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    Ii love my red weber. I love how the colour changes as it heats up & goes a darker crimson red. I agree they do look aged when dirty but its a bbq at the end of the day so a quick wipe over to get the dust off & off she goes. Mine barely sees any action either atm. I only ever do roasts in it. The GA gets all the steak action & the offset does the low & slows

    Dad has 2 cumquat trees at his front door & over the years has made marmalade from all the fruit. I doubt this year he will as they are newer trees & dont look to have a bumper crop.

    Bentley Meredith No nothing gets rotated through the pit into different spots. the brisket takes the higher heat at the front as it can take it & the pork & shorties being smaller are further down the pit as it slightly cools. its probably only 15f different between each door. The last door doesn't get used at all unless the pit is absolutely full which i think hes done once.

    Davo It's on Stanley St, Woolloongabba about a 5 minute walk from the Gabba itself towards the motorway.

    Gumb if the first bay is running at 275 the last bay is running about 175 but they only read the temp off the first bay & don't use any of the other temp gauges to base the pit temp off

    matty funnily enough my wife did go there for dinner on that saturday night while i was trying to sleep lol. She had a monster beef rib for dinner. She only ate about 1/3rd of this & there was around 350g of meat left when she brought it home. So it would have easily been 500g plus of meat on the rib. the owner said that rack was absolutely massive & would have been 2.5kg

    Great write up mate. Interesting that he leaves the silver skin on his beef ribs, I would never think that silver skin will break down... :shrug:

    I questioned it myself as well after learning he did it that way. But if you think about it as a restaurant cooking 8 racks daily having to trim silver skin will take a fair amount of time. I have tried it myself & if cooked long enough you don't even notice it. He usually cooks his shorties for about 10 hours so it gives plenty of time to render. I was dubious of it until I tried it. cook it until its finger tender & give it a go yourself.

    I'm not sure on exactly how long it takes to heat up as the fire was still going when I was there but usually he starts at 5am & lights the fire then & by 6 the meat goes on so within an hour its at temp. Logs are 45cm long and about 2 arms thick. I was putting on 2 large logs one hour then flipping them & adding a smaller log the next hour to keep it sitting around 275.

    I had to go in a week earlier to learn how he wraps everything so I could do it on the night. My god they go through a lot of foil.

    So Saturday night I filled in for the owner/pitmaster at Frankie's Smokehouse here in Brisbane. He had his sisters wedding attend so he needed someone to do the overnight cook on Saturday night for Sunday lunch service.

    I started at 11pm after a good 90 minutes sleep for the day. Straight into Seasoning the 9 briskets for the night. These were already trimmed ready for me as it would have taken me ages to do it. Tristan says it takes him about 3-4 minutes to trim each brisket, so about 30 minutes total. But his head chef who has only had to do it a few times takes approx 90 minutes to do the same. Tristan usually does all his own prep & trimming & his chefs run the service side of things. Straight 40/60 Salt & Pepper with a bit of mustard for binder. He finds that a small amount of mustard help build the bark compared to going without the mustard.

    Then I had 8 rack of beef shorties again with Salt & Pepper, strip the silver skin off the back. He leaves the silver skin on the top as they cook for 10+ hours so heaps of time to render down. Then 21 pork collars with salt, pepper, paprika & brown sugar (didn't get any photos of these pre seasoning). He only uses simple rubs to let the flavour of the meat come through. Once everything was seasoned it was into the pit.

    Once they went on I got to pulling the silver skin off 12 racks of pork ribs. I'll be happy to not do that for a while. Again they get seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika & brown sugar with a smear of mustard.

    Now its about 3am and I settled down to just tend the fire hourly & keep it cruising about 250-270 until 630 when its time to wrap everything. When it comes time to wrap its foil for everything except the pork has some baking paper in there as well to keep the juices in & keep it all super moist. When wrapping everything I had to make sure everything was wrapped nice & tight with no air pockets left otherwise it steams the meat which you don't want obviously.

    After wrapping everything I went back inside, seasoned the ribs & put them on. Sadly I forgot to get a photo of them after they went in. After they went in it was just more fire management & cleanup until my relief started at 8am. All in all I had a good night & it was good to see the other side of how things run in a smokehouse compared to at home smoking. I certainly learnt a lot from this experience & really enjoyed myself.

    Need to make yourself a cast iron grill for it. I just cut up mine from my old gasser as I never used the grill plate. pretty sure you can buy new ones for $20 at Bunnings & just cut it to size with a grinder.

    I love my GA. I don't use it as a portable BBQ but for quick weeknight cooks. I chopped up the cast iron grills from my old gasser to fit. works a treat for steaks, just cant put the lid on to seal properly because I haven't cut the tabs in but i just pull the grate out when finished to put it out.

    Did some pork ribs yesterday for the public holiday. simple salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika & brown sugar rub. wrapped after 2 hrs with some butter, brown sugar & sauce. left in the wrap for 2ish hrs then a 45 min rest. Normally don't rest them but both the kids were sick so they needed to be put to bed before we ate.

    Got some reserve grade Bass Straight short ribs the other week at a price i couldn't say no to. No trim on these at all, silver skin & all left on. Cooked between 250-275 for 8-9hrs over iron bark. Only wrapped for the last hour just to get that last bit of tenderness in. Meat was fall apart once done, could even get through the silver skin with a spoon. So rich, im looking forward to the next batch of them

    Wife & 2yr old copped it a fortnight ago. She had one fever that some panadol knocked out. I barely had a cough & a sniffle. 4 year old didn't get anything at all.

    Cooked a brisket on sunday, turned the trim into mince & decided to do some smash burgers. Plain brisket minced & smashed onto the hotplate. completely forgot to even season it, added cheese, topped with pickle head pickle & tomato sauce & mustard. Went down a treat for lunch mid cook.

    I also wanted the Pork ribs but thought I'd let the guest of honor enjoy the last bit of pork ribs they had. Settled on the beef rib. Always a good feed at Frankie's & nice to meet Wazza & catch up with Jimmy.