Gin Gin Beef - Beef Ribs

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  • thanks Beachbums. didn't have much issue with the one we had. it was nice enough. most came with a layer of fat on top, but some had very thin layer of meat which i left on. but yea overall it was good. the beef looked pretty marbled, but not overly marbled, not as marbled as a cape grim. but gin gin beef one is dry aged for 35 days minimum.

  • Nicely Q'd there Albert. The burning question is how was the top part of the meat? A lot of us are having trouble with it going dry and tough which could be the quality of the cheaper ones we find in supermarkets etc

  • really nice overall quality of the beef from gin gin. but probably not as good as cape grim. i have had their brisket. but not the whole packer one yet. got a flat piece the other week and made it into rendang and another indonesian dish. haven't had the chance to slow smoke them yet.

  • They look great, how are they? Have you tried their brisket?

  • thanks Wazza, got them at the farmer's market in Mt. Claremont Primary. it's on every Saturday morning. i usually order thru email for the specific cut that i wanted. but this was from their usual stock. turned out nice for a first attempt. send them and email at Gingin Beef [] or their website is

  • Looks great, where did you get them from? Charlies?