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    I have stainless burners in my Ziggy and Weber Q and they are 10 + years old. Nothing like the setup of a 4 burner but despite getting covered in crap for that time when I cleaned them today it was a soak in hot soapy water and a bit of a scrub with steel wool and they came back ok.

    Yep expensive but I reckon they would be OK. Although when I had a 4 burner in the past the cast ones lasted some 20 years.

    So my son wants a gasser for quick mid week cooks. He already has the Akorn so I offered to give him my portable Ziggy. When I had caught up with my nephew recently he said he wasn’t using the Q100 so I went around and picked that up so that I still have a gasser.

    Cleaned up the Ziggy and I need to replace some casters on the stand so went to BBQG and ordered that and yep they still have them in stock for a 10 year old Ziggy Portable. Of course the big green shed doesn’t have any castors that fit.

    The Weber had travelled to the Kimberley with us in the back of a Ute so I wasn’t expecting great things when I got it home.

    Had a quick look and the Gas hose needed replacement.

    Noticed also that Nephew had bought the Cast iron Half plate. So off to Weber store I go.

    Other than those two things it looked in ok condition. The old style cart was still in good condition as well.

    10% off for Black Friday so bought the enamel grills, a small cover and some small foil trays for the fat tray.

    Got home connected the gas put a battery in the ignition button and away the Weber went no problems. :cheers:

    Will give it a clean tomorrow and will now have a Weber instead of a Ziggy in my line up.

    We are going to the Cape next year so may take it with us :shrug:

    So my mate who is buying a second hand XL for $500 this weekend (pics to come) is really happy to simply pay that to replace his broken firebox. Although as I said to him simply use a bit of charcoal to keep it together and it will still be ok to cook on.

    I would suggest that yes they are Lovey Not 100% sure but given its still the same website address and they are now the Distributor its a fair bet that they are.

    I just helped a mate pick up a second hand XL with a broken firebox and they said yes they have some in the next shipping container and will put them up on the website soon.

    Non warranty they are $350 apparently.

    Warranty I think you only pay shipping.

    You have to go to a dealer to do it I think which is the way that Primo operates in the US.

    Go to Stockists and click on the Que club.

    Guess you can order and then shipping.

    Just letting you all know that Primo in AUS has a new distributor. Would appear the Q Club stepped up and have refreshed the offering. Some really great accessories are available now.

    Casey Cordero the old importer is no longer involved.

    It’s also great to see the Jnr as a part of their line up as well now.

    Primo Grill Australia
    Primo Grill Australia

    Its the cycle I guess. Most of us older guys would remember the 80's at 17% interest rates and people losing their homes.

    I remember when the wife and I got our first mortgage the interest rate was 9%.

    Personally we have had a good run as they have never gotten back up to that. :/

    I do feel for those that have the average Mortgage (as the media says) of $750K it will hurt big time and then the house prices may drop as well leaving them in some cases owing more than what the house is worth. :(

    Fortunately on the BBQ front I wont need anything more :/

    The meat price will be an issue however I reckon that we will see the rise of the casserole again with cheaper cuts being more popular like they used to be during tough times.

    Hold on tight it will be a bumpy ride.