burner flat top, half grill, half hot plate. Until I got a Weber Kettle 30 years ago and did a roast every Sunday night for many years, which started me on this journey.

    Hard to say as I topped it up a couple of times. At least a whole bag of the Asmoke Applewood plus another half maybe ? It's not the cheapest way to cook like the BGE is but it is stress free.

    Time to unveil and seriously, this could be the best I've ever done. It's every bit as good as the reults I get in the Big Green Egg and shows the value of taking the time to cook it low AND slow.

    The pork was from my regular butcher and he only has the best. The piggy was delivered to him yeterday and he cut the neck out for me when I got there.

    It's now going in a vac seal bag in an ice bath before it goes in the fridge and will be reheated with slaw and brioche buns on Sunday at a family gathering. I've added another half cup of Lillees Smokey BBQ sauce/AC Vinegar to the bag too.

    I have to stop myself eating it now !

    The unwrapping....

    attacked it with the bear claws.....

    and drizzled with the sauce mix.....

    Pork neck is hard to beat.

    I foiled it after 11 hours with the internal temp at 85c and increased the pit temp to 121. It then took about 60 mins to get to target and even then I let it goe a bit longer.

    So in all, 12.5 hours and at the moment it's resting in the foil. I added a half cup of BBQ sauce/Apple Cider Vinegar mix when I foiled it.

    More pics when it's unwrapped.

    6 hours in and the Asmoke has hardly wavered off the 107 setting. I've given the pork a spritz with some water but it seems very moist on the outside with small pools of water still in some of the gaps.

    The pork is now at the stall temp of 72c so I'll just let it go for another couple of hours at least and see if it starts to climb again. Target is 92c.

    Last time I did a pork neck in the Big Green Egg I had some minor issues holding a low and steady temp, which is partly due to the red gum being evry difficult to keep lit at low air flow. I did manage to keep it going with the Digi Q controller but the temp did climb too high at times.

    Anyway, I'm doing a 2.4kg pork neck this time in the Asmoke 350 and it's holding perfectly around the 107c setting after 3 hours so far.

    Gumb been using them for 30 years and no issues and my original still runs like a dream.

    That may be so but there are idiots around and they are the ones who go boom. I just don't think they are a good option.

    A Jet Boil does the job for a cuppa in no time flat too. No way would i evenb consider one of these. They are an accident waiting to happen.