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    Welcome to the forum.

    I have an Akorn Jr and they are a great little grill. Better IMO than the small ceramic ones as they are that little bit bigger and being metal they are truly portable as you have no fear of cracking it if it's dropped or bumped etc.. during transit or whilst going camping.

    Anyhow yes they are really sensitive with vent control. I went through the same issues when I first bought mine and I had already thought I had mastered vent control from my larger Kamado.

    Once you get it mastered and I spent a day just playing with temps etc... it will cook some great meals.

    As others have said I use my small pieces of charcoal in it.

    Start the fire small otherwise it will get away from you. I use one Samba fire lighter cube only whenever lighting it.

    Oh and the dome thermometer on it is rubbish. Do a replacement which costs about $30. See link below.

    Replacement Akorn Jr / Akorn Dome thermometer

    Don't be afraid to close the vents down early as well as temp is really touchy as you are discovering.

    So the boss put some garlic and Rosemary on a Lamb Shoulder I picked up rather cheaply.

    Put it on at 9.30pm Friday night on the XL with Smartfire set to 225f. I was expecting a long cook as it was unwrapped, but that’s OK as I filled up the Kick Ash Basket and away we went with Pecan and Cherry chunks for smoke.

    Cook went pretty well until about 9.30am this morning at which point temps went a bit all over the place. Well to 250f anyway which is still ok.

    I turned the Smartfire up to 250f at about 2.00pm as I wanted to ensure a good long rest in the Esky.

    Didn't open the Lid once throughout the whole cook.

    Pulled really easily and got compliments that this was the best one I had done.

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    Leighington keep your eyes on Gumtree and Facestalk Marketplace for second hand Kamado's / Grills in your area.

    Set them up so they notify you of anything that gets listed with that name etc...

    Learn the pricing of these things new and what brands are available in Aus e.g. Grill Dome are not imported anymore (so fireboxes can't be replaced only repaired) and be ready to go and get it straight away.

    The ceramic Kamado's don't wear out apart from the firebox which may crack but you generally can still cook on it and or Repair / replace the firebox relatively cheaply.

    I was lucky enough to pick up a second hand Primo XL for under $1k. Sure the table needed some work but the grill was perfect.

    Deals are out there you just need to be patient and be ready to drop everything and go.

    Good luck in your journey.

    Welcome to the forum.

    I have heard that those style of smokers are notoriously difficult to use :dunno: in terms of getting a stable temperature.

    Quality of Proteins does also make a difference and Brisket can be a difficult cook to master.

    So much so I still have not cooked a Brisket. :shock: This is because I a) don't trust myself with a full brisket at the price it is and b) have done a lot of Beef Ribs and Chuck which I prefer in terms of flavor.

    Those Beef ribs look pretty good to me.

    Welcome aboard and plenty of people will jump in here to help you out.