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    Jimmy70 if by custom bbq area you mean a small slab of concrete or a few pavers then yes. Sadly it's only a rather small 313m2 block so not a huge amount of back yard to play with. Pending funds i might be able to put a small roof over the bbq but i'm not expecting that to happen.

    I have the same one that Urban Griller sells but the older version. Even after taking a bath in a tub full of water for 2 days before i found it is still kicking along nicely. As much as everyone raves about the inkbirds i prefer this one over the inkbird. the Probes on the IBBQ6 i find are a nicer size compared the inkbird probes and they comes with handle cable tidy's

    Captain has a good point actually. I'm lucky mine is only about 6 steps from my front door so i don't have to go far to tend it but i think if it were further away from the house it would be more of a chore.

    I have an offset and love using it. Yes at the end of the day I'm sick & tired of going out and putting logs on but i love it at the same time. I have a 3 yr old a 1yr old and it still works for me. the 3yr old is scared of the bbq because it has fire (thanks Fireman Sam) so won't go near it when lit which is great. If I time it properly i can run down to the shops and grab a few things but any longer than that and the fire is out which is a bummer.

    I don't have a Pellet grill but would also love one for lazy days when I can't be bothered tending a fire. A few guys at work have traegers and they love it for the ease of use. A bit further down the line i will probably get a pellet grill but for now i'm quite happy to play with the offset.

    At the end of the day it all comes down to what sort of time you want to invest into bbq.

    What's the warranty on these? A friend wants to buy one, so far the cheapest he's found is $349 from Amazon

    Its only a 12 month warranty but from being in the smartfire group on Facebook the customer service is excellent when any problems arise.

    Jimmy70 i find i only use the offset now for low & slow even if its only a small item that would fit in the Weber

    Hey guys,

    Im selling my smartfire that sadly never got much use. 12 months old but only used 3 times.

    Comes with 3 food probes, 1 pit probe, winders for all probes, blower and power cable, Akorn Kamado attachment and plug for attachment for shutdown when finished. All in great condition.

    I upgraded from the Akorn to an offset and sadly had to sell the akorn but thought i might still get some use on the smartfire on the weber kettle but its sat in storage ever since so thought i'd move it on to someone else who might use it. Selling for $300 willing to post at buyers expense or pickup northside Brisbane.

    I started on an Akorn and loved it. Never had any issues with it and picked it up second hand so it was about 12 months old when i got it and used it for 3 years. No seal issues whatsoever. Such a versatile bbq. I ended up getting a second hand Weber later down the line for direct cooking as the first is much closer to the cooking surface but that's not to say you can't cook direct on the akorn/dragon

    I personally prefer the look of the Akorn over the Dragon as you can fold down the side tables and takes up less space when not in use.

    Just tagging onto this thread Frankie's are doing a massive give away starting from today. I've just copied the text from their page as i cant access it while at work.

    Win the ultimate prize!!!

    It has been an unbelievable first couple of weeks opening our doors to the community. The love and support we have received we couldn’t thank you all enough, so we have decided to give back to our community and the many bbq enthusiasts that have already eaten at Frankies Smokehouse.

    We have teamed up with our good friends Craig and Manda at Bullockhead Creek Smokers at Sumner to build a 20” brahman *Stella Edition* offset smoker. This is their newest product line and one unbelievable looking pit and best of all, it was named after Craigs loyal Aussie bulldog & head apprentice pit builder Stella…

    Build Specs

    1/4” 6.4mm new carbon steel pipe

    Chamber 1200mm long 48”

    Fire Box 600mm long 24”

    One main cooking rack

    Pot warmer on the fire box

    Collector box on stack end for draw & even temperatures

    On trolley with log rack and fold down prep shelf, wagon wheels on rear and drain with ball valve

    Temperature gauge and probe hole

    Plus heavy laser cute fire grate.

    RRP $3950

    To enter this awesome giveaway, all you need to do is to buy a platter for 1 or platter for 2, dine in or walk in takeaway, fill the form in and drop it into the barrel. First entries will start as of tomorrow night Thursday 29th October 2020 until 19th December 2020. We will draw the winner on 20th December 2020 and will deliver this ourselves to the local winner, ready for the Christmas holidays to smash out some awesome bbq.

    So make sure to go to our Facebook page hit that book now button and get your table booked in so you don’t miss out on this awesome giveaway.

    I did these MB9 rib fillets 2 weeks ago. 300g each just straight on a searing hot cast iron. Just salt for seasoning cooked until medium rare. So rich but so delicious.