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    300deg radiant heat wont set the house on fire. If you are worried fashion a heat shield. (Tiles, pavers, alfoil in a pinch)

    It seems like you are just starting so yeah... just go with pre-mades especially if you have guests coming. It takes a little time to learn to spin a decent base. But thats worthwhile learning as you move forward. Go the easy route for now and learn the cooker.

    Enjoy and happy new years :thumbup:

    First time Ive fired the weber up for a little while. Spatchcocked roast chook. Used a split deflector to keep the radiant to a minimum and it worked a treat. Didnt have to touch it the whole cook.

    I actually missed the 'done' pic... again... that was 20mins out

    Im a pretty seasoned tower. Ive been on a trip with a rather overloaded old school Pajero. You guys need to understand what Gumb is saying here. When its too big or not loaded properly it is dangerous. That trip in the old pajero with all the weight in the back, it front end walked down every hill. You could literally feel it through the wheel. When hes saying watch the tow ball weight its because it actually upsets the car to the point of being dangerous to drive. Its hard to understand until you have been in that position. Gumbs a pretty seasoned tower with a background in clubs. He has hinted here a cuple times what can happen. There is no way I would tow 3.5 tonnes without a BIG car

    There are also so many stories of utes with broken backs. I wouldn't be going anywhere near that 3500 tow limit

    I personally know someone who broke the back of a Navara a few years ago. I dont know all the details, just saw the pics on FB. Even after a big tow in dads Navara I would be wary of hooking my van up to it (cant actually test it because it has E brakes and you need to wire up for a van)

    My van is a offroad, has a very hefty chassis, independant suspension and uses a treg hitch. Its pretty heavy for a tiny van.

    My dad has a Navara, about 4 years old and it tows his boat and camping gear fine. Ive driven it home from Ningaloo loaded up and it was a lot nicer trip than my 79 series ute.

    In saying that I have a pop top Caromal pioneer (around 2600kg) and while the cruiser handles it, its definitly heavier than dads boat and gear.

    Navaras arnt known for their towing ability

    only a guess but if you lean the beads the wrong way they tend to topple back and break the snake.

    From what you are saying it sounds like they are not catching at all and thats not a problem ive come across before. Maybe wet beads?

    For a snake I always use heat beads brand

    I will just say one thing on this matter. No one here has a right to make health decisions for anyone else. Period.

    You can make your own choices, thats fine but dont push them on other people. Im pro vax and fully vaxxed, but I dont feel I have a right to push that on others and I dont. WA doesent have to open to covid states, and 80% of western australians dont want to.