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    I have the previous version V4 and it’s just as good.

    The black version of your model is also now being sold under the branding of Primo pit controller.

    Mark Terrill the owner of Smartfire (from Melbourne) cooks on a XL and obviously did a deal with Primo for a JV.

    is that a trifle ? If so my mum used to make that but she always soaked the cake in sherry. I guess given it was a sober celebration no alcohol was used. So did you wet / soak the cake ?

    Urban Griller I hear you loud and clear. The very reason ultimately I didn’t get one of these was that very thing.

    The Primo’s I will leave to my kids when I am gone from this earth, whilst the 560 when I was considering it was going to be fun only and I already had a Pellet grill.

    Yes I know that a Pellet Grill is very different to the Masterbuilt but for what I needed it for actually wasn’t.

    Fro-Daddy I was feeling exactly the same as you when these first came out. Having a Kamado helps me justify the use of the Pellet grill though. I simply use my Kamado for searing.

    Personally (and this will create some comments) I find the GMG better for Low n Slow than the Kamado but that is probably because I know that the Smoke is perfect and I don't have to deal with getting the smoke right in the Kamado. I have somewhat mastered the smoke on the Kamado now but I know that the GMG will always produce thin blue smoke at the perfect consistency.

    Would be interested in owners of the MB's comments around smoking and how successful or otherwise they are vs say a Kamado or Pellet grill.

    When I purchased it I actually told them I was going to use it on an Akorn and they were initially a little confused until I explained it exactly to them and they simply then sold it to me.

    I cooked fat side down at 200f for 7-8 hours. When I wrapped it in butchers paper I put some Butter in with it. Then put it fat side down again and upped temp to 225f and checked it at 6.30am when I woke up (yes did get back to sleep after the 3am wake up). Wasn’t quite ready so let it go for another 1.5 hours and checked again. Wasn’t sure so unwrapped to really check and it wobbled which shocked me. I was checking originally through the paper from the bottom not the top so when I probed from the top wow like butter and wobbly so simply wrapped it back up and put it in the esky (cooler) for about 4 hours.

    There wasn’t a lot of fat left on it at all once cooked as you can see from the pics.

    I didn’t trim much off of it originally either. I took a little hard fat off of it but not all of it.

    I reckon I just got lucky apart from the fact that I had a plan and stuck to it. The old 6P saying prior preparation prevents pi## poor performance probably helped. :shrug:

    We head out to the Simpson Desert in two weeks camping for three weeks. I now have plenty of cold meat (frozen and vacuum sealed) to take with us and I still need to do something with the trimmings as well.

    Gumb yep I remembered that when I needed to do it. :doh:

    So 7.45am and I probe flat seems ready point is at 195f and seems not quite ready.

    So OK I need to seperate flat and point.

    Turnover and unwrap and the whole thing wobbles. 8| Ok so get thermapen out and probe from top for Flat and Point and it’s like butter and wobbles nicely.

    I didn’t bother taking off the silver skin on the bottom when prepping so assuming it’s that.

    Ok it’s done then based on that. 195f in point and 205f in flat.

    Wrap back up and then inside some more paper and into the esky for cutting later at lunch time.

    Wife says gee your early. I simply replied at least it’s ready and we won’t be waiting for it to be ready or rest so stop wingeing :D

    Put Porkies on at 6.30 so 5-6 hours on them and I am done for the day.

    Wazza pics to follow when sliced.

    So wake up for 2.30am trip to the bathroom. ^^

    Check the GMG app, yep 165f internal.

    Wrap with some butter and then remember oh that’s right I have a rack of pork baby backs to do as well.

    So as GMG is on the XL table will use XL for those. So ash basket out and shake. Plenty charcoal still there from last cook :thumbup:. Chuck a couple of chunks in and Light XL.

    Prep porkies and membrane comes straight off. That’s a win.

    Ok don’t really need grill until 6am leaving 6 hours for the porkies hmmm ok will use Smartfire and let grill get up to temp whilst trying to get some sleep.

    Only have 1 PowerPoint and double adapter.

    Grab GMG book out as forgotten how to do hot restart. :help:

    Get XL and Smartfire setup, unplug GMG plug in extension cord, double adapter with GMG and Smartfire in. Turn on.

    Hot restart on GMG yep that works, thank god.

    Close XL lid and adjust top vent to a tiny amount open and head back to bed.

    Open GMG app and realise oh OK pit temp defaults back to 150f following restart. Change pit temp to 225f.

    Open Primo life (Primo branded Smartfire app) and set XL to 250f. Smartfire did a deal with Primo to be their branded pit controller.

    Right all that’s done now can I get back to sleep. :shrug:

    Gumb was wanting / going to put it into the esky for a real long rest.

    gourmetgalaxy thanks for the tip. Dont have a mincer but I guess I can use the Tefal companion :thumbup:

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    So I am planning to cook this tonight on the GMG DC.

    Will be using Lanes Combo rub.

    Will put it on the Roasting Rack that I got from Bunnings thanks Gumb for that tip. Put a tray underneath to catch the drippings.

    Will do an overnight cook, not going to separate Flat and point. Will cook at 200f overnight start at about 7pm and look at it in the early morning (3am) and go from there. Probably wrap and up the temp if needed.

    I will be trimming the ends of the Flat that are really thin and having a think about what to do with them. Yes I will lose some meat but I am ok with that as they would simply dry out in any event.

    I am not intending to trim any fat off of the Brisket at all and will follow Bentley Meredith process if needed.

    Worst case scenario it will be posted under BBQ fails in here and we will order Pizza. :D