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    Front looks the same, but different model number. But I shall go through that and see if it works with our oven.

    Having had gas, I didn't know they keep blowing air to cool them down after using them.

    Apparently the self cleaning part is it ramps up to 500c and just burns everything to dust.

    I can take proper photos later at home, but looks like this

    And now our fridge just made a bang, that I've never heard before. It better still be bloody working. This has not been a good last few days.

    If there's another one here, we can't find it. Not looking in the roof space though.

    Another one somewhere else would have made sense. But there's just the one.

    Off topic, but this damn fancy pryolytic oven can throw itself off a cliff.

    Can't find a manual for it online, and could not figure out how to turn the damned thing off. Had to wake missus up.

    So we've just moved in to a new home. (Renting)

    Guessing the ex tenants put this in the wall, at about 1 metre high.

    Had no idea what it was. Poked fingers in, nothing behind it. Size of a power point.

    After googling, you put one behind a wall mounted telly, and another at floor level, and run the telly power and cables through it.

    Great idea. Except it is in the master bedroom, and there's only one of them.

    A wall hole to nowhere, for no reason.

    Missus tested positive yesterday morning.

    The night before she had a terrible thumping headache. That's mostly gone, but so has her energy levels.

    We move house in 6 days, so if I'm gonna get it, today would be good.

    Or the house movers may cancel.

    One bummer part is there's no Govt payments now. She's a casual self employed, so now she gets nothing.

    And what happened to the week off????

    It's the same virus, but now you can keep working? Sucks

    Thanks for that idea Narm. But I'd need about 15 metres worth from end of drive to shed.

    12x7, yes, has a 3 car carport that runs along side of house, so won't be getting wet. Has a nice small decking out the back, but they stupidly never put a cover over it. Makes it quite useless really.

    Firstly, sympathies to anyone seriously affected by all this rain/floods.

    Just a grizzle post really. We're moving homes in a bit over 2 weeks, and I can't see me being able to tidy up the garden and now the lawns.

    Example of our yard below.

    And no idea how I'm going to get the gmg across it.

    Moving house, and don't need these.

    Both would need a good clean, and freezer is crappy looking, because dipshit Son got spray paint on it.

    But both work fine.

    I'll only leave these up for a few days, as I really have to get rid of them.

    Pick up would be from Boronia, 3155.

    I can add more pics or info if anyone is interested and wants them.

    Only joined so I could get meat from there. 8-9 kg brisket, which is better for me to cook. Can't get that size at Aust butcher in my suburb.

    Currently doing 2 small brisket right now. But had to get up at 6:30 am to start them.

    A bigger one from Costco, and I would have started it at 11pmblasr night and got a good sleep.

    Not me, but Daughter has it now. She lives in a home with several other disabled and deaf people, so they're all getting it.

    Says she has a bad headache and flu like symptoms.

    Mum and myself are feeling hopeless. Can't help her, or bring her home.

    Already organised a Telehealth thing and they're delivering some sort of medication to her.

    She's not in a good place, as she doesn't really understand it all.

    I should add, they're perfectly fine to eat like that, on bikkies.

    But when I mash them up with a fork, to put in a sandwich, the softer centre part stays in a little clump. Doesn't nicely mash.

    This is obviously all not first world problems.

    Just something I've been meaning to investigate for a while

    So, what am I doing wring-ish.

    Sometimes, when I hard boil eggs, they are still a bit soft in the middle.

    Am I not cooking them for long enough, or not cooling fast enough?

    Put in cold water. Bring to boil. Them simmer for 7 to 8 minutes.

    Then tip out hot water, and cover in cold tap water. If we have a bottle of fridged cold water, I'll use that.

    But the middle is still a bit yellowed/soft.

    See if I remember how to post a pic.