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    Gave the Stolt its 3rd run tonight. Still mucking around with thickness of dough, heat of stone and where abouts in the pizza oven to actually place it.

    Most successful for me was to heat the stone to 500c then turn the gas down a bit. Thanks gbranca117 😊

    Made the pizzas a bit smaller this time. Probably around 11 inch.

    Started them off towards the flame then kept turning them about every 20 seconds or so. We kept a close eye and pulled them towards the front cooler part of the stone if they started to burn.

    This is oir first pizza ove and still a long way to go but enjoying the journey. 😊

    Cheers, Wayne

    Was wandering through Costco the other day and picked up a 6 pack of frozen dough to play with on the Stolt gas pizza oven. I thought it'd be good to try out dialling in a method on the Stolt. While I was looking aroud the net I found this vid that had an interesting take on stretching the dough out. They put it on an upturned Stainless bowl and stretched it there. With it hanging down gravity helps to stretch it out. Has anyone tries this before?

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    Cheers, Wayne

    I can almost taste it!! LOVE Soppressata - one of our apprentices just could not pronounce it - he kept trying to say Sarsparilla :/

    Have you ever tried Landjäeger? Traditional German Hunters Sausage - mixed, cured, pressed and smoked. I'll have to get another batch on the go when I get the chance... we are flat ou

    t making Dröewors for the resident South Africans and our multitude of gourmet sausages that we rarely have enough sausage trim left to make salami.

    Called through Esperance a few weeks ago and forgot about your butchers shop there. Will call in next time we're going past.

    Cheers, Wayne

    Time to tap into the hive mind.

    I've got a leg of lamb in the kamado atm and down to the last of my favourite lamb rub. Low andSlow 101 Green Lamb Rub.

    I swapped a couple of messages to see if I could buy more but they have sold the recipes to someone else bit isn't in production as far as I know.

    Anyone have any insights to trying to reverse engineer from the ingredients list to get something that tastes similar?

    Cheers, Wayne

    Hmmm............... seems what I know as Bianca isnt quite right. Our local one was pretty much a pizza base with EVO, Salt and Rosemary on top served with a pot of tapenade to smear over it. For Aussies about the same amount as you'd put Vegemite on toast.

    The Ice cube thing is interesting

    Bit late to the party but just starting with a pizza oven. I was just about to start a thread asking the same question.

    One of our local Italian restaraunts had a pizza oven inside and they made a Bianca pizza. Done with a bit of olive oil and salt on it. They served it with a small dish of homemade Tapenade. Used to just put a smear over the wedge as you ate it. So good. Sadly they arent there anymore. :(

    Thanks for the tips people. Will try a thinner base as well next time although we usually make them quite thin but leave a thicker part around the edge. A bit like in the vid gbranca117 posted on the first page. You can see it towards the end.

    Enjoying mucking around with it and eating the results.

    Cheers, Wayne